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Good day Jedi everywhere, Pastor Carlos here!


Our creed is here. 

Doctrine (templeofthejediorder.org)

This sermon is for those who bring things to their own life's and paths. 

The Creed we have here is one anyone can claim. Nothing here is ever limited to just Jedi. There is a magic in creeds that I want to share with you today my Temple. 

There will be times life gets full and our plate or cup of life can fill. This is natural. What happens to those times we get off course or we loose our cool? What happens to a Jedi when they get caught in the moment and their metaphorical Saber turns red? What happened when we as Jedi get mad or upset or even lost in the mix of everything. 

Call on a Creed.

There are so many Creeds out there we can find light where there is no light. Our Creed is a very special one to me. Yesterday was Friday and one of those days that got me HARD. The ability to balance myself began to topple and fail. Yesterday, I was unbalanced. Everything got me riled up and under my skin. Insert the Creed.

Creeds can be reminders of what our focus is. One of the best RETURNS I can give you as a person and as a Temple is a good Creed. There are many! What Creeds do, is they can remind us where our hearts and minds can be and where we would like them to be. To me, this is magic. 

In our homeschool, we are set up as a Temple or a church. We have Temple time early in the morning. Wouldn't you know the one time I'm out of sorts emotionally is the day we read and study the Creed. As I read it to my son, it began to work and you could not deny it even if you were blind deaf and dumb. I ate humble pie hard. The entire day, I could see how just reminding me- helped me to get things done and apologize to my family. 

Plain recitations are beautiful and appreciated but you can not expect to reach some special zone or plane can you? I would recommend that as Jedi, those who choose to, find your Creeds and remind yourself why you do the things you do. There is a magic that can come from frequency, especially in such a thing as a Creed. Our Creed reminds me to be the bringer of LOVE. The Creed reminds us we can be the bringers of PARDON. The Creed reminds us we can be the bringers of FAITH. The Creed tells us we can be the bringers of HOPE. The Creed reminds us we can be and bring the LIGHT. The Creed reminds us we can have and bring the JOY.  How do we do this you may ask...?

We console and understand and love and receive and pardon- where we need it. This changes results. Adding the FORCE to things changes the results. 

Need a good return. Remember those Creeds you have in your life and build on those. This particular Creed keeps me in a place where I can remember a few things. One, that I aint a gorilla any more and two, I can not only have these types of things but I can be the one to share them. 

Pastor Carlos

May the Force be with y'all