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Posted by Akkarin on behalf of Kohadre


'Have you guessed the riddle yet?' the Hatter said, turning to Alice again.

'No, I give it up,' Alice replied: 'what's the answer?'

'I haven't the slightest idea,' said the Hatter.

Greetings my fellow Jedi,

As many of us have come to understand, life is an unpredictable, majestic, and completely fascinating experience which we all have the fortune to experience. There is no sure way of telling what will happen in our lives as time progresses on, or to where our lives will take us. The meaning of life is hidden; our purpose within it obscure.

Of course, there are self-help gurus, spiritual yogis, and evangelicals ready to tell us that they have figured out all these things and more. They claim to know the secret to financial success, personal happiness, spiritual enlightenment, and harnessing the ability to see into the future and navigate the past with perfect clarity.

But as many of us have also come to understand; these gurus, yogis, and evangelicals are often little more than individuals with a bag of smoke and mirrors. The things that they try and “sell” us sound great, but in reality are little more than an elaborate illusion designed to prey on the weak-minded and overly optimistic.

You see, the beauty in life; the reason why it is such an exciting and enthralling experience for those called to play a part in it, is the uncertainty of it. If we knew everything that would happen in our lives and how to get everything we wanted the moment we desired it, our lives would turn from being an adventure into the unknown, into resembling of a computer simulation. Something in which all the variables are known and the events are predetermined.

This brings me to the first of the sixteen teachings.

"Jedi are in touch with the Force. We are open to spiritual awareness and keep our minds in tune with the beauty of the world. We are forever learning and open our minds to experiences and knowledge of ourselves and others.”

As Jedi, we continually seek enlightenment about the world in which we live, and work to rid ourselves of ignorance about it. We maintain an understanding about the beauty of the world in which we live, and that while to know everything about the world we live in is an ideal goal, to understand all of what is to happen in our lives can turn an exciting adventure into the unknown, into a preprogrammed event.

I hope you enjoyed this sermon,

Force guide and protect!