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Greetings y'all. May the Force we share find you wherever you are now. 

October 31st for The Temple of the Jedi Order is Memorial Day. 100 days of discipline will begin on this day. Its a great thing if you like to join. We take 100 days and choose what we do those 100 days and keep tally and accountability on one another. For some, it will be actual discipline and for some it will be good beginnings. Our choice for those participating. If your interested in participating, see...


or Join the discord platform and see what's up. 

This year has found me in a frequent state of mourning and loss. It seems this year, many of my personal circle elders have passed, both in my path of reality and in my path of study. On its own, its been a strange year as it is but to add that to the mix almost makes it heavy. This pandemic seems to be getting the best of us. As Modern Day Jedi, I encourage y'all to mourn. Have a time to mourn and have a time to laugh. Have a time to reflect and have a time to plan. Have a place to go where a good return is a good place to be. If you do not have a good return, feel free to make one or heck, give me or a clergy member a call or PM. 


Take some time to reflect. Find a place and time. Make some time to actually think about some things in your life. Say good bye to loved ones passed. CRY. SCREAM. Drink deep - cry hard. Dance. Mourn. I find when I keep things to myself, things get to be too heavy at times and then the whole ship begins to sink. Lets face it, we as Modern Day Jedi have family and friends and we live in the real world. People DO count on us for many things. Most of the Jedi I know are the rocks and the soft places to land when our circle needs us. I HAVE MET YOU. What about you? Where do you go to find encouragement and uplifting or even a shoulder or a ear when ya need it? Do you even have a place? Are you like younger me and hope all your strength holds out just a little bit...longer? As Pastor, I want to encourage you to remember who and what has passed this year and do not let it get ya down. Grieving is healthy, dwelling on it and allowing the memory to keep you often, is not. Make a time or a space for loss. Designating seasons and places for it can help.

Remember, never forget.

We have a saying in our home we took from a movie.

"O'Hana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or........... forgotten."

Make time, make the season. Begin a new practice. Start a new tradition, or bring back a old one. This Temple is as much a family if not MORE than some of my real members. I talk more with some of you than I do my own mom, that's ok too.

This season, remember what is no longer here and make time for what's needed. 

May the Force we seek, serve, and share be with y'all this coming season.

Pastor Carlos