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Jedi believe in Force and the inherent worth of all life with in it. It is right on our home page. The worth that each of us have, isnt in what we say or how we do things, often the worth is there - already. Pastor Carlos here to remind every one of us that at times it takes some time to find the things we look for. Here, with the worth of every person, I want to remind you thats its already there. Before we go seeking things in the Hero's Journey, try and remeber as often as you can that most of the things we seek are already present. That goes for wisdom, knowledge and hope. What keeps us from seeing things that are already there? This is the walk we take every day while doing lessons and by self reflective study. It is my hope that as we learn and grow, we undertsand that most things are already present. This is a secret to the Hero's Jounrey. Our mentors and tools are all laid out for us some days and all we must do is just realise that some things are INHERENT. The worth we have isnt won or even earned but given. What a consept Modern Day Jedi. There is nothing you can do to earn somthing thats already yours. Think about that for a bit, I hope that can change a few ideas for you or at least open them up a bit. 

As we live and study and breath and seek, please try to remeber that most things are present and that includes the worth we some times dont know about for us or for others. Happy seeking friends and May the Force contunue to be with y'all

Pastor Carlos