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Inequity excites, how do we learn to accept it?


I have discovered that the concept of inequity is a reality in the material, physical and formed world. Unlike the formless, limitless and eternal state of the Force, the state of mater has rules, laws, regulations, limitation and distinctions. If we learn to accept this aspect of our material reality, I feel that we can live happier, harmonious lives. If we can accept the limits of our reality, we can accept ourselves and others. Through this acceptance, we can live in the light of our differences verses the shadow of them.


I have to accept the fact that my body can only move in very limited and specific ways. As a martial artists, this is an important fact. If I reject this truth, I will hurt myself and my training partner. I have to accept the fact that other people are stronger than me because if I resist this fact I will break myself. I have to accept that other people are better at writing, computers, economics and many other things so I can learn to work with them. I have my gifts and you have yours. Together, we make a wonderful collection of unique beings that are interdependent upon each other to function in this material world.


I find the concept of inequity become a “bad thing” when people use it as justification to hate other people. I could easily hate someone that is bigger, stronger and faster than me. I could spend a lot of my time finding ways to destroy, deter, or harm such people. I could use my gifts to subjugate, subvert and oppress others because I feel threatened by their differences. Because I feel out of control, I could yearn to control those things that I fear. I could easily become filled with jealously, hatred and anxiety around the concept of inequity to the point that my life becomes suffering. And then I want to impost that suffering upon others. For me, this is the source of the Darkside.


For me, inequity becomes “unfair” and “unjust” when we mpose their fears and limitations upon others. However, if we can learn to accept the fact that life is filled with differences, we can learn how to work with them to live a successfully collaborative life.


Its easy to focus on the darkside of any topic but we can not “fix it” at the same level of consciousness that the issue was created. The only way we can heal this aspect of our humanity is to learn how to accept our unique differences and celebrate them.


So lets change the game by celebrating our inequities verses focusing on the limitations of them.