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May the Force we share, find you anywhere you need it today Modern Day Jedi.


As we continue to share and learn, I would love to share as much as I can with each and every one of yall. There is one thing pertaining to the Hero's Journey that I wish we all could take a few more moments to understand. I know we all got things in our life and time management ISNT on our plate some days. I TOTALLY understand and am in that REAL LIFE boat with you there. In every story and in almost EVERY myth on earth, the Hero (s) or the main characters are never alone and have all the things they need right at the moment they need it. As readers or as the ones OUTSIDE the storys most time, we can see that but the characters in the story can not. One of those things we as NARRORATORS of the events or as a WITNESS of the stories is that we can read ahead and catch more patterns than those in the story. In real life, I am down for CHEAT CODES and even hints and secrets during any adventure myself. Its not cheating in the case of the Hero's Journey and that is why I kina like it at times. Would you want to be told of dangers and warnings if they were AVALIBLE in LIFE? Would you welcome first hand experience from failures and even recommendations on lifes path from the actual experience of things? Welcome to the Hero's Journey friends. A type of ROAD MAP for life from the experience of others.  

There CAN come moments in life and in STORYS or MYTHS that the main characters or characters relies that everything they need is present. Now, regardless if they bring it knowingly or its gifted or given or found, the story takes place with everything needed. Its there some where, the Hero (s) just cant see it yet until they figure it out. This is a secret in life my friends and in the Hero's Journey. What is needed is OFTEN there and OFTEN takes TIME to notice. Most times we have to recognize it before we use it. Using is often the easy part. 

One of the reasons I personally thrive in the Hero's Journey is that I am always seeking it. Every story read and every Myth passed has a reason for us, or CAN if that is what we choose.  Our focus CAN determine what we often see. The secret my Modern Day Jedi is this... Do you see it now? Can you see that like every story ever told and every moment in life-  What you need is present. We just have to realize it... 

Its not easy to apply the things we learn from story's and books and other peoples recommendations and warnings, but there is no place ide rather be, right in THE SEEK of things, right there with you and NEXT to those on that same path. Care to share? You may think your only sharing boring things, but that is the Journey some one may need to know how to MANAGE better. You may be the Hero some one needs to find inspiration from. Jedi are like that. The ones I have met so far. 

May the Force we share be with you friends.

Pastor Carlos