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Good day and Time Zone Jedi everywhere.

Today finds us as one. I choose to be Jedi and therefore, we are bonded by the Force. As a Jedi, we are human first. The common denominator is what we choose to yolk up to or choose to be bonded with. This is sacred to me. I speak and communicate with more Jedi than family some days and that is ok too. We choose to be Jedi . In this choice, we find each other every day. 

This idea can tend to let in a bit of the haughty. Today's sermon is very clear, I aint the one you want. If you want results, you will have to do it all on your own. You will have to go through the journey to find the boon or the elixir you seek all on your own. You, as a individual cannot do as I do. You cannot do exactly what I did. It would mess your plans up. What I am getting at is this, everything that has happened to me is mine. Yet, we all develop in the same way. We will go through the same caves and we live in the same ordinary world yet, " What's the difference between me and you? " The proper answer is "There is none friend." 


Each of us has our own path and life we can navigate and develop in ways we see fit. It is the gift of liberty we take that give us the freedoms we have and practice and, sometimes share. You are as free as I am or as trapped and stuck as me. Which is it today friend and Jedi? Are you free and clear or are you on the path that takes you there? Have you started this path or are you reluctant to do so. Its not easy and to be honest, "Once upon a time " is really right now if you think about it. Every story and every Myth can be used and passed for the rest of your life. Thats a big thing. 

So today, please know in my own path, there are amazing and horrible possibilities, all of which can happen to you as well and even worse or more exciting. The human potential is amazing, terrible but amazing and STILL available as much as it was yesterday. We have this treasure here and now. We have the liberty to share things and ideas. DO it. "You either is or you aint."  Do or do not, there is no try. Where does today find you Jedi? In what wake? Your or someone else's? 

Make your own wake. There are many here who can aid. We move to the Farm today. Literally today. It is 7:23 am on Friday September 1, 2023. Once upon a time is here. Today. We will toast the days end. 

Pastor Carlos