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May the Force be with y'all today. 


Capes verses Robes. Jedi verses the super hero. Better yet, ever wonder who would win in a fight, Superman or Yoda? GO!


The idea is kinna silly but the thought is always present. In this world there is always a possible competition in the world. It can be that of " me verses who ever or what ever is next." If I happen to be wearing my robes, then its the world verses the Jedi! If I got my cape on its me vs the world! In the real world it takes personal balance to do much of anything now a days. The cape and the robe can be symbols of the idea of service and selflessness. 

Sometimes they can seem like they are in a epic battle or fight. Which will we don or choose today? Our focus sometimes can be lost to the fight itself and struggle and the whole time forgetting about the people or ideas. Do not forget about you friends and Jedi. Your the one who wears em. 

There can be balance in everything we do and especially in the ideas of self reflection and service. No one can tell you which to choose and which to frequent. What I can encourage is for those who don the gear or the titles of Jedi or Hero... you can have a healthy balance. There is a healthy balance. Seeking those who have have what we are looking for can help too.  There is no competition to what we wear or what we call ourselves. When balance can be had, any one can have it. There can be balance between our robes and our capes if we so choose. 

Be bringers of love.

Be bringers of pardon.

Be bringers of  faith

Be bringers of  hope

Be bringers of light

Be bringers of joy - by bringing it. 

The balance or amount and how, is up to you.

Happy seeking and May the Force be with y'all - all y'all! 

Pastor Carlos