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May the Force we share find you and meet you today as we take this time together to share.

 The KILL JOY of Isolation

posted The Kill Joy of Isolation (templeofthejediorder.org)

Joseph Fort Newton said one time that "People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges." This is a old saying for some reasons on the streets where I grew up. We were all about "networking." 

Lets get to brass tacks. Real talk. Isolation is the act of separation and what we have now a days is almost a focus headed for this very thing. We as humans have been, by situation, in isolation. Not by choice but there are some who choose it and some that have not. Fact is we are in a position where its EFFECTING US ALL. In some large or small way, we are currently being effected by this some how some where.

Isolation can kill joy like a shot gun can catch fish.

As Modern day Jedi, we self isolate ourselves for a myriad of reasons, some of us for specific reasons, but on the whole we all take breaks and step away and have a working balance of isolation and focus. That's not what I'm talking about. That type of practice and cultivation makes fruit. I'm talking about that feeling of "keep." 

We are not medically licensed anythings... Not at the Temple here. People have jobs and careers in many fields, this is one I find a lot of Modern day Jedi in, mental health care. If you feel you need professional help - officially, we encourage everyone to seek help if they need it. 

There is a "keep" that happens when isolation happens. I'll give you a real example...

In real life I use different terms when speaking to people, Tio, Tia - Uncle, Aunt- Grama Granpa - are my frequents in real life. Everyone is someone to somebody. Everybody's got a mom...

"Gramma [pause] can I help you with that?" Call it my Jedi, call it my people... there it is. Now lately from the results of living in a "hot-spot," I don't converse as much, not at all. My connection went dull. Often times if I don't use it ... I lose it.

Fear- my fear keeps me from sharing. Now, nowadays , rightfully so but that's an example of how isolation can "keep" just a bit longer or take just a bit more or even just kill our joy. I miss outside do you? I miss the sounds of music and people... 

Find and make different ways to share. Some Modern day Jedi cant help but share. Say yes and they begin flowing like Niagara falls during a rain storm. This isolation can kill friends. IT IS. Check on yourself and others. If we tended our own circles... they would overlap several times, think about that.

This stuff is real and so can our faith and our practices. Whats a real kill joy is ISOLATION. We are there. look around and make sure we are all OK. Did anyone ask Hercules if he was OK? does any one ever ask the main character of story's and tales and myths- hey Hero- not Superman hey Clark... u OK...hey Lois...Solo...LOKI u OK?

Hey Luke, bro, you alright? How many times would Luke [Ben, Rey, Fin, Po, THE PRINCESS and almost everyone in the saga] had benefited from WISE council instead of staring at two suns and feeling alone- aimlessly, just a cup of warm blue milk... here Luke tell me what's up? What's going on... those are the  moments to share.... Modern day Jedi-  aka Force seekers aka bridge builders.


During this time we need hearts that can reach. Can you reach out? Who will you reach... yours and in turn, mine. That's how it works in real life. I've already felt the ripples, please don't stop.


May the Force we share seek and serve be with y'all still!

Pastor Carlos