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This i asume will be rather short. I know myself well amd wold rather make it short and sweet then long and drawn out. I post this here because i hope you will read it and get something from it. The Universe, Force< God or whatever you wishto call it has lessons it will teach us wether we like that or not.  Sometimes we think it is about how we relate to others and the world aroumd us but most of the time it is about how we deal with ourselves.  I have learned many lessons these few weeks about ego  and how to balance the good ego that does te right things for the right weasons with the bad ego that does the wrong thing just to get its own way.    What I learned is it is a rather fine line between the right and wrong thing and the right and wrong reasons.  The universe will oftten shoe us these things in ways we do not realize until after the fact.  I guess what really I have learned in these weeks is to be more aware of what we do and how we do it. Make amends when and if you can and to trully learn from it.  I  really wanted to put this topic here becayse it is an important lesson for me and I hope it is for you.


with all my love and respect to you all