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The Oxford Dictionary defines a dream as a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep, or as contemplating the possibility of doing something. But what do these two definitions have in common?

Some may argue that dreams while we sleep correlate to our dreams while we are awake, or are depictions of the future; signs. But I am going to argue that the two definitions are very much similar in a different way.

When you sleep and have dreams, good or bad, they only happen in your head. And whether or not you believe they may become real, you can agree it happens in your head. But isn’t that the same as dreaming to one day do something? Are they not both occurrences in your head that are only to be enacted by you, the dreamer?

As a dreamer, you need to be weary that dreams are just that; dreams. Not a definite reality. One can dream to their hearts content, but that leaves nothing to be done, leaving you in the exact same place you were moments before having such dream.

To be a worthwhile dreamer; a person who’s dreams come true, you also need to be a doer. You must take your dreams and use it as a blueprint for what you wish to obtain, rather than hope that your dream will mysteriously come true.

This not to say there is no use in having a dream just for the sake of dreaming now and then, but to wrap oneself in dreams that lead to nothing will result in you leading to nothing.

Achieve your dreams, freeing yourself of the constant “what if” that comes with them. Watch as everything you have imagined doing unfolds before you because you made the effort; because you chose to be a doer instead of just a dreamer.

Show the world you are extraordinary, and that you are control of your own fate, because a person with a dream is nothing more than someone who wanted to do something. Be a person who did something, because whether or not you succeed or fail, you made the effort. You fought for a better you; a better world.

That alone makes a good person, and that alone is the making of a Jedi. May The Force be with you in all of your endeavors.