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Can I be corrupted if I live in integrity with the Force?
Does "guilt by association" mean that I am guilty because I am human?

I have discovered that my integrity rests in my surrender to the Force. I do my best to move with what is moving. I appreciate the ways of the Force and the designs within Nature. I find when I try to follow the "rules of man", I get lost. How do I have integrity when I am taking part in a corrupt system? Am I corrupt when taking part in corruption? Is there a way to maintain my integrity whilst working within a "man made" system that has all the flaws of our humanity?

I have found that our systems are so corrupt, that corruption has become the standard business practice. What once was considered corruption is now "how things are done".

I find that the legal system is so corrupt it does not even know that it is any more. I find that a lot of laws are passed for the purpose of making money, allowing people to get away with things, and for preventing things that people don't want to have around them. It is rumored that big businesses and rich people encourage laws to be passed to prevent "poor people" from doing what they do all the time. I don't have specific examples at the moment, but I have read books and watched movies that talk about this. I amazed watching movies about the legal system that shows standard operating producer is to haggle and barter with people's lives. Some movies are: Breaker Morant, Path of Glory, Night Falls on Manhattan, and many others.

Boulder Colorado is famous for these kinds of laws. Its illegal to have a coach on your porch around campus because people burned them during the riots. Will this law change the reasons people rioted in the first place - no. Now people have to go inside their house to get a coach to burn, lol. It seemed to me that Boulder avoided that actual issues by distracting people with the new laws that they passed.

Many states have created laws that project "photoradar" even though it directly goes against our constitutional rights like - the right to face our accuser and no non-governmental third party institution can collect money for legal infractions like tickets, and more. When I tried fighting this, the head of the Boulder City Council asked me, "Do you think the head of the Justice Department would do anything unconstitutional, and he is sitting right there?" And I replied, "Yes, because he is backing photoradar." I feel like I did my best by at least questioning their decision to allow this in Boulder.

I find that "pedophilia" is protected within the high walls of the catholic church and no one seems to be doing anything about it. There is a new movie coming about that explores this form of corruption: Spotlight.

When I was living in Ireland, I witnessed a women sneaking into England so she could have an Abortion. She had to go through this alone and quietly or the Pop could have stopped it like he did in the past.

This stuff just amazes me. And what gets me the most is these people in high positions will judge me and sentence me if I break one of their rules? It pays to be on top?

I have more examples about how the Boxing commission, FDA, Economical institutions and more are so corrupt its amazing that anything actually gets done. In so many ways, we are surrounded by it. So I ask, am I corrupt because I am a human living in this world?

I feel that I am responsible in some way. I am human. I am one with everyone on this planet. I am one with the universe. If this exists within them, it exists within in me. So I am corrupt because humanity is corrupt. I don't just get to love and cherish the good stuff about our species. I have to own it all because I am here. I have to own that in some ways I let it happen and in other ways it happens despite me.

When I explore these kinds of topics, I have found that I can get lost down the rabbit hole that simply leads to the darkness of our being and that only helps me when I can turn on the light in this darkness; and love into it. I have found the only thing I can do is save myself. I must clear my field of as much darkness and corruption as possible so there is at least one more people radiating out that possibility in the world. When more and more people take on this task of perfecting their humanity and clearing their fields, the brighter this world will become. This work of being a Jedi is an inside job. I can only save myself, I can only do this for myself, and I can do this with others on the same path. So I sit quietly in the darkness radiating my light. I trust in our ability to do good and I have faith that together we can turn this ship around.

As a human in this world, I am responsible for all things - light and dark. If feel that my role as a Jedi is to be a beacon of possiblitity that we can still love ourselves into the light.

I forgive myself
I am sorry for our actions
I love all of us
Thank you, for doing your best

I feel that only in my Divinity can I be integral.
Only in the Force do I trust.