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Beginning Anew

I recently returned to formal education again after two years of work, independence and never planning to.

But this is only a beginning if I choose it to be for all this is happening within the existence of my life. I could not even call this a new stage in my life as stages have beginnings and ends, this is simply my Being. Right now I am Being at a university.

It is easy to think of life as stages but this is deceptive. Stages do not make us, we make the stages. We don’t enter into the stage of a new ‘Beginning Anew’ we begin anew and then, if we are so inclined, decide to call it a particular name later.

How many people suffer from this?


Making a resolution but not carrying through?

We make the changes by performing actions not declaring intentions.

So it is similar with our beloved Temple. We have seen our Family filled with Great News and Sometimes Sadness but all of these events are simply our Being.

We never Begin Anew because we never stop moving. Lets Be, lets take our troubles and our achivements in our stride, lets see where it takes us.