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Hello to every Modern day Jeddist and every heart represented here today. Let’s talk about food today and any spiritual connection you make can be solely up to you! *wink

Follow me to my table and my kitchen. I’ve got a several certificates from different places and ventures in life. Some I’ve lost due to expiration
date and time. What lives is the skill and the experience. During cook school I was taught to add and multiply recipes  to cook for any number of guests with consistency and proportional  diligence. 
It wasn’t until I began to sit down and eat that the love for food began. I mean , I already liked food but now - after my eyes were a tad bit open - I could now have the courage to try a few more things. I remember eating Balute for the first time. Holly Molly- it’s a fermented duck in its shell - feet beak feathers n all. I remember trying pig feet soup. There was a man who showed me how he slices garlic to maximize flavor- his way , you only have to use two good cloves  for any dish. I got my joy of garlic from him. I began tasting and spitting till this very  day. Now, I’ve got my go to’s as far as the basics. My enchiladas are to drool over and my brisket - man ohh man -it  falls apart so softly and effortlessly each time I make it - I swear the next time it’s consistency  will be sponge cake. In my kitchen I’m the chef and if you ever wanna cook me up a batch of anything feel free to call me your prep and Sous and let’s cook something up! I love cooking and I love cooking for family and friends and ... I like sharing the experience. To see my 5 year old in his hulk mask chopping carrots ! Classic! To teach him to “home” his knife every time he completes a cut. It takes my breath away. The other day I found a 6 egg broiler,
Pot-  tray - lid and all for 2$ at a thrift shop. Snag! So, as I can talk about cooking all day and reflect on how it I have allowed it to shape and create my path in ways normally I couldn’t - let’s touch a bit on this modern day Jedi ism. It’s like cooking. Some make eggs - some scramble and omelet and some broil and bake while others still prefer to Benedict. There are some Jedi who have a direct way of doing things. Some have different ways all together. The point I’m  trying to relay is simply this- as Meelo says in the avatar cartoon series - which I most definitely recommend any family sit and watch together over some good rice or a great bowl of homemade ratatouille soup  ,“ BE -YE-LEAF!” The idea is so simple as that - be able to move and try and fail and fly away and glide with the flow around you. The benefits in the culinary world are a full belly and great stories and recipes to share at any table.
In the real world - the results of being able to “be ye leaf “ can bring you to places you never thought you could try or know. I encourage every Jedi today - be ye leaf- try ! Learn, Live, Try, Fall, and fly. Learn something new -
You may not like it and it may not be for you but at the end of try , at least you will know for sure. May the Force continue to be with y’all - every where  you seek serve and share it Jedi!