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As the seasons change, so does what we can focus on. Each season in our life that comes and goes, can take us to places not yet ventured or to places we know well.  One place is the ordinary world. There is a idea out there that the presesent moment can be fleeting. In the world of Space Epics, there can be a tendancy to live the adventure in the ordinary world. I am here to share with you this simple truth, "Awe is what moves us foward. As you proceed through life, following your own path, birds will shit on you. Don't brush it off. Getting a comedic view of your situation gives you spiritual distance. Having a sense of humor saves you."  -Joseph Campbell


Jedi teaching 7.The Jedi foster an acceptance of limitations. To change the world is to change our perceptions of and perspectives towards it. Indeed, we are capable of amazing acts, especially when we rely on the flow of the Force. Yet, as incarnated, organic beings we must understand that the power is that of the Force, without which we are mere matter.  

There is a freedom in a smile. There is a release when it happens. There is magic in laughter. There is a inherent joy in bliss. We all develop in the same ways. We tend to think we have our own stories but in reality, we all develop the same manner. There are a few variations in human development but for the most part we are attached to each other in this way, like it or not. 

Are you tired of the hatred you see? Are you tired of seeing injury after injury? Does doubt upset you? Does despair effect you? Does all the darkness bother you? Does seeing all the sadness make you sad? We, as Jedi recommend you bring the love when there is the hate. We remind each other how it is by pardoning; we aid injury. We bring hope during the despair. We bring the light where there is darkness. By Consoling, understanding, love, and giving, we change the outcomes. Be a part of the present moment but also you can be the bringer of these things as well. We can be keepers of what is needed. This world can seem like it is a mess. It has potential to be horrible or amazing. It all depends on us. Where does your perspective lie? Be a part of the Force. Seek it out when you find it, be a part. There are many roads to the same place. When we develop our own being, we find there are others on the same path. Yet, we look and act so differently. Expect the perspectives to be different. Expect the way we see to differ. We are yoked together, yet so free.

Jedi teaching 16

"Following All the Teachings offered here, and as witnessed by the thousands of generations who have come before us, the Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most sincere soul. These teachings are difficult to practise, but their benefits are great. With continuous training, centring and balancing meditation, humble understanding, and receptivity, we may participate in the experience of being alive more fully, more harmoniously, and more creatively. Then we may return into the Force from which we have come by the same integrity with which we have lived. In this way, our Spirit will go forth, bringing balance through love, pardon, faith, hope, light, and some joy to generations yet to come. "

Take your liberty and change the world.
Pastor Carlos