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The life of a Jedi is no small thing...

Thousands of individuals have taken the mantle as their own, not fully understanding the significance that is attached. 

To be Jedi is no small task, as it is a life centered around the service of others, for it is in giving that we receive. 

To be Jedi is not only about reminding ourselves to be mindful, but to resist the baleful influences within the chaotic world in which we live.  And that is one of the most difficult challenges a Jedi will ever face, and sometimes, sometimes we face it alone. 

Being surrounded by family and friends certainly helps enduring troubling times, but a Jedi cannot always expect to lean on others in times of turmoil.  On your worst day, when no one is there to lift you from the pit of despair, will you have the faith and strength to persevere? 

A Jedi should often reflect on why he or she has chosen this path, and be ever so mindful of the trials and tribulations that follow a life of service. It is far from an easy path to walk.

To Resist the hate in the world, and temper it with love.

To forgive those who have wronged ourselves or others.

To restore faith in a world ridden with doubt.

To offer hope to those drowning in melancholy.

To shine as beacons in the darkest of nights.

The life of a Jedi is no small thing indeed.

Courage, Compassion, Empathy, Loyalty, and Honor... 


These virtues we hold dearly, cherish and guide us to that which we aspire to become...