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Do or do not, there is no try. This one simple sentence can be applied to many aspects and tasks in life. When one tries to do something they don’t always put forth their fullest effort, usually out of fear of failure.  When you decide you want something you should always put forth your fullest effort, and let nothing get in your way of achieving that goal. Fear is a beast that must be slain in order to reach one’s goals.  Failure is not an option. When planning any undertaking, we never plan to be unsuccessful, only to be successful. We should never accept failure as being an option in any endeavor. If you fail in a task, you take what you’ve learned and apply it. As the saying goes; “I have not failed a thousand times, I have simply found a thousand ways that will not work”. When you wake up and make your plans for the day, put forth your fullest effort into achieving them. Say to yourself; Today I am going to achieve what I have planned.I will do it without failing.I will not try to succeed, instead I will succeed.