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Good Day my friends.

As we continue our year, lets look at something that often comes up when walking the path of the Hero’s Journey. The journey encourages us to embrace the dualities of life and find strength in our moments of weakness. Let us embark on this journey of self-discovery and growth.

Jediism teaches us that life is a balance between the light and the dark. We encounter moments of joy, love, and success, but we also face challenges, suffering, and failure. It is important to stop when appropriate to accept and embrace both aspects of life, for they are integral to our growth. These mirror the aspects of light and dark within us.

The good in life represents moments of triumph, love, and happiness. These are the moments when we feel like we are in perfect harmony with the universe. It is vital to cherish these times, as they provide us with strength and motivation.

On the other hand, the bad in life signifies moments of pain, loss, and hardship. These are the times when we may feel overwhelmed by the darkness that surrounds us. Jediism encourages us not to shy away from these moments but to confront them with courage and resilience. Just as Jedi face their fears, we must face our own to overcome them. In overcoming them, we accept them.

Mistakes are an inherent part of mortal existence, and Jediism teaches us to view them as opportunities for growth. In the Jedi Code, there is a famous phrase, "There is no emotion, there is peace." This phrase suggests that we must learn to detach ourselves from our emotions and look at our mistakes objectively. Our Creed, tells us to should seek to understand. Understanding is important, but do not take this to mean others will understand us as easily. We seek to understand, and to be understood, but we can not push that understanding on others. It can be a fine line to walk and one that should be done with care. It is easy to fall into trying too much to get others to understand us, this can be just as frustrating to others as to us.

When we make mistakes, it is crucial not to dwell on self-blame or guilt. Instead, we should seek to understand why we made those choices and how we can make better ones in the future. This introspection and self-improvement are at the heart of the Jedi way. Seek internal understanding, seek to be an example of how to walk this path, to be willing to help others understand, but not force it upon them.

We mortals often struggle with our own imperfections, but once wisdom has been found (often through the hardship of mistakes or our own introspection), it can be easier to learn to forgive themselves and others. This forgiveness is a key element in embracing the Force and finding balance in one's life. By embracing the dualities of existence and using our experiences, both positive and negative, as opportunities for growth, we can lead a more fulfilling and enlightened life.

May the Force be with you all as you navigate the journey of life, accepting its dualities and growing stronger through your experiences.