KyoSahNim Oath to the Jedi Order

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31 May 2010 10:55 - 31 May 2010 13:10 #31032 by
I profess before all my fellow Jedi that I, Brook A Webster, born on 16 June 1966, without reservation, choose the Jedi path, with all its duties and responsibilities. I shall do that which is right and profess my allegiance to the Force and its will. I vow to uphold the Jedi teachings, and to henceforth devote myself to the life of a Jedi.\"
I declare my Rite to be Abrahamic.

Cannot be considered for the records.
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31 May 2010 13:07 - 31 May 2010 13:09 #31034 by Jon
As a new member as we ask of all INNITIATES and APPRENTICES I must ask you to take the simple oath. This form of oath is reserved for those who are knighted.,com_kunena/Itemid,94/func,view/catid,6/id,31033/#31033

The author of the TOTJO simple and solemn oath, the liturgy book, holy days, the FAQ and the Canon Law. Ordinant of GM Mark and Master Jestor.
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