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Our Order can both license and ordain ministers to serve in a clerical capacity. Both licenses and ordinations are legal in every state in the USA and may be in other countries. All Ministers can officiate at weddings and conduct other religious ceremonies. Depending on the state or country, certain restrictions may apply. Please check with the local authorities to know your status if your country or state regulates religious organizations or clergy.

To become a minister of the Force you must be licensed or ordained by our Order, which requires undergoing clerical training at our seminary.
To join the seminary you should first contact the Pastor or VP of Clerical Affairs who will ask you to explain your interest in becoming a clergy person. You will then normally be invited to join the Seminary, the section of TotJO that deals with clerical training.

Clerical training consists of a series of exercises that require your understanding of various topics, including relevant terms such as “liturgy” and “communion”, the duties of a member of the Clergy and spiritual and social discussions.

Upon completion of the Clerical Training Programme, your application will be considered by the Council and you will be invited for an interview (normally held via the Temple's Chat function) to discuss your suitability for a clerical position as well as your understanding of the contents of the programme. If approved, you will then be given a ceremony (normally in the Order’s ‘Chat’ function) and awarded the appropriate title. If you would like a certificate detailing your Minister's Licence, these may be sent, for a small fee, by post.

There is a requirement of having reached the rank of Knight prior to being admitted into the Seminary.