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Temple of the Jedi Order FaQ

These FaQs provide essential information and answers some of the most fundamental questions about the organisation, its practices and membership. It is recommended that all new members read this soon after joining. Further inquiries can be directed to a member of the Council.

If there are any errors or issues with the FaQ please contact Akkarin.

These FaQs are relevant for activity on the Temple of The Jedi Order (www.templeofthejediorder.org) and the Temple of The Jedi Order is referred to in this document, and elsewhere, as: "Temple of The Jedi Order", "the Temple", "the Order" and "TotJO".

Here is a categorised list of our FaQs:

Jediism in General: What is Jediism

Joining: How to Join. See also: Under 18, Application, Simple Oath, Taking your Time

Under 18: Rules for Minors . See also: Under 18, Application, Simple Oath, What is Apprenticeship, Ranking, Temporary Licenses, Offices

Training: What's Next. See also: Rank hasn't Changed, Answering Lessons in Order, What is Apprenticeship

Ranking: Ranking. See also: Guests, Good Standing, Clerical Ranks, Additional RanksOffices

Degree Scheme: Degree. See also: Ranking

Clerical Training: Clerical Ranks. See also: Additional Ranks, Clerical Names, Temporary Licenses, Join the Clergy

Leadership: Council. See also: Executive Committee, Offices

Filing Complaints: Complaint. See also: Council, Complaint Process

Site Improvements and Suggestions: Council. See also: Offices

General Forum Rules: Rules. See also: Rules for Minors, Don't Agree

Other Questions: See: TotJO symbol, Holy Days, Interest Groups, Privacy, Online Presence

Here is a list of our FaQs:

  1. What is this Jedi thing all about?
  2. OK, I’ve registered, now what? How do I become a Jedi?
  3. I am under 18 years of age, can I still become a member?
  4. What is the Jedi Application for?
  5. What is the Simple Oath?
  6. What if I want to wait before committing myself?
  7. I've filled out the Simple Oath and Jedi Application. Why hasn't my rank changed?
  8. What should I do next? I want to start studying right way.
  9. Do I have to complete the Initiates Programme Questions in order?
  10. What does apprenticeship involve?
  11. What Jedi ranking is there in the Order?
  12. What is the TotJO Degree Scheme?
  13. What is a ‘Guest’ and a 'Visitor'?
  14. What is a ‘Member in Good Standing’?
  15. What are the distinctions of clergy in the Order? What rights and responsibilities do they have?
  16. Are there any additional ranks or titles in the Order?
  17. Don't these sound awfully Catholic?
  18. How do I apply for a temporary Minister's License?
  19. How do I become a member of the Clergy?
  20. What does the TotJO Symbol(TM) Stand For?
  21. Are there any important Jedi Feast/Holy Days in TotJO like the other Churches have?
  22. What are the Special Interest Groups?
  23. What is the Executive Committee?
  24. Who or what is the TotJO Council?
  25. What other roles or Offices are there at TotJO?
  26. What Is The Process For Making A Complaint etc.
  27. What Happens Following A Complaint?
  28. What Privacy Settings does the Temple have?
  29. What Are The TotJO Website 'Rules'?
    1. Offensive Language
    2. Links and Linking
    3. Advertising
    4. Stealth Advertising
    5. Usernames
    6. Multiple Accounts
    7. Journals
    8. Name Changes
    9. Teaching
    10. Spam
  30. Are there specific TotJO website 'rules' for minors?
    1. Minors Agreement
  31. Is there any other TotJO online presence?
  32. What if I don’t agree with the rules?

1. What is this Jedi thing all about?

Before anyone gets overexcited! What the Jedi Religion is not about:

First of all, TotJO is not a role playing site. If you are joining purely to wear a badge reading "I'm a Jedi" then TotJO is not for you. You will not learn mystical powers or learn to build lightsabers. Whilst some of the members enjoy Star Wars, we are not Star Wars fans or ‘geeks’. We are not affiliated, nor do we wish to become affiliated, with any LucasArts or George Lucas products and/or services.

What we are is a group of individuals coming together in a community to promote goodwill, happiness, understanding and serenity. We are about bringing about a greater level of spiritual awareness, human compassion and bringing about a greater understanding of the universe and the people within it to help forward the world in the most positive of ways. That is what Jediism is all about.

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2. OK, I’ve registered, now what? How do I become a Jedi?

After registration on the forums, you will be considered a 'Guest' (FaQ Guests). If you are under the age of eighteen (18) please skip to FaQ #3. If you are eighteen (18) or older and wish to become a Jedi as defined by TotJO you need to send in a valid Jedi Application (FaQ Application) and take the Simple Oath (FaQ Oath).

If you choose to officially become a Jedi then great! From here on out it’s all about learning and commitment. You could consider updating your profile, upload an avatar, "like" us on Facebook and Google plus and pay us a visit in chat or the Shout! box. Being a Jedi is a wonderful undertaking, but we are all here to be Jedi with you in common spirit and community.

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3. I am under 18 years of age, can I still become a member?

If you are between thirteen (13) and eighteen (18) you are still eligible to be an official member of our church and community. However as you are considered to be a minor we ask that you introduce yourself to a Youth Officer by sending one of them a private message.

If you are under eighteen (18) please do not fill out a Jedi Application or take the Simple Oath. TotJO does not record or store the personal information of Minors. Simply making yourself known to the Youth Officer(s) and following the Minors Agreement, will count, for the purposes of membership (FaQ #2), statuses and ranks (FaQ Ranking), as a valid Application until you reach the age of 18.

A Jedi Application and Simple Oath by someone under the age of eighteen (18) will be deleted upon receipt.

We do not allow members under the age of 13 to formally join the Order.  You can however still join and participate as a member on our forums, but you will not receive any official rank or status and will remain a 'Guest' until you reach 13.

After speaking with the available Youth Officer please introduce yourself in the Youth Section of the forum as soon as possible, this is simply so our Youth Officer(s) are aware of you. In some cases we may ask to double check with your parent(s) or guardian(s) that they are aware, and happy, with your membership of our Order.

All Minors should, and are expected to, read through the Minor's Agreement.

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4. What is the Jedi Application for?

The application is one of the necessary steps to become a member of the Order.  It is legally binding, and knowingly submitting false information invalidates subsequent promotions, ranks and titles associated with a false application.

Contents of the application are processed by senior staff and kept confidential. Your information will not be distributed to third parties or non-senior members of the Order. We may, however, be required to send copies to government agencies with the authority to make such requests.

The ‘Digital Signature’ at the foot of the form is simply your full name typed out.

Another purpose of the application is for Texas State records. If you feel the calling to become a member of our Jediist Clergy and are a Licensed or Ordained Minister and wish to conduct civil ceremonies such as weddings, it is a legal requirement that your status be verifiable. This allows everyone involved (for example) in the ceremony of wedlock to be sure of its legality. You should check with a lawyer/attorney or other legal adviser about the legality of your status in your particular state/country.

We do not allow members under the age of 13 to formally join the Order. This means that a Jedi Application by people who are under the age of 13 will count as being invalid.

If your legal name should change for whatever reason then please inform the intake officer(s); the current intake officer is: Jestor

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5. What is the Simple Oath?

We do not allow members under the age of 13 to formally join the Order. This means that a Simple Oath by people who are under the age of 13 will count as being invalid.

To take an oath is public and personal in nature. This means it is made in the form of a public announcement with direct reference to the person taking it. To take the TotJO Simple Oath means to support that cause.

For those wishing to become a member of the Order it is required for you to include your real name and date of birth in the following formula:

"I profess before all my fellow Jedi that I, ........... born on ........, without reservation, choose the Jedi path, until I am ready for Jedi Knighthood or I otherwise decide, with all its duties and responsibilities. I shall do that which is right and profess my allegiance to the Force. During that time I promise to do my utmost to uphold the Jedi teachings, and to live a life as is worthy of a Jedi."

The Simple Oath is a promise, witnessed by the community of the Temple, with sacred and legal character, the fulfilment of which is a serious obligation. Such a promise implies more than a wish or a desire but rather is a firm decision to fulfil the oath which is taken. The Simple Oath must be made with sufficient deliberation, knowingly and with due discernment. The Simple Oath must be taken freely, that is without grave and unjust fear, malice or ill intent. The Simple Oath made under such circumstances is invalid. Also invalid is a Simple Oath made out of ignorance or error concerning an element which constitutes the substance of the Simple Oath. Ignorance is lack of knowledge; error is mistaken judgment. Ignorance or error invalidates the Simple Oath if the person vowing lacked knowledge of, or erred in judgment about, something that is of the substance of the Oath.

A personal Jedi Oath (formulated in personal words) on the other hand binds the person to personal acts or obligations, but is in no way compelling to TotJO or compels TotJO. A personal oath is not considered a valid and legal Oath in the eyes of TotJO. Any pledge no matter in what form is a valid oath, no doubt, but it is not specific, in an official form, to the members who are Jedi here.

If your legal name should change for whatever reason then please inform the intake officer(s); the current intake officer is: Jestor

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6. What if I want to wait before committing myself?

You do not have to submit the Jedi Application or take the Simple Oath to begin training. If you are hesitant about becoming a member you are welcome to stay and study before you make a final decision about formally joining. However your 'rank bar' will remain as ‘Guest’ until you submit a valid Jedi Application and take a valid Simple Oath - as you have not fulfilled the requirements for the status of ‘Temple Member’.

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7. I've filled out the Simple Oath and Jedi Application. Why hasn't my rank changed?

Rank changes are not automatic, they are done voluntarily by our intake officer Jestor. Because of this please bear with us as they are normally processed in batches during the week.

If however you feel that your rank has not been changed after a significant amount of time please send him a Private Message to ensure he is aware of the situation and can address it.

Should there be a problem with your Simple Oath or the Jedi Application (See Simple Oath and Jedi Application) that is preventing your rank from being changed you will be notified of the issue so that it can be addressed.

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8. What should I do next? I want to start studying right way.

If you've joined and want to start studying follow the guidelines here. Posting "I want a Master" will not get your anywhere as we first like to give you some background training and get to know you.

The first requirement for advancement, after submitting a valid Jedi Application and taking a valid Simple Oath, is that you study and complete the Initiate Programme. This is a comprehensive set of studies that include works on metaphysics, comparative religious studies, personal development and concepts relating to Jediism. Click on the link marked “Studies”, then "Initiates" in the Menu at the top of the page to be directed to the instructions and content of the Programme.

If you are studying the Initiate Programme and already have the status of "Temple Member", you are considered to hold the rank of "Novice". Please contact Jestor, once you have posted on Exercise 4, Lesson 1, The Hero's Adventure, so he may make this change on your account as it is not an automatic process.

Each student should post their work in the forum called Journals in the New Members section. Start a new thread and call it something like “John Smith's Journal”. All your work should be posted as a reply to this topic. Please make sure your username and the word ‘Journal’ are in your journal's title.

Please respect the privacy of other people's journals and do not post in them unless specifically requested to do so. Teaching Masters are those holding the rank of Knight and above. They may wish to post in your journal to offer guidance or to help with your training.

All of the above will allow Teaching Masters to develop an understanding of your beliefs, ideas, philosophy, needs and also to generally get to know you. The next step after completion of the Initiate Programme is Apprenticeship. Not all Initiates can be taught however, which is why you should take great care when completing the Initiate Programme. Showing patience and initiative in your studies is what will attract potential Teaching Masters.

Occasionally the right Teaching Master for you will be unavailable. If this is the case Initiates may be given tasks in that 'waiting' period and should consider additional self-study and engaging in deeper philosophical discussions in the forum.

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9. Do I have to complete the Initiates Programme Questions in order?

Lessons in the Initiates Programme do not have to be completed in the order they are presented. However it is advised that you do so, because some of the content of the lessons follows a logical order and you may get more out of it by following that order. There are also organisational advantages to completing and posting each lesson in the order it appears.

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10. What does apprenticeship involve?

Apprentices can be taken by those who have the status of Teaching Master. See FaQ #11 for more details on the ranks

An Apprentice is an Initiate who has been taken on by a current Teaching Master and is receiving personal teaching and guidance. The Teaching Master will teach that person until Knighthood.

The prospective Teaching Master and Apprentice must discuss their potential future relationship and its implications before notifying anyone of their intentions.

The prospective Teaching Master will notify their former Master or, if they are unavailable, any other Master in good standing with TotJO. This individual will have to check both potential Teaching Master and Apprentice are in good standing and that both parties are aware of what apprenticeship involves.

The official minimum time for training is 6 months. The Council will consider, using appropriate criteria, any exceptions to this and all other early finishers. When the Teaching Master considers the Apprentice has finished this should be brought before the Council, which will organize a knighting ceremony.

We have a minimum age of sixteen (16) if you wish to become an Apprentice.

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11. What Jedi ranking is there in the Order?

For additional details, please look at the laws that define Ranks and Statuses here.

The Temple of the Jedi Order provides the opportunity for members to learn and grow in experience with the support of those who have already dedicated their lives to Jediism. As such, there is a system of ranking that reflects the development, position and duties of each member within the Order.

There are 4 types of 'ranking' in the Order. These are: 'Statuses', 'Ranks', 'Offices' and 'Clerical Ranks'.

A 'Rank' is related to the amount of study that has been accomplished at the Temple.

A 'Status' is related to the level of rights and responsibilities (some legal) that a member has in the Temple. (See FaQ #16)

An 'Office' is a specific position held by a person that relates to specific tasks and responsibilities. (See FaQ #25)

A 'Clerical Rank' is the level of clerical duty and responsibility that a person has in the Order. (See FaQ Clerical Ranks)

Temple Member - Status
An individual who has completed a valid Application and taken a valid Simple Oath. A Temple member must be at least thirteen years of age (13) and those under the age of eighteen (18) must have parental permission to join.

Novice - Rank
A Temple Member who is currently studying the Initiate Programme.

Initiate - Rank
A Novice who has completed the Initiate Programme.

Apprentice - Rank
An Initiate who has been accepted by a Teaching Master as their Apprentice. This involves tasks and lessons and it relies on a good working relationship, dedication and recognition of mutual improvement. An Apprentice must be at least sixteen years of age (16)

Knight - Rank
An Apprentice who has successfully completed their apprenticeship to the satisfaction of their Teaching Master and the Council. They uphold the principles of Jediism as defined by the Solemn Vow, and have completed the A.Div level of the degree scheme. They can take on Apprentices of their own. A Knight must be at least eighteen years of age (18).

Senior Knight - Rank
A Knight who has completed the Degree Scheme training to B.Div level.

Master - Rank
A Senior Knight who has successfully taught three apprentices.

Grand Master - Rank
An honorary title bestowed upon Masters for exceptional dedication and service to the Temple of the Jedi Order. As such it is not “higher” than the rank of Master.

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12. What is the TotJO Degree Scheme?

As a non-profit religious organisation we have the right to issue religious degrees, Degrees of Divinity, in effect, degrees in Jediism. The Degree Scheme is a set of lessons that are attributed a points value. Once you have reached a certain points value you will be awarded that level of degree.

The Degree is essentially a compilation of the lessons taught by each Teaching Master and so to study the Degree Scheme is to study under each of the Teaching Masters at TotJO. This provides a well-rounded and comprehensive programme to learn from.

We are currently set up to issue:

Associate Degree of Divinity (A.Div)

Bachelor Degree of Divinity (B.Div)

Master Degree of Divinity (M.Div)

Some of these religious degrees are requirements for rank advancement within the Temple.

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13. What is a ‘Guest’ and a 'Visitor'?

A ‘Guest’ is someone who has signed up to the website but has not filled out the Jedi Application or taken the Simple Oath. As such they are not an official member of the Temple of the Jedi Order and hold no official rank or have any official capacity within the Order.

A Guest is different to a Visitor in that a Guest is someone who has signed up to the forums whereas a Visitor is one who is viewing the forum without logging in.

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14. What is a ‘Member in Good Standing’?

A ‘Member in Good Standing’ is someone who has filled out and taken a valid Jedi Application and Simple Oath and someone who has not been excommunicated by the Order for any reason.

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15. What are the distinctions of clergy in the Order? What rights and responsibilities do they have?

A person given a commission for a one-time-only event (such as conducting a marriage ceremony) or for a special mission.
Can be revoked.

Licensed Minister
Has all of the abilities of a Deacon but cannot take confession under the seal recognized by law.
Available to any TotJO rank of Initiate or higher.
Can be revoked.
Carries the title of Rev. (but not OCP as a suffix to their name).

The first "rank" of Ordained Ministers.
Can take confession under the seal recognised by law.
Can conduct liturgical ceremonies.
Is responsible for the moral support of the community.
Available to any TotJO rank of Knight or higher. Cannot be revoked. Carries the title of Rev. as well as OCP as a suffix to their name.

Generally the same as the Deacon although may share in a greater responsibility for the support of the community.
Can take confession under the seal recognised by law.
Can conduct liturgical ceremonies.
Is responsible for the moral support of the community.
Available to any TotJO rank of Knight or higher.
Cannot be revoked.
Carries the title of Rev. as well as OCP as a suffix to their name.

The fullness of Holy Orders.
Can ordain other ministers.
Can take confession under the seal recognised by law.
Can conduct liturgical ceremonies.
Is responsible for the moral support of the community.
Available to any TotJO rank of Knight or higher.
Cannot be revoked.
Carries the title of Rev. as well as OCP as a suffix to their name.

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16. Are there any additional ranks or titles in the Order?

The title of Councillor is bestowed upon the Leaders who form part of a governing body called The Council.
These people carry the responsibilities as moral leaders of the community and shape TotJO's evolution.

Patriarch / Matriarch
Titles reserved for the most senior members of TotJO who serve as the head of each Order.
Patriarch: Br. John
Matriarch: Neaj Pa Bol

The Minister responsible for overseeing the spiritual welfare of the congregation.
Pastor: Mark Anjuu

Senior Pastor
Former Pastor who has retired from day-to-day duties but still oversees the spiritual welfare of the congregation.
Senior Pastor: Br. John

Pastor Emeritus
Retired Bishop, awarded this honorary title for services to the Clergy and to the Temple.
Pastor Emeritus: Kana Seiko Haruki

Ministers responsible for the congregation of a specific jurisdictional area. They are:

Archbishop of the U.S. - Br. John
Archbishop of the U.K. - Mark Anjuu
Archbishop of Canada - Garm

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17. Don't these sound awfully Catholic?

The terms Minister, Reverend, and Bishop, as well as Archbishop, are used by churches of many different faiths throughout the world. You'll probably be surprised to know that the terms Bishop and Arch-bishop are not at all exclusive to Catholicism. In fact they were originally Greek words (Episkopos) simply meaning Leader or Teacher. The term Bishop is used to define a position of stewardship in many Churches from many different faiths.

Buddhist Churches of America uses the term Bishop to show the leadership of its temples. The followers of the Bahai Faith use the term for their leading clergy. Followers of Zoroastrianism use this designation. Those who practice the Mithraist faith use this title. In fact just three years ago the First Muslim Bishop was appointed as such. The list goes on and on... . So the term Bishop is not Catholic at all, but merely a commonly understood means of labelling and defining the stewards of a church, temple, organization, etc...

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18. How do I apply for a temporary Minister's License?

Contact any members of the Council and explain that you wish to apply for a Commission to be a Minister for a special occasion. Please supply as much information as you can to support your application.

Your case will be discussed and if the Council agrees to hear your case, you will be invited for an interview (normally held via TotJO's Chat service) to determine your suitability. The interview will usually be held by the Vice President of Clergy as well as any other Councillors that may choose to attend.

If successful, you will be granted the license for that occasion. Certificate's may be obtained for a small fee.

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19. How do I become Clergy? I feel called to work in this Ministry as a Reverend.

TotJO can both License and ordain ministers to serve in a clerical capacity. Both licenses and ordinations are Legal in every state in the USA and may be in foreign countries (check with local civil authorities in your area). All Ministers can officiate at weddings and conduct other religious ceremonies (check with your local civil authorities for guidelines).

To become a Minister of the Force you must be Licensed or Ordained by TotJO. It is not the Certificate (provided by the Bishops of the Order) that makes you a minister but our records on file which make you a minister.

You should first contact either the Pastor - Mark Anjuu, or the Vice President of Clergy, V-Tog. You will then be invited to join the Seminary, the section of TotJO that deals with clerical training.

Training consists of a series of exercises that require your understanding of various topics, including: Canon Law of TotJO, relevant terms such as “liturgy” and “communion”, the duties of a member of the Clergy, spiritual and social discussions and role-play situations.

Upon completion of the Clerical Training Programme, your application will be considered by the Council and you will be invited for an interview (normally held via the Temple's Chat function) to discuss your suitability for a clerical position as well as your understanding of the contents of the programme.

Although you may begin your clerical studies at any time, there is a requirement of having reached the rank of Initiate prior to being admitted into the Seminary.

If approved, you will then be given an ordination ceremony (normally in the Order’s ‘Chat’ function) and awarded the appropriate title. If you would like a certificate detailing your Minister's Licence, these may be sent, for a small fee, by post.

We have a minimum age of sixteen (16) for those who wish to begin Clerical Training.

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20. What does the TotJO Symbol(TM) Stand For?


1. The orthodox Jedi Code (5 star)
2. 16 basic teachings of the Jedi (inner 16 star)
3. The interdependence of Light and Dark- A Jediist is in harmony with the Force.

The TotJO symbol (above) is owned by TotJO. People are free to use it, but we ask that it is not used to misrepresent our organisation. If the symbol is used in some piece of work then we would appreciate the appropriate citation to be made.

If possible please contact a member of the Council before use to ensure no issues arise.

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21. Are there any important Jedi Feast/Holy Days in TotJO like the other Churches have?

Mar 21 - Day of Recognition - to honour each other and the bonds between us all (also International Earth Day)
May 25 - Jediism Day - to honour Jediism and the path (also International Jedi Day)
Sep 21 - Day of Harmony - to honour peace and our connection with the Force (also World Peace Day)
Oct 31 - Memorial Day - to honour those that have passed back into the Force (also Samhein/Halloween)
Dec 25 - Anniversary Day - to honour the Temple and its founding (also Christmas Day)
Dec 31 - Day of Reflection - to honour our own past and future (also New Year's Eve)
More detailed information on these feast days can be found here: The TOTJO Liturgcial Calendar


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22. What are the Special Interest Groups?

The Special Interest Groups (SiG's) or, as they are sometimes called, Rites are optional classifications that some choose to use but others do not. Whether you choose to call yourself as belong to any of them is entirely up to you. The rites have no effect on rank or status within the Temple, they merely signify any other religious doctrines or beliefs you may follow alongside Jediism.

There are currently 6 Special Interest Groups, Jediism, Abrahamic, Eastern, Pagan, Realist/Humanist and Sithism. One of the wonderful things about Jediism is that no matter what religious or spiritual beliefs one already has and lives by, Jediism is comfortably integrated with no conflicts. It is simply down to the individual to decide how they will do this and not choosing a rite is just as fine as choosing one.

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23. What is the Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee is the Executive Management of TotJO, consisting of:

Grand Master Rev. John Henry Phelan D.D. OCP (Br. John)
Grand Master Rev. Mark Barwell D.D. OCP (Mark Anjuu)

The Executive Committee has legislative, consultative and spiritual directive powers within TotJO.

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24. Who or what is the TotJO Council?

TotJO Council is our General Management as well as Supreme Court to act and decide on appeals. The Council is meant to provide a sense of direction without inhibiting the latitude and trust each Master, Knight or member deserves. The current members of the Council are:
Br. John
Damion Storm
Mark Anjuu
Neaj Pa Bol

If you have any queries, specific questions or suggestions about the nature of TotJO then you may refer to members of the Council to have them answered or discussed.

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25. What other roles or Offices are there at TotJO?

There are many offices of responsibility at TotJO. These require an Oath of Office to be taken to officialise members into their new roles.


The current President is: Br. John

In our case the President is the chief secular operations officer of the corporation and deals with legal affairs and keeping the corporation legal under Texas and Federal law. He files the reports with the state. The President also concerns himself with the structure of our Temple.

Vice President

The current Vice President is: Mark Anjuu

Vice President of Clergy

The current Vice President of Clergy is: V-Tog

Responsible for organising clerical duties which include matters relating to sermons, services, scheduling and the training of members to become Ministers.

Vice President of Membership Affairs

The current Vice President of Membership Affairs is: Jestor


The current Treasurer is: Br. John

The treasurer is responsible for the management of the TotJO funds and paying for our hosting and related expenses.

Public Relations and Marketing Officers

The current Head of Public Relations and Marketing is: Akkarin. The current Marketing Officers are: PloKoon, Proteus.

The "Head of Public Relations and Marketing" co-ordinates the "Marketing Team" and acts as spokesperson for the Order. The "Marketing Team" is tasked with community building and informing the public about the Order.

Intake Officers

The current Intake Officers are: Ryujin, Wescli Wardest

As soon as a member begins a journal, or makes an introductory post, the Intake Officer (as well as possible other members) will greet you. If you have questions, and do not know who else to ask, this officer (as any other member would) will be happy to answer your questions.

Security Officers

The Current Security Officers are: Phortis Nespin, Wescli Wardest

An invaluable service guaranteeing the Temple`s membership safety and image a high degree of credibility. TSOs are persons of trust who can and should be contacted in the case of any anti-social or illegal activities. All contacts are treated seriously and confidentially.

Youth Officers

The current Youth Officers are: Jestor, V-Tog

Due to increasing interest shown by younger members and the potential vulnerability of such members, a youth officer (trusted members of our community) has the duty of accommodating for those under 18 years old. The youth officer is a person of trust who can be contacted in confidence on any issue. One important aspect of our youth work is the direction of discussion for under 18 year olds in the youth forum which can only be accessed after first talking with the Youth Officer.


The current Ambassador is: Daniel L

All TotJO Church Members represent TotJO, all of the time. Just as your actions represent your values and beliefs, you also represent the membership of TotJO. Please remember this when visiting other sites, or in the physical world, and proclaiming your membership to TotJO.

The Ambassador is the one who not only represents us, officially, at other sites but also keeps members here informed of what is happening there.


The current Librarian is: Ren. The Assistant Librarian is Akkarin.

Main focus of the Librarian is to add information to the library from members that contribute to its areas. Librarians are responsible with upkeep of information in and for the library.

Degree Scheme Administrator

The current Degree Scheme Administrator is: Damion_Storm

Special Interest Advisors

These are members that have particular experience with individual Special Interest Groups and have taken on the responsibility of providing help and guidance to those seeking information. If you have any questions about a specific Special Interest Group, the relevant Advisor will be happy to answer them.

The Special Interest Advisor for the Pagan Special Interest Group is: Mark Anjuu
The Special Interest Advisor for the Abrahamic Special Interest Group is: Neaj Pa Bol
The Special Interest Advisor for the Eastern Special Interest Group is: RyuJin

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26. What Is The Process For Making A Complaint?

It is a rare occurrence for complaints to be made, however we at TotJO treat any complaint very seriously and no one is beyond disciplinary action.

The people responsible for this job are called Temple Security Officers. See FaQ Offices for details. If you have a concern or complaint about another member, whether it be their behaviour, or in regard to a post, then the above members are your first port of call. All complaints are treated seriously and with utmost confidentiality.

If you believe your concern to be more serious, for example with real world legal implications, then contact any of the Council members directly.

Likewise if your concern is related to a minor (anyone under the age of 18 years) you may wish to contact the Temple Youth Officer (see FaQ Offices), or (again) any of the Council members if the matter is urgent.

On the rare occasion whereby none of the Council members are logged in and you wish to complain about, for example, posts in the Shout! box or the Order’s website chat function, your first steps are to contact any Knights, or other senior members, that are logged in. If no Knights are present, then the best thing to do is make a copy of the offending text along with a note of who posted it and the approximate time of the post and a list of anyone else logged in at the time.

The matter will be investigated as soon as possible.

If your complaint is of a sensitive nature, be assured that any Masters or Knights who are also members of the clergy are bound, by a seal of confidentiality, to keep your confidence (much as a Catholic Priest), however there are certain circumstances where we are bound by law to report certain concerns to the authorities.

In all cases the fastest method of contact is using the Temple's Private Message tool.

In the vast majority of cases, a simple cooling off period with a polite and calm attitude resolves most issues. Generally a complaint is a case of 'misunderstanding'. Keep in mind that not everyone speaks English as their first language and that local variations/terms/dialect etc may be harmless in one part of the world and deeply rude in another.

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27. What Happens Following A Complaint?

After a complaint has been lodged the Temple Security Staff will investigate an issue and resolve it with all parties concerned.

Should this person be unable to deal with the situation or for some reason either the accused or plaintiff does not wish the Temple Officer(s) to deal with the situation, then the matter will be passed over to the Council and they will nominate a member to be the spoke person in the case and the spokesperson will be in communication with all parties involved.

The decision of the Council is final.

If a complaint is serious enough to warrant the investigation and thus actions of the Council - then those found to be in breach of the Temple rules can expect a form of punishment. This can range from a period of suspension from the site, denial of certain access (eg a chatroom suspension) up to total expulsion from the Temple in the most rare instances.

The Temple security Officers have permission and powers from the Council to enforce the rules where necessary. Appeals should be taken up with the Council. The Council’s decisions are final.

In all cases evidence will be gathered and stored and kept on file.

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28.  What Privacy Settings does the Temple have?

While the Temple is a public forum, not everything can be viewed, by a person or search engine, without an account.

The Jedi Application, Simple Oath and user profiles, which contain personal information, cannot be viewed by Visitors or search engines.

The only forums, and sub forums, visible to the public (those who have not registered on TotJO) are:

New Members: Confused, 

General: Jediism, General Discussions, Health Physical Fitness and Well Being

TotJO Forum: Temple

Special Interest Group: Faiths, Philosophy

Studies: Training and Library, Jediism 101 - Spirit Wind

Any registered user (which requires email authentication) can view all additional forums.
There are additional forums which can only be seen by those with additional rights and responsibilities within the Temple. These are largely administration forums or those where temple policy and matters are debated and are not viewable to anyone who does not have sufficient rights (see FaQ #3).
There is a youth forum that can only be accessed by minors (those under 18) and special permission must be requested if you wish to view that section (you must be under 18).
Posts that are made cannot be deleted except by a Councillor or administrator and unless a post breaks one of our rules (see FaQ #29) posts will not be deleted unless there is sufficient and justifiable reason.
As a Church any posts made on the forums become the property of TotJO, if you have any concerns about posts containing private or sensitive information that you wish to be deleted then please see a member of the Council to discuss what steps can taken.
Posts can be edited up to 1 hour after posting or after a post has been edited - you make a post and wait 59 minutes and then edit it; the timer is reset and you now have another hour in which to make changes.
Here is a general announcement about privacy on the Temple website: Announcement
As a general rule, whatever is written on the Temple is written in ink and cannot or will not be erased.

29. What Are The TotJO Website 'Rules'?

We prefer to think of them as guidelines or even just as good manners. Most of these are common sense and simple etiquette. But we have to post them and as such there are no excuses for not abiding by them. The guidelines cover all and every section of the site. To be clear, that means the forum, articles, Shout! box, chat rooms or any other official TotJO owned location or function, Facebook, Google+ etc, whether such mention is made or not.

All of these areas are subject to constant monitoring and disciplinary action will be taken at the discretion of the Council.

Any unsatisfactory behaviour is unwelcome and disciplinary action will be taken to address the situation. The rules listed below should cover the most obvious actions but unruly behaviour, whether it be threatening, carrying out some form of online attack or behaviour deemed grossly innapropriate, is a breach of the moral conduct we expect of all people here. We are a Church and you should treat us as such.

Disciplinary action is not something we like enforcing but if necessary we will implement it. This can range from a temporary or permanent account suspension, IP banning and, in the utmost extreme cases where the safety of our site or members is at serious risk, legal action.

Offensive Language and Swearing (and general abuse of other members)

TotJO is a place for spiritual enlightenment, self discovery and discussion of many varied and wide ranging topics. Here at TotJO we debate arguments not personalities and ideas instead of people.

Everyone makes mistake and it is not simply a case of one breach of the rules and your account is suspended.The people for whom this rule applies are those who are persistent and do so in a flagrant manner, even after unofficial and official warnings about it.

It demonstrates negative traits in an individual namely disrespect for fellow users and lack of control of oneself. 'Heat of the moment' is not a viable excuse, for as Jedi one must possess more control.

So, please think about what you have typed before sending. Show your respect and consideration for your fellow Temple members by simply maintaining the self-restraint to not swear. As it is much easier to control this behaviour when typing than it is in verbal conversation, there really is no acceptable excuse.

Post what you think is acceptable for an 8 year old to read (be it your own child or another) as this is in fact a family, and public, forum after all. If in doubt, leave it out.

Please note also that swearing is not the only way to offend. One can be just as demeaning and derogatory without resorting to swear words. These cases are as equally inappropriate and are covered under the same regulation on the forum.

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Links & Linking

If you want to post a funny video, use the appropriate section (humour). Found a good source of information or an e-book then post it in an appropriate place and or notify the Librarian. You should be able to find an appropriate sub forum for anything you wish to post. If you’re unsure about the suitability of a link then please ask a senior member (Knight or higher) for advice. If you wish to post a link to your own site or a sales site then get permission from an administrator.

There really is no 'limit' on the number of links, however generally the material linked to is the property and expressions of the original artist. It may very well communicate your feelings or thoughts however, continued linking and abuse of the ability is frowned upon. If it gets excessive enough we may ask you to refrain from making links. We appreciate the message being sent but there is always room for interpretation and would really prefer for members to use their own words and descriptions.

Blatant spam however will be deleted if it is found on the site (with the possibility of your account being blocked).

If you are unsure of whether or not a post or link is suitable or not please don't hesitate to ask a senior member or above (Knight and higher) for advice. The Miscellaneous Forum is considered an 'anything' goes area. But if the post, or material, could be considered 'adult' then please make this clear in the title (eg. 'WARNING 18 RATED).

Here are some simple rules of thumb to abide by: if you think it could offend then it probably will or if you think whether or not you would be happy for an 8 year old child (your own or a relative etc) to see/hear the material then don’t post it

This is a family and public forum so please keep this in mind.

One extra note however, pornography will not be tolerated in anyway shape or form.

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We do not allow people to post any sort of for-profit advertising on the website, be it in signatures, on a forum post or otherwise. This includes any requests for donations or similar.

TotJO cannot be, and doesn't wish to be, held accountable for services offered by other websites that are not affiliated with TotJO but are advertised on on our forum or other owned official services.

If you wish to provide advertising of any sort please contact a member of the Council.

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Stealth Advertising (Member Poaching etc)

Similarly to unsolicited links we do not tolerate the activity some resort to in order to increase membership of their own site, be this by using our private messaging system, the forum itself, the Shout! box or chat function.

TotJO cannot be held responsible (liable etc) for the content of websites to which links are found on the forum. Additionally neither is a link to another website a sign of approval or endorsement of its content by TotJO or its membership.

If you wish to provide advertising of any sort please contact a member of the Council.

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Please do not use ranks as part of your username. We do not allow usernames with titles in them such as 'Darth', 'Knight', 'Lord', 'Master' etc simply because such names can and do cause confusion with those who have genuinely earned the ranks within our temple.

The avatar box displays your appropriate rank and you can edit your signature box to display the same information or whatever if you so wish.

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Multiple Accounts

The simple rule is one account per member. There is no point, need or reason for anyone (except appropriate administrators) to have more than one account with which to access this site.

Members found to have more than one account will be asked which name they wish to keep and the other accounts will be locked from further usage. If you have an unusual situation, for example sharing a connection or single computer then please contact one of the Council members for help with this.

If you have an account that has been (for example) temporarily locked for disciplinary reasons, essentially if another account is being used or has been setup in order to 'get around' that action, then all accounts will have a permanent suspension placed upon them effective immediate. This can include bans to that user's IP address.

In the immortal words of our founder “Membership is a privilege not a right” or in the not so immortal words of grump Grand Master Kana Seiko Haruki: 'If you don't like the way we do things here - you don't have to stay'

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Journals are strictly for Jedi training and the only person who is to post in a journal is the journals creator. Knights and Masters are the exception to this and we have good reason for not posting within such journals too often, the whole point of said journals is to enable potential Teaching Masters (be they Knights or Masters) to look at prospective apprentices work and make informed and frankly important decisions. They are not a source of 'socialising' as such, you can do that in chat or off topic elsewhere.

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Name Changes

Your username can be changed but it must be for a good reason and not “cos I feel like it”. If a username change is required please contact a Council member for permission. If you do have a name change then please post this information in the general section of the forum.

We have thousands of members and the administrators cannot be expected to remember who is who if they keep changing names; it causes confusion and disassociation with members and their journals.

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While we appreciate the knowledge that other members of the Temple have we, unfortunately, cannot allow those members to join our Temple with the intention of teaching their own material.

We like to get to know people before we allow them to start offering any sort of training to other members of the site so we would ask that you reach the rank of Knight before you offer your teaching services. We like to think of it as you getting to know the sort of people and the sort of place you will be teaching in before you begin.

If you feel able to offer any sort of training or teaching or service for us then please contact, either your current Training Master or, a Councillor.

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We do not appreciate spam posts on our website. Spam could consist of many things such as blatant advertising of services under an account made purely for that purpose. Spam can also vary from persistent posting of a singular topic to posts that cannot be understood.

In any event the Council will contact the individual and explain the situation. Clear and unacceptable violations however may result in permanent account suspension.

We do not allow specific hateful, derogatory or otherwise uncivil and unwarranted behaviour. Sith or Anti-Jedi spam posts on our forum.

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30. Are there specific TotJO website 'rules' for minors?

We define someone as being a minor if they are under the age of eighteen (18).

We do not allow members under the age of thirteen (13) to formally join the Order. This means that a Simple Oath and Jedi Application by people who are under the age of thirteen (13) will count as being invalid. We do not allow members under the age of sixteen (16) to be apprenticed to a Teaching Master. We do not allow minors, those under eighteen (18), to become Knights.

Minors Agreement when using the website

We have a minor’s agreement which must be followed by members if it is applicable.

I will make myself known as a minor the Temple Youth Officers.

If you’re new to the site and under the age of 18 years please say “hello” in our Youth league section of the forum as our Youth Officers would like to know of your presence and age.

If you need to talk to someone, your first port of call is the Youth Officer (see FaQ Offices for details). If it’s urgent, please feel free to contact any of the Council members.

Be totally assured that you come to us with will be treated with total confidence, in other words we won’t tell anyone else. Think of us as priests (some of us are priests).

However you must remember that your school work is important and comes first.

This is going to come across as a lecture or something boring but these things need to be done mainly so we, TotJO, can't be accused of neglecting our responsibilities to our younger members.

Whilst we appreciate and encourage members to be keen to learn the Jedi ways, an important part of our philosophy is learning and education. We also encourage members, of all ages, to keep in mind their 'real world' duties and to put these before any Temple business. This may be work, family, health, education or anything else.

So especially to our younger members, please be sure that your school/college work, be it homework, assignments, revision for exams, or training for the school team etc comes first.

By all means complete Temple assignments quickly (as long as they are done properly) but be sure your 'real world' studies are completed first. As a Jedi it is expected of you to complete all tasks to the best of your ability. But be warned that the Masters of Apprentices may check your real world school progress and any slips in grades could result in a pause in your training.

Whilst this may feel like nagging, we have your welfare and future success at our hearts.

You should also talk with your parents or guardian about their expectations and ground rules for going online.

You will talk with your parents or guardian so that we can set up rules for going online. The rules will include the time of day that you may be online, the length of time you may be online, whom you may communicate with while online, and appropriate areas for you to visit while online. You will not break these rules or access other areas without their permission.

You will never download anything from anyone you don't know. In addition to offensive content, spam or junk e-mail may contain viruses that can damage your computer.

You will also keep your identity private.

You will never share personal information such as your full name, mailing address, telephone number, the name of your school or any other information that could help someone determine my actual identity. However for official records regarding your membership, such as the Jedi Application and Simple Oath, you will provide the information required only after asking permission from your parents or guardian.

You will also not reveal any personal information about friends or family and you will never send a person your picture or anything else without first checking with your parents or guardian.

You give your parents permission to look on the computer to see where you have gone on the Internet, the e-mail and text messages you have sent and received, or what you do in a chat room. If your parents installed programs that track what you do on the computer or limit where you go online, you promise not to turn those programs off.

You will never respond to any online communication that makes you feel uncomfortable

You will tell a trusted adult if you come across any information that makes you feel scared, uncomfortable or confused.

You will never respond to any messages that are rude or offensive in any way. You will show the message to a trusted adult right away so that he or she can decide if it’s necessary to contact the online service or other authorities.

You will never meet in person anyone you have first met online without discussing it with your parents of guardian

Since the biggest danger to my safety is getting together with someone I have first met online, I won’t meet in person with anyone unless my parents or guardian agrees to the meeting, they will go with me to the meeting, and the meeting will be in a public place.

You will respect other people’s rights while online.

The Internet is a large community; therefore, your behaviour while on it affects others. You will always treat others the way I would like to be treated.

You will respect copyright laws and check on sources. When writing reports you will make sure that the online sources of information are credible, and you will always cite your sources.

Piracy is illegal and keeps authors, artists, and others from getting paid for their work. You will never download things such as pictures, games, music, or movies that have not been given to the public for free.

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA):


Here are links to sites that are great for learning more about online safety:





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31. Is there any other TotJO online presence?

TotJO has an official presence on Facebook, Google + and Twitter. Many members also have other online accounts on software such as Skype.

These additional online presences can be useful for getting in touch with Councillors or to find out information regarding times when the forums might be offline due to maintenance.

We expect all of our members to abide by the same rules and guidelines set out here on any official Temple presence.

If there are any unofficial Temple groups then TotJO cannot be held accountable and cannot enforce actions or control decisions that happen on these groups. If you do have a real concern then please contact a Councillor and any and all options that can be done to assist you will be taken.

Here are our Official groups:


Google +

Twitter #TempleoftheJed1

We do also have an unofficial skype group please contact Akkarin or Metsu Desal for information. Details about that can be found in this thread: Unofficial Skype Group

32.  What if I don’t agree with the rules?

In the immortal words of our founder “Membership is a privilege not a right” or in the not so immortal words of grump Kana Seiko Haruki: 'If you don't like the way we do things here - you don't have to stay'

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