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The forum is now divided into Three sections, available from the menu:

Temple includes:
Temple Business
Member Discussions
And things directly related to the practice of Jediism

Intersectional includes:
Spaces where our practice of Jediism intersects with other aspects of our identity:
These include topics of faith and topics related to identity (race, gender, sexuality, ability, class, etc)
Rather than a place for debate, this is a space for support

Outer Rim includes:
Open discussions
Miscellaneous Discussion
Health, Physical Fitness and Well Being
World Events

By default every member has access to the Temple forum as well as the Outer Rim.
Remember that the Temple section deals with Jediism and things related to the business of the temple and the outer rim is the space for free discussion.

The Temple is guided by the TOS exclusively
The Outer Rim is guided by the TOS as well as guidelines specific to its forum spaces
The Intersectional is guided by the TOS and guidelines specific to its forum spaces

The only space that one has to request access to is the Intersectional forum and this is directly related to the type of conversation that we have in that space

Navigate to other sections here to read important guidelines and to request further acess