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Procedure for Making Claims of Copyright Infringement

Making Complaints

It is a rare occurrence for complaints to be made, however we at TotJO treat any complaint very seriously and no one is beyond disciplinary action.

The people responsible for this job the Moderators. If you have a concern or complaint about another member, whether it be their behaviour or in regard to a post, then the Moderators are your first port of call. All complaints are treated seriously and with utmost confidentiality.

If you believe your concern to be more serious, for example with real world legal implications, then contact any of the Council members directly.

Likewise if your concern is related to a minor (anyone under the age of 18 years) you may wish to contact a Youth Officer, or any of the Council members if the matter is urgent.

On the rare occasion when none of the Council members are logged in and you wish to complain about, for example, posts in the Shout! box or the Order’s website chat function, your first steps are to contact any Knights, or other senior members, that are logged in. If no Knights are present, then the best thing to do is make a copy of the offending text along with a note of who posted it and the approximate time of the post and a list of anyone else logged in at the time.

The matter will be investigated as soon as possible.

If your complaint is of a sensitive nature, be assured that any Masters or Knights who are also members of the clergy are bound, by a seal of confidentiality, to keep your confidence (much as a Catholic Priest), however there are certain circumstances where we are bound by law to report certain concerns to the authorities.

In all cases the fastest method of contact is using the Temple's Private Message tool.

In the vast majority of cases, a simple cooling off period with a polite and calm attitude resolves most issues. Generally a complaint is a case of misunderstanding. Keep in mind that not everyone speaks English as their first language and that local variations/terms/dialects etc may be harmless in one part of the world and deeply rude in another.

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What Happens Following A Complaint?

After a complaint has been lodged the Temple Security Staff will investigate an issue and resolve it with all parties concerned.

Should this person be unable to deal with the situation or for some reason either the accused or plaintiff does not wish the Temple Security Officer(s) to deal with the situation, then the matter will be passed over to the Council. The Council will nominate a member to be the spokesperson in the case, and the spokesperson will be in communication with all parties involved.

The decision of the Council is final.

If a complaint is serious enough to warrant the investigation and thus actions of the Council, those found to be in breach of the Temple rules can expect some form of punishment. This can range from a period of suspension from the site or denial of certain access (eg a chatroom suspension) and could go all the way up to total expulsion from the Temple in the most rare instances.

The Temple Security Officers have permission and powers from the Council to enforce the rules where necessary. Appeals should be taken up with the Council. The Council’s decisions are final.

In all cases evidence will be gathered and stored and kept on file.