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There are two main oaths within the Order: the Simple Oath and the Solemn Vow. There is also an Oath of Office and an Oath of Confidence.

If you have a legitimate reason why you can’t use your legal name then please notify the an Administrator before taking an oath. If your legal name should change for whatever reason then please inform an Administrator.

Members may wish to take a personal Jedi Oath (formulated in personal words), but a personal oath is not considered binding in the eyes of TotJO. Any pledge no matter in what form is a valid oath, no doubt, but it is not specific, in an official form, to the members who are Jedi here.

To take an oath or vow is public and personal in nature. This means it is witnessed by the Temple in the form of a public announcement with direct reference to the person taking it.

An oath or vow is a promise with sacred and legal character, the fulfilment of which is a serious obligation. Such a promise implies more than a wish or a desire, it is a firm decision to fulfil the oath or vow which is taken.

All oaths and vows must be made sincerely and knowingly with sufficient deliberation and due discernment. All oaths and vows must be taken freely, that is without grave and unjust fear, malice or ill intent. Any oath or vow made under such circumstances is invalid.

Also invalid is an oath or vow made out of ignorance or error concerning an element which constitutes the substance of the oath or vow. Ignorance is lack of knowledge; error is mistaken judgment. Ignorance or error invalidates the oath or vow if the person vowing lacked knowledge of, or erred in judgment about, something that is of the substance of the oath or vow.

To take the Simple Oath you should post it as a reply to your Journal inserting your name where required. Your oath does not have to be in English, you may use any of the translated versions we have below, but if you make the oath in a language you do not speak then it is insincere and counts as being invalid.

The Simple Oath

The Simple Oath is a non-mandatory oath of dedication to the Jedi Path. It binds you to the Jedi Way until you are ready for Knighthood or until you decide to leave. The Simple Oath has previously been a requirement of rank advancement, but this is no longer the case. If you are taking the Simple Oath then please post it as a response to your journal.

Translations for the Simple Oath: English, français, Deutsch, Русский, español

The Solemn Vow

The "Solemn Vow" is taken by those who have completed the required Apprenticeship training and decided to dedicate their lives to the Jedi Way as a binding and lifelong commitment.

Translations for the Solemn Vow: English, français, DeutschРусский, español

Simple Oath

Simple Oath

Please include your real name in the following formula:

I profess before all my fellow Jedi that I, [name], without reservation, choose the Jedi path with all its duties and responsibilities. I promise to uphold the Jedi teachings, and to live a life worthy of a Jedi.

Serment Simple

S'il vous plaît d'indiquer votre prénom et nom dans la formule suivante:

Je jure devant tous mes confrères Jedi que moi, (nom), sans retenue, choisis la voie du Jedi avec tous ses devoirs et responsabilités. Je promets d'honorer les enseignements Jedi, et de vivre une vie digne d'un Jedi.

Der Einfache Eid

Bitte, tragen Sie Ihren echten Namen in den folgenden Text ein:

Ich erkläre vor der Gemeinschaft der Jedi, dass Ich, [Name], ohne Vorbehalte den Weg der Jedi mit all seinen Pflichten und Verantwortungen wähle. Ich verspreche die Lehren der Jedi zu erhalten und ein Leben, eines Jedi würdig, zu führen.

скромная присяга

Пожалуйста, введите ваше настоящее имя в следующий шаблон:

Я заявляю перед всеми братьями и сестрами Джедаями, что я, _______, безоговорочно, избираю путь Джедая и принимаю все долги и ответственности связанные с ним. Я обещяю придерживаться учения Джедаев и жить жизнь, достойную Джедая.

Juramento Simple

Por favor incluya su nombre real, de la siguiente manera:

Profeso ante todos mis compañeros Jedi que yo, [nombre], sin reservas, elijo el camino Jedi con todos sus deberes y responsabilidades. Me comprometo a defender las enseñanzas, y vivir una vida digna de un Jedi.

Solemn Vow

Solemn Vow

"I, [legal name] born on [dd/mm/yyyy], profess before all and without reservation, that I choose to devote myself to the Jedi path. I vow to uphold the Jedi teachings, to fulfil the duties and responsibilities of a knight, and to cultivate an understanding of the Force."

Serment Solennel

"Je, _____________, né(e) le (jj/mm/aaaa), professe devant tous et sans réservation, que je choisis de me dévouer à la Voie d'un Jedi. Je jure fidélité aux enseignements Jedi, honorer les devoirs et les responsabilités d'un Chevalier et de cultiver compréhension de la Force.''

Der feierliche Eid

"Ich, [Name], geboren am [TT/MM/JJJJ], erkläre vor allen ohne Vorbehalte, dass Ich mich dem Pfad der Jedi widme. Ich verspreche, die Lehren der Jedi zu erhalten, die Pflichten und Verantwortungen eines Ritters zu erfüllen und mein Verständnis der Macht weiter zu entwickeln.“

торжественная клятва

"Я, _______, рожден _______, перед всеми и безоговорочно заявляю, что по доброй воле отдаю себя пути Джедая. Я клянусь поддерживать учения Джедаев, исполнять все долги и ответственности Рыцарского чина и развивать понимание Великой Силы."

Juramento Solemne

"Yo, [ nombre legal ] nacido el [ dd / mm / aaaa ], me comprometo ante todos, sin reservas, que elijo dedicarme al camino del Jedi. Me comprometo a respetar las enseñanzas, cumplir con los deberes y responsabilidades de un caballero Jedi, y cultivar la comprensión de la Fuerza."

Oath of Office

This Oath applies to these Offices.

There are many positions of responsibility that require both dedication and trust from those who choose to fulfil the duties prescribed to them. Because of this we ask all those in such positions to take this Oath of Office below under these conditions. This Oath does not have to be made publicly though a record of it being taken will be kept by the Council.

Any and all Officers are expected to take this oath and be held accountable for their actions if they breach its terms. Officers agree to the conditions of this Oath when they agree to take on the responsibilities of their office, as such officers will be held accountable to the terms of this Oath irrespective of whether there is a record of them taking it.

Oath of Office

"I, [insert legal name], do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of [insert title of office], honor my responsibilities, and will, to the best of my ability and with the greatest commitment, serve the Temple of the Jedi Order and its interests."