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1. When the prospective Teaching Master's former Teaching Master is not available the former Teaching Master can be substituted with a Councillor or any member with the rank of Knight who has trained to Knighthood at least one Apprentice. Contact the Council Secretary for availability if needed.

2. A First-time Teaching Master must ask for guidance from their former Teaching Master regarding the challenges of taking on an Apprentice.

3. The prospective Teaching Master and Apprentice must discuss their potential future relationship and its implications before notifying anyone of their intentions.

4. The prospective Teaching Master must notify their former Teaching Master, or Council Secretary, who will arrange for a Councillor, who will:
-A. Check the good standing of both prospective teacher and apprentice. (contacting records would be necessary to check application)
-B. Ensure both are aware this is an "at-will" partnership which can be terminated by either party, preferably after mediation.

5. Final approval or disapproval by a Councillor, who through the Council Secretary, will notify Membership Affairs, and the former Teaching MasterAn announcement by a member of The Council will be made once final approval has been given.