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You can identify the ranks of members by the Rank Bar which can be found underneath their profile picture.

These are the types of ranking in the Order:

- A Status is related to the level of rights and responsibilities (some legal) that a member has in the Temple.

- A Rank is related to the amount of study that has been accomplished at the Temple.

- A Clerical Rank indicates the level of clerical duty and responsibility.

- An Office is a specific position held by a person that relates to specific tasks and responsibilities.


For additional details, please look at the laws that define Ranks and Statuses here.


Guest (Status)

A Guest is any individual with a registered account at TotJO.


Temple Member (Status)

A Temple Member is an individual who has completed both lesson 1 & 2 of the Initiate Programme (IP) and has made a valid Membership Application. A Temple member must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and had an account as a guest for at least thirty (30) days before receiving a Membership Application.


Novice (Rank)

A Novice is a Temple Member who has completed lesson 5 of the IP and applied for rank change as instructed in that lesson. 


Initiate (Rank)

A Novice who has completed the IP is promoted to Initiate.


Apprentice (Rank)

An Apprentice is an Initiate who has been accepted by a Teaching Master as their Apprentice. This involves tasks and lessons and it relies on a good working relationship, dedication and recognition of mutual improvement. An Apprentice must be at least eighteen years of age (18)


Knight (Rank)

A Knight is someone who has successfully completed their apprenticeship to the satisfaction of their Teaching Master and has been accepted into the Knights Corps by majority vote. They uphold the principles of Jediism as defined by the Solemn Vow, and have completed the Degree Qualification Scheme to A.Div level. 

A Knight must be at least eighteen years of age (18). A Knight is eligible to become a Training/Teaching Master once they have gone through the preparations needed to be ready to train an Apprentice. A list of Training / Teaching Masters can be found here.


Senior Knight (Rank)

A Knight who has completed the Degree to B.Div level and has been an active Knight for at least one year is eligible to be promoted to Senior Knight.


Master (Rank)

A Senior Knight who has achieved both of the following may be promoted to Master:

  • 3 Years of Service - beyond the initial rank of Knight - to the Temple (clergy or another temple office)

  • Completing the Masters of Divinity degree (M.Div)


Grand Master (Rank)

An honorary title bestowed upon Masters for exceptional dedication and service to the Temple of the Jedi Order. As such it is not “higher” than the rank of Master.


Clerical Mentor (Status)

An Ordained Clergy Person who is mentoring a Licensed Minister.



Rank Bars



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Senior Knight




Clerical Ranks:

Licensed Minister:

Ordained Minister:

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