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Rayth Karn

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    So. I've not been very active on this site, but I've still been trying to follow my training and I plan to be a more active member now. However, I recently was going through some rough moments where I really have had to question myself and how I allowed myself to be pulled away from my training and not being too attached. Today I started my day at work frustrated and annoyed and that's when I really noticed how I've been treating myself and my surroundings lately. I had to take a step back and I decided to do that during my break. I immediately came to the temple when I got home and read the to most recent sermons and they had exactly to do with what I was struggling with recently (only struggling because I was allowing myself to fall into letting emotions take hold and being attached to things and my past). I then went to the meditations section of the library and started the 8 minute meditations program that is linked on there. After that time and reminding myself of what is truly important (self care/love, living and experiencing life, etc.) I felt immediately refreshed and this crazy hard time I've been having struggling and battling myself and the world vanished in an instant. The moment I took a second to experience life and not let my past or my emotions control me and I stopped battling myself, all negativity was wiped and I set about my day in a way that was healthy for me and for others. I wanted to share this experience I had today as a reminder to anyone who may be dealing with the same issues. Self care is important and much closer than you think. Don't get attached to your past and let it and your emotions control you. It's all going to be okay. The Force is guiding us. All we have to do is take a moment and listen.
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