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    * Silently weeps in joy* I had a deadline goal to finish lesson 0 three months ago, and it only took me two full days to do it! I'm surprised that I had this much patience for this. GAHHHHHH! It's really hard to read things when your eyes are crossing because you're tired. lol, but Here ya go!

    Lesson 0: Temple structure.
    Task 1: What are the non-Clerical ranks and what are their responsibilities?

    Novice- This is a rank where a member is currently studying through the Initiate Program.

    Initiate- This is a Novice who has finished their studies through the IP

    Apprentice- An Initiate who has been approved by a Teaching master to be their pupil. In being an Apprentice there will be a series of tasks and lessons which relies on ‘good working relationship,’ devotion, and ‘recognition of mutual improvement.’ To be an Apprentice you must be at least 16 years of age.

    Knight-To become a Knight the apprentice must first complete their ‘apprenticeship’ in the satisfaction of their Teaching Master and the Council. They must also uphold the rules of Jediism and has taken the solemn vow as well completing the ‘Degree to A Div. level’ they themselves may take on their own apprentices. You must be at least 18 years of age.

    Senior Knight- This is a Knight who has completed a B. Div

    Master- A senior Knight who has successfully taught three apprentices.

    Grand Master- This is an honorary title reserved for Masters with ‘exceptional dedication and service to the TotJO.’ This is not a rank any “higher” than the rank of master.

    Task 2: What Offices are there in the Temple and what are their responsibilities?

    Counselor- The Counselor's responsibility is to provide assistance as well to act in a general management and Supreme Court without hindering the freedoms of each Master, Knight and the members of the temple.

    Counselor Secretary- The Secretary of the Counselor's job is to tend to the day-to-day duties of communication and “record-keeping” of the Council. Along with managing, certifying council votes, as well serving as an “organizational and logical support.” As the temple is a non-profit, the secretary also serves as a collective secretary under the “Texas law.” (ren)

    Degree Administrator- The Degree administrator is solely responsible for developing, monitoring, and drawing conclusions about the progress of the members ‘undergoing’ the degree system. (Ryujin)

    Education Administrator- This is a Committee that oversees the entire temple’s education which covers the IP, SIP, the degree scheme, and the Seminary head of the Education Administration. (Alexandre orion)

    Intake Officers- The intake officers are the ones (and other members too) who will greet you when you post your first journal or an introductory post. Also, they will help you if you have any questions anyone will be able to reply. (Alexandre orion, Ryujin)

    Knights secretary- The Knights Secretary is responsible for ‘organizing and chairing’ the meetings for the knights. Also manages decisions and organizes votes, as well as a direct contact to the Knights. (Adhara)

    Librarian- The job of the librarian is to be certain that the information available to members is kept up-to-date and that it contains relevant and reliable information. (Loudzoo)

    Matriarch/ Patriarch- This is a title reserved for the longest-serving members of the temple ([Matriarch] Neaj Pa Bol, [Patriarch] Br. John)

    Moderator- The Moderator is in charge of making sure that those on the TotJO’ chat and forum comply to the appropriate behavior to all. (Adder, J_roz, JLSpinner.)

    Pastor- The Pastor’s role is to oversee the spiritual prosperity of the temple. If in the circumstance that the pastor is unreachable the associate pastor is the one to contact. (Rosalyn J)

    Associate pastor- (Carlos.Martinez3)

    Assistant Pastor of Seminary- (Raxicorico)

    Assistant pastor of outreach- (JLSpinner)

    Pastor Emeritus- This is an award for the retired Bishop for their service to the Clergy and the Temple. (Kana Seiko Haruki)

    President- The President is the chief of ‘secular’ operations officer of the ‘corporation’ and deals with the legal side of the temple. Operating under Texas and the federal laws they file reports with the state. As the president, they concern themselves with the ‘structure’ of the Temple. (Br. John)

    Public relations and Marketing officers- As the ‘head’ of the “Public Relations and Marketing” pulls together the “Marketing team” and acts as representative for the Order. The tasks for the “Public Relations and marketing “ is to help in community building and advise the public about the Temple. (Br. John)

    Secretary for the Clergy- The job of the secretary for the Clergy is to stay on top of the daily tasks of communication and their tasks as secretary to the Clergy. Also being tasked with communicating with Clergy members, making announcements, arranging schedules, as well filling and maintaining records. (ThomsWFaulkner)

    Secretary for the Synod- Just like the secretary of the Clergy, the secretary of the Synod is to stay on top of the daily communications, filling and maintaining records, as well as recording meetings. (Vacant)

    Security Officers- This is a helpful position as the Security Officers are people who are trustworthy in regards to the safety of the members of the Temple. If any antisocial illegal actions are present on the Temple the Security Officers are the ones to contact.
    Senior Pastor- This is an honorary position for the former pastor who has retired, but still continues to oversee the spiritual welfare of the Temple. (Br. John)

    Special interests advisors- These are the members that have experience in ‘individual Special Interest groups’ and provides help to those who seek guidance.

    Special Interest Advisor for the Pagan Special Interest Group (Kit)

    Special Interest Advisor for the Abrahamic Special Interest Group (Neaj Pa Bol)

    Special Interest Advisor for the Eastern Special Interest Group (RyuJin)

    Supplemental Inimitate Programe Administrator- The supplemental Inimitate Programe Administrator is responsible for ‘handing out’ additional lessons for the Initiates. (Firewolf)

    Systems Administrator- The Systems Administrator is in charge of maintaining the server software of the TotJO. (Ren)

    Treasurer- The treasurer is responsible for managing the TotJO funds and for the payment of the other ‘related expenses.’

    Vice President of Membership Affairs- The vice president has the authority of answering questions about ‘account issues, rank changing, and moderation’ (JLSpinner)

    Youth Officers- As the youth is pouring into membership the Youth Officers are obliged to be of assistance if under the age of 18 that member is. (J_Roz)

    Task 3: Where might one find this information?
    A. Go to the FAQ
    B. Find the Clergy.

    While reading/ wrighting all of this I noticed that Br. John has a lot of jobs. Good Job! ‏ — feeling happy
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