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    From what ground do you speak from? is it yours? is it another? or are you speaking from no ground?
    From what verse do you say? a quiet one? a long one? or one from no meaning at all?
    From what life do you have? a meaningful one? one you wish to end? or one you do not think about?

    To what do you believe?
    To what do you worship?
    To what do you wish to change?
    To what do you see?
    To what do you fight for?

    Why are you?
    Who are you?
    Where are you?
    When are you?
    What are you?

    Questions we ask ourselves daily but never really get an answer. questions we crave but never are satisfied. questions we seek but we do not pay attention to. questions we need but are afraid of the answers.questions we must have. questions that we deserve. questions that we cannot forget.

    meditate with me on this brothers and sisters. for the force is with us. it is with us all. and the force will guide us. it will show us what we need. open your mind, your soul. yourself. the force is there.

    the force is with you. it is your job to listen.. listen with me.
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