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    i have been gone. for a long time. i have said i was back and i didnt return. alot of you dont know me and others who do may not remember. but i sit here and say this, we all go through struggles and not all of us go through the same struggles the same way, some of us lose the way of peace and the force, others find a stronger connection to it, we may not all believe in the force the same, nor we may not all follow the will of the force the same, but we are all apart of it. we are all one. so what ever struggles you may face, what ever pain you may feel, do not give in, do not be afraid for you are not alone.

    I on this note am a strict follower of the force, i believe and follow the force as if one would follow any religion, and you may not. to you you may see the force as a word to describe something, or a bridge to something else, and that is not bad in anyway. we all are different but still connected. and i with still struggling with my own struggles say with utmost certainty the force will guide you to a better path if you listen hard enough, that could be by listening and meditating, or it could be by letting someone into your life and trusting them. it could be anything. no im not saying let everyone in 100% for every good there is bad, what i am saying is dont give up hope. and let the force guide you.

    Always remember even though times are a struggle there is always hope, there is always love, there is always peace, there is always knowledge, ther is always the force. May the force be with you all.

    - Bradly
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