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    I just saw a video, where a Jedi was interviewd and the person doing the interview didn't let him explain, he didn't listen and just pushed on that it's all fiction and fantasy. And this whole thing made me think. And I came up with, what to me, is an easy explanation for my beliefe, and here it is.
    I don't believe in the George Lucas version of Jedi or the force. To me, the word "force" is adopted from the star wars universe, to my beliefe, in order to explain what I believe. Because it is similar enough, even tho it is not the exact same. I have believed in my version of the force, in many, many years. And now I have a word for it, adopted from star wars. I believe in the Jedi code, in the way I understand it. Both versions (even if I say mine a little different, added there is, it is basically the same).

    There is emotion, yet peace.
    There is ignorance, yet knowledge.
    There is passion, yet serenity.
    There is chaos, yet harmony.
    There is death, yet the force.
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