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Jedi Meet in NYC hosted by Jedi: Empire State

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  1.   20th Aug, 2016

Go to the event page for more information!

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2016 UK Jedi Reunion in Cheltenham

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  1.   22nd Jul, 2016
1. The meet-up will run from 5pm on Friday 22nd July 2016 to 5pm on Sunday 24th July 2016, here: the 'Contact' tab on that website for maps and directions). All members in goo...

1. The meet-up will run from 5pm on Friday 22nd July 2016 to 5pm on Sunday 24th July 2016, here: the 'Contact' tab on that website for maps and directions). All members in good standing at TOTJO are eligible to attend, and please feel free to attend all, or some, of the weekend as your availability allows.

2. The more 'formal' element will run between 10am and 5pm on Saturday 24th July and we encourage members wishing to attend for one day only, to attend on the Saturday. Weather permitting we'll then have a BBQ in the evening on Saturday.

3. In terms of the registered interest on the previous thread we are already at capacity in terms of beds we can offer here so unless we have cancellations we can't offer any more accommodation I'm afraid. Things will probably change though (they usually do!) so if you would like your name to be on a waiting list for accommodation here at Ravenhurst just send me a PM.
Alternatively, there is loads of accommodation in Cheltenham and if you were to book sooner rather than later I would hope it would not be prohibitively expensive. We still have plenty of capacity for day-trippers – so if you fancy coming along for the day on Saturday just let me know!

4. Those who currently have a bed reserved here at Ravenhurst are: Alexandre Orion, Akkarin, Rosalyn J, Edan, Jeriko, Aqua, MartaLina, Brick, (& Proteus +1 with fingers and toes crossed)

Those who are attending the weekend, but not staying here, are: V-Tog, Cyan Sarden

Those who have registered interest in attending for the Saturday (day only) are: tzb, elizabeth, flowerfie and Mystic Seer.

Please PM me if any of that is wrong, or if I've missed anyone so far (sorry!). If you could PM or Skype me with your expected arrival / departure times, any dietary requirements or other helpful information that would be greatly appreciated.

5. Costs:
Accommodation £25 per person (inc. breakfast!) irrespective of whether you stay for 1 or 2 nights.
Saturday BBQ - once we know numbers we can split the cost amongst everyone (expect about £7.50 per person)

That’s about it for the moment folks – really looking forward to it!

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  1.   30th Mar, 2016

test, test, test test test, test, test.....




Test test, test test test test test test test test test, TEST!

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Ft Worth Zoo

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  1.   31st Jan, 2014

Since I finaly got orders out of Texas, I thought I'd try one last chance to get together for anyone who can make it!


Time is TBD

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  2.   Ft Worth, Texas...

Leandros Von Knighting Ceremony

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  1.   6th Jan, 2014

The Knighting Ceremony for Leandros Von will be held Monday, January 6, 2014 at 2300 UTC in the TotJO Chat Room.

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2013 Jedi Gathering

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  1.   5th May, 2013
No description for this group yet.
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