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Zanthan's Journal - Thoughts of an Abrahamic Jediist 02 Jan 2010 18:02 #27423

I was going thru my posts here; as I have been absent of late due to work, home, holidays and preparing for my new career. I noticed my journal had gone amiss.

So let me start again.

Im Mike. My Jedi name is Zanthan Storm. My titles and such are in my signature if you really want to know. I am a Jediist. I am a Christian. My views are altogether rather eclectic.

I became a Jediist because I was searching for something to fill the hole that had been left in my faith. I am a spirital person. I have studied many of the worlds religions and have kept with the one that raised me. Roman catholicism. However, at the loss of Pope John Paul II and my pastor who I had known since birth, I found myself seeking guidence. Those that had replaced my pastor and the late pope did not fill the shoes as I had hoped. There was a hole in my spiritual life and it was very foriegn to me. I set out to find something to fill that hole. It was after I gave up and was randomly searching the internet did I happen apon the Temple.

I was weary of this place, a Real life Jedi temple? Wow. So I joined, filled out the application and started reading. The more I read, the more I saw a simuliarity to the teachings of my family, my pastor and scouts.

I was intrigued and wanted to begin my training ASAP. I began talking Masters and Knights, after a bit I met one that I clicked with. The head of the abrahamic rite. Now Grand Master Neaj Pa Bol or Master Patty.

I am an EMT, I work at a hospital. Patty is a Nurse and her attitude, kindness and wealth of wisdom began to fill the void in my spiritual life.

With each excerise she gave me, though hard at times, I yearned to learn more. Eventually, I was elevated to the rank of Knight. At that time I used my time to explore more writings, revisit religions I had studied in the past to find the connections I had been reading about and find new ones.

I became My Master's Auxillary Bishop, a Jediist priest who assists the Arch-bishop or Cardinal with thier duties and, of course, working with the members when they ask/need it. I liked this job, it is rewarding seeing my efforts bring frustration to some (when I wouldn't reveal answers) and enlightenment to others.

I soon after met my future wife, Mikey, she is a fiery woman of Irish decent that brings Joy to my eyes even now.

I then took an apprentice, my 1st to graduate, Kira. We had been friends for a time and since she asked to learn. I taught her. Only I had the benifet of being in person to train her. I enjoyed it, I think Kira wished I had not imposed such training, as phsyical and mental training are needed.

I became an Archbishop and then later a Master. I enjoyed watching My apprentice succeed in her trials. Such courage had awakened in my apprentice, it is rare, but it appeared.

Soon After I was married, in a kilt. Why you might ask? Because my wife is Irish and im a lil Irish myself.

I mentioned earlier that I am eclectic in my views. I am a Jedi. I was trained as one. As a Jedi, an ititiate or a master, never stops learning. I have read, I have a bit of experience and I have learned that not all life is necessarily good or bad. We all believe in something, or we would not be here. I believe in God. You can call him god, the force, allah, the singularity or many other different names. I think we were put here to live and live well. To be the Best we can, however, one must know themselves before they can do so. I know myself, I am a human man. I am not perfect.

I took the title of Grey Jedi, not because I wish to be dark, but because I see the inherint inperfection in all of us. The capacity to to great good and great evil. I instead of rejecting this, accept it. I will forever aspire to be perfect, to be as Light sided as possible. However, depending on how you believe, there have been only a few in the history of the known universe that have achieved this: A carpenter's son, a prophet, a monk and a few others.

I am a Healer. I believe humans have a vast number of abilities that have yet to be tapped. I don't think we can lift huge things with out minds or the stuff from the movies, but I think that we are all connected by the force. With training, transfer to energy can help with healing, mood and other such things.

I have been trained in some, and will share that with those who wish to learn.

Thats enough for now, if you are reading all of this and made it thru. Well you have a great attention span.

So I am here, I teach on occasion, I will take apprentices who have completed the initiate training and I will have a conversation, give advice and such with anyone who wishes it.
Rev. Michael Ziskovsky, OCP, D.D.
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Advisor to Abrahamic S.I.G.
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Re:Zanthan's Journal - Thoughts of an Abrahamic Jediist 02 Jan 2010 18:47 #27427

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from one point of view we can lift huge things with our minds...the hoist was first conceived within a mind, then built using the minds of others...i definately agree that humans have not reached their full potential yet, only time will tell if we ever truly do....i didn't know about the irish wearing kilts as well as the scots...i myself am german/irish/cheyenne indian. likewise i believe we all have the capacity for great good and great evil...having been down both paths over the course of my life(long complicated story there) i prefer to stick to being a good person in general.
I do not need a cloak of darkness, I am darkness and I am light. I am both because the universe is both.
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Re:Zanthan's Journal - Thoughts of an Abrahamic Jediist 19 Jan 2010 13:16 #28049

So the holidays have come and gone and thus the world continues along.

Recently I started school again to advance my degree. I enjoy the challenge, however the time constraints continue to be a frustration. Balancing work, school and some semblance of humanity (ie socialization, wife, etc) is difficult. Luckily my wife continues to be awesome. Have I mentioned how thankful I am for her? I am.

Im going to start working on a curriculum for critical thinking skill for Jedi. For we are not just Jedi, but more so in everyday life. I am a Jedi, I am also an EMT, A teacher, a student and a trauma technician; these are all different things I am in life, but I have to use critical thinking skills to better accomplish the tasks I have to do. I have been developing mine for a long time, but for some reason, I never thought of applying it to Jedi.

I have noticed much talk about the darkside in the forums. People getting all up in a huff about defining it. There was a few wise posts though. For my part, I claim that of balance. The Force has no color, no intent besides balance. We choose the use of the force, that is where the dark and light sides appear. We should acknowledge that we are capable of doing both great and terrible things. We are all shades of grey, in history you see very few truly dark or light history. That doesn't mean we should be ignorant of our darker nature, but rather encourage to be the best we can. When we have hiccups, that happens. However, we should accept the consequences and try better next time.

Apparently, my pager just off and I am on call today, so May the Force be With you all.
Rev. Michael Ziskovsky, OCP, D.D.
Master Knight of Jediism
Advisor to Abrahamic S.I.G.
Founder of Roseville Chapter of TOTJO
3rd Degree Master Mason
Previous Master: Grand Master Neaj Pa Bol
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that sounds great rugadd thats exactly what im looking for too! cool, lets make out cool! blah blah blah and rose colored glasses does it ever actually play out this way? well im still looking lol but when people are honest about their expectations of each other and honest about what expectations they are willing to live up to then it can also that margin for error thing is important sometimes things happen that really test a relationship forgiveness can be tough but the process is still basically the same its about honesty and expectations we feel hurt when our expectations arent met im not even going to get in to the issue of what are reasonable and what are unreasonable expectations because thats not what you asked about the idea is to be upfront and honest and realistic about expectations also to be able to review and work together on whats happened and where to go next if that breaks down its either an issue of expectations being higher than the reality or of honesty being lower than reality sometimes expectations and feeling are so high that its difficult to be honest again thats not what youve asked but its important to understand this is getting too wordy lol the challenge you have is this first you have to reclaim your attention take back all that attention energy you gave to the person and give back all the energy they gave to you meditate on this every time you feel that pang of hurt give them back their energy and reclaim the power youve given to them feel your power filling you up as you breathe it back in feel your power leaving from them and returning to you breath out their power over you give it back to them, they can have it - you dont need it its not yours and it isnt doing you any good do this constantly - youll be surprised next you have to disengage the idea of love from the idea of this person a connection has been made that doesnt actually work fortunately its a connection youve made and therefore its a connection you can unmake or remake somewhere else love is not a person and it is not even simply a feeling it is totally ok to be totally selfish in love (before you freak out let me explain what i mean) you cannot comfortably give the best of yourself when you see that youre being treated like garbage there comes a point where you become ashamed and afraid of every kindness and every tenderness towards the other person this is not love it is hell so understand that the person does not matter its an agreement you want you agree to this and they agree to that and furthermore if some this or some that turns out to be too much you agree to be open about whats going on and to find a mutually agreeable way to handle it and work through it together or if it just cant be worked out then to call it quits and move on with as little poison thrown at each other as possible every well intentioned adult agrees that this is basically the way its supposed to work - the way it should in the best world play out and theres nothing wrong with breaking it off and being the one to walk away if you cant walk away from a relationship then youre basically agreeing to accept whatever terms are imposed upon you by whoever lets you stick around and whoever takes you up on that deal is not going to treat you well at all thats not the relationship you want so now you need something else to focus on its sometimes easier to get over someone by getting involved with someone else the downfall of this is that when it does work its usually just a repeat of the previous pattern the pattern stays exactly what it was before the attachment stays the fixation stays they just switch over to the new person the healthy way is to stay focused on staying focused on yourself im willing to bet that in the experience of fixating on this person that you sort of lost touch with your own path thats what usually happens if thats the case then the absolute most important thing which you must do is to reclaim your path or redefine your path so that you have a new updated version which is more in line to who you are now but no matter what, youve got to put your focus back where it needs to be this is where it needs to be; ARE YOU DOING WHAT YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO BE DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? and if the answer is yes then the question is WHATS THE NEXT STEP? if your answer has anything to do with some other person and most especially with some person treating you a certain way, then your answer is wrong lol not to be rude about it but destiny as a force, is not romantic, its between you and the universe not you and a lover there is a love destiny, ok love is kind of the name of the game, in a real way but love starts with living your own life in a way that fills you up you have to fill yourself up so that you can give yourself out thats what your life path is all about and until youre moving towards THAT destiny, you wont be ready for the romantic love destiny some people disagree, and thats ok everyones got their own life but if the answer to the above questions is "no" or "i dont know" then obviously thats the next step; finding something awesome to do with yourself and if youve already got the basic answer then now its time to figure out and recommit to the next step if youd like some help figuring any of that out we can talk about it next basically thats the task youve got on your plate if what ive said is totally off base then i apologize if it makes sense and youd like to talk more then we can talk here or you can PM me no matter what i wish you the best and i can tell you that youll get through it in time the hurt will hurt less eventually (and in my experience, the stuff i just said helps!)
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    • I've been reading a little bit of a book- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies recently and some of you've been writing Jamie reminded me of it (or vice versa!). Other elements of what I see as wisdom pop up like paying attention or recognising when we play the black and white game (Watts) in the book. I'm enjoying recognising ideas that I've heard before from other people... And so hence- I thought I'd add here a list of 'thinking errors' that we fall into. In quotinig part of the book and not all of it, I hope people will not take what i write as clearly right or wrong but just a set of ideas... I hope some find some interest and can enjoy it in any case! "... Questions that you might ask yourself in order to identify your thinking errors include: • Am I jumping to the worst possible conclusion? (Catastrophising) • Am I thinking in extreme – all-or-nothing – terms? (Black-and-white thinking) • Am I using words like ‘always’ and ‘never’ to draw generalised conclusions from a specific event? (Overgeneralising) • Am I predicting the future instead of waiting to see what happens? (Fortune-telling) • Am I jumping to conclusions about what other people are thinking of me? (Mind-reading) • Am I focusing on the negative and overlooking the positive? (Mental filtering) • Am I discounting positive information or twisting a positive into a negative? (Disqualifying the positive) • Am I globally putting myself down as a failure, worthless or useless? (Labelling) • Am I listening too much to my negative gut feelings instead of looking at the objective facts? (Emotional reasoning) • Am I taking an event or someone’s behaviour too personally or blaming myself and overlooking other factors? (Personalising) • Am I using words like ‘should’, ‘must’, ‘ought’ and ‘have to’ in order to make rigid rules about myself, the world or other people? (Demanding) • Am I telling myself that something is too difficult or unbearable or that ‘I can’t stand it’ when actually it’s hard to bear but it is bearable and worth tolerating? (Having a low frustration tolerance" Have a nice day/night, :)
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    • Is it a monologue? Even when thinking in words (silently in our inner thoughts) are we not talking to ourselves? When we talk to ourselves using our outside voice it is a conversation that we hear. So, a dialogue. Theory: Only a being with a sense of self and language skills can have an inner dialogue. Younger children do not have this inner dialogue because they have not yet developed a sense of self, even if they do have language skills Suggested reading: Consciousness and the Acquisition of Language, Maurice Merleau-Ponty. Also of interest: The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes. Before the form of consciousness that we now experience developed (evolved), ancient persons thought their inner dialogue was actually someone else talking to them. The silent voice of perhaps, a god or other invisible being.

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