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What a view this morning. I find myself at square one and a very familiar place today. Times and life is full. There is no doubt about that ever. As Jedi, we can reflect and even fall on our own chosen doctorine and ways. The ability to chose to be a Jedi, is one we can afford to anyone. We believe in the inherent worth of all life in the Force. What happens when that life begins to get cramped or even a bit wonky? I give you our doctorine. There are times this past week, when I needed a reminder and I needed a hand on my shoulder. People can be busy and occupied at times and sometimes we do need the reminders of our focus and cause. I sit in Illinois watching the sun rise on a new day and new opportunities. I am not immune to suffering and pain no matter the preparation or readiness. No Jedi is immune to life. How we react is up to us. 


In the morning, I find peace in my study knowing that if I seek, I will and have found the answers. That's the way it is really. Regardless of what path we take at what time of our life, we can find what it is that we seek. What ya looking for Jedi? What are ya seeking? Find out. Validate a few things. Reflect and learn. What a life a Jedi can have. If you could answer ONE question for yourself, would you? Anything I can do, you can do better. 

Pastor Carlos