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    • Acording to ''TheVigilantChristian'' We are a part... (Last post by Adder)
    • It's very 'if your not one of us, your one of them' and then manufactures a biased view around that just because it promotes Eastern spirituality!? I just hope he doesn't decide Jedi are the warriors of God in his 'heaven war', and then tries to promote us, as I don't think Jediism would benefit from being associated with his sort of fringe radical push. So perhaps this video is a good thing!!
    • 5 rights women have that men don't (Last post by Brenna)
    • Quote: @brenna i dig it what im refering to is the original discovery of the behavior which would likely have been before the couple even met its basically the autopilot/script behavior you mentioned in the STUPID/TRUTH thread except the benefit of the doubt is given to everybody based on the accompanying presupposition "we are all doing the best we can with the internal resources we have" from this perspective, dysfunctional and inappropriate behavior is seen to be the result of applying an old solution to a new circumstance and usually these things happened with the intent of preservation - first SELF preservation YES Quote: lastly im no psychogist ive watched a few youtube videos and downloaded a couple PDF's on NLP and read a few books here and there but in case im presenting myself as if i think im an expert on behavior change in general i want to correct that I'd say it sounds like you have a pretty good grasp on it :)
    • unconditional love (Last post by baru)
    • Quote: I am sitting here thinking that you all have turned 2 words in something like 10-12. Here is how I would define unconditional love...MOM! Kind of says it all. ;) Motherly love is a unique type of love - is there a word for that? yes, since words are so limited and specific, I am looking for a specific word that expresses my sensation of eternal, complete, divine, Force, bound, binding, abundant love in one word. I do feel that confusion comes from the fact that there is one word for so many feelings that people attribute to this word. I am discovering the limitations of words in expressing feelings. I am discovering the importance of images for expressing emotional and universal sensings. This could be why Egyptians used Hieroglyphics in stead of "letters". Images hold so much more than a letter. This is why I prefer comic books and movies to traditional novels. I am finding this thread inspiring. I am enjoying that some many people are interested in exploring this concept.
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • Got a lot of grateful to get off my chest today.... I'm grateful to my parents and grandparents, who do more for me than they should, and more than I deserve, who taught me to work hard but be generous. I'm grateful to my fiance, who taught me say 'f*** it' and be myself. I'm grateful to my year ten history teacher, who taught me that one voice can change the world. I'm grateful for my record player... even though half the disks have been played to death, there's something more soulful in the music from a record than from any mp3 or cd.
    • Questions (Last post by Dee)
    • Jestor, Thank you for your response. And yes, belonging to a religion myself, I realize that to understand the full spectrum of the religion, beliefs, and reasons we do what we do and believe what we believe, we would have to experience it in fullness. I do appreciate you being open and blunt with your response. I do hope you realize that I am not trying to offend or in any way bring Jediism down. Simply trying to understand even a little bit of it and share that knowledge with my fellow classmates. Please, if you have anything else to share, do. Thank you!
    • Beyond Carnism and towards Rational, Authentic Foo... (Last post by Goken)
    • Quote: Besides, if we want to be logical about it, or values of compassion, justice and authenticity would treat plants equally to animals. This reminds me of a poster I saw once with Poison Ivy (as in the Batman villian) on it and it said "Eating plants is murder." :laugh:
    • baru, RyuJin, Apprenticeship, 2015 (Last post by baru)
    • Thank you all for your support in this process. I look forward to the growth and evolution that begins with this first single step. Blessings and love.
    • Let's Talk About Runes (Last post by Kamizu)
    • I was thinking of making a set from slices of antler of some kind, carving them in and maybe painting. Although I do like the pretty stones ones I think I like the idea of the antlers better. I have a friend of mine who makes dog chews from naturally shed antlers. She can slice some up for me :D I just have to decide what kind of antler I want to use hmm... I was worried about getting into them and getting distracted for a time lol. My Tarot deck doesn't like it much. They always give me attitude when I start using them after a long absence. :blush:
    • Is questioning one's faith inevitable? (Last post by Gisteron)
    • My objection was not so much with the content as it was with t he phrasing. Being a scepic I do not myself think that there is anything to guarantee one's being correct on a synthetic proposition, so I reckon we are on the same page here, Jestor. However, to boldly (both figuratively and in text format ;)) declare that "nothing" could ever do so I cannot. That is not something I can show to be true so I cannot assert that it is, even if I suspect so. If you wonder, the reason I asked for 'proof' in this case rather than evidence as I usually would is because no amount of things we can exclude as preventives against being wrong, we will never be able to conclude that we have covered an exhaustive list; therefore, the truth of the proposition can only be demonstrated by a logical analysis that concludes that it is not even in principle possible to prevent oneself from being wrong. Point in case, it was the power of the proclamation and the absoluteness of the statement, really... The wording, rather than the message was what I responded to, knowing you and understanding that what you meant wasn't quite exactly how you put it. On that note, lest I be rightfully called out on hypocricy, I must stress that absoluteness itself is not necessarily a problem. When for instance I say that "no amount of faith can prevent one from being wrong", I actually do mean "no amount" and assuming there is a way to map faith to something more quantifiable and maybe also monotony of the resulting function I can actually prove that. It was similar in the second response also. Since in the statement I quoted "any" can mean both any one thing and all things, it is, for someone who doesn't know you, not clear whether you mean that there are people who do grow in some areas despite their faith in it or in others or that there are people who grow in all areas despite their faith with some. My suspicion is, and as of yet I have no demonstration of it ready, that faith in the definition we ended up agreeing upon is a hindering factor to growth in everybody who has it; that is not to say people with faith don't grow, rather that there is for each a non-empty set of areas in which the faithful doesn't grow, grows slowly or only grows little in comparison with someone who has no faith pertaining to the considered areas. It's quantifiers I tried to add. Semantics. We are otherwise on very close pages on this one, it seems.
    • Why Do People Believe Stupid Stuff, Even When They... (Last post by Akkarin)
    • Quote: We are force-fed distractions at every turn to keep us from looking behind the curtain. Most people can tell you who Kim Kardashian is, but how many people know who the Secretary of State is, or what is his job role. We hear on the news every day that the economy is getting better, and most believe it, because they want to; but how many people understand quantitative easing, or how it works? But which way around does it go? Are people fed this stuff to ensure that they are distracted? Or are people just distracted and so they want to watch this stuff? I do not think one can say that it is absolutely one way around to the other.
    • Avatar Discussion (Episode 1, TLA) (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • Episode 5: The King of Omashu This may be one of the more difficult episodes to talk about because it is almost exclusively focusing on Aang. I think this may the first time Aang takes into consideration the fact that being the Avatar draws unwanted attention. After what happened in Kyoshi, it shouldn't surprise anyone that he would be more mindful, but Aang is still very much a child. The primary reason for Aang wanting to stop in Omashu is because it would be fun. I know it comes across as though I'm disparaging children, but I'm actually try to make a note of Aang's growth. He is still a child by the end of the series, but he's a very child from the one we're seeing right now. Let's talk about appearances and not just those of Bumi seemingly as an old man or of the deadly challenges. How about the fact that the Avatar is a boy even though he's something like 12 (biologically 112)? This has come up in the past couple of episodes and is in part why nobody believes he's actually the Avatar. There is very little about this episode that is exactly as it appears. Why? What can be taken away from this? Why is it important? I would humbly suggest that it is a reflection and simplification of life. That very few things in life are straightforward and that it requires discernment to understanding what is happening. What are your thoughts?
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • these old shoes are worn and ragged, smudged with stained unsightly tears night and day my feet have dragged these old shoes everywhere to wander in the wilderness to laugh and love the living night what terrors might an echo bring? or windy sighs of soft delight? to walk the ways of desperate days in a desperate daze of hurt and woe where streets are made of razors blades and glitter grin at broken soles to run faster than the wind that screams and mocks my failures as i fly to run so fast i catch the dreams that long ago had past me by these old shoes are worn and ragged by the march theyve made to here from there night and day my feet still drag these old shoes everywhere
    • Reddit on Motivations/Goals (Last post by Adder)
    • What is a House of Cards!!!! I'm still only up to Season 2 of that Winterfell dragon sword show whatever its called :pinch: :lol: But yea the message, made me think about when they tell you that 'you can do anything' its not exactly true, everything is not possible. But it doesn't mean you cannot chase an unreachable goal if you enjoy the chase. If striving for something in particular, you gotta re-assess progress and direction as much as possible though else you can get confused about effort versus outcome, as resilience should not be the same thing as being stubborn IMO. The pic also made me think that some things need the next step to be the focus to find the target, and some things need the target to be the focus to work backwards and find the next step. Dream big, but dream plenty perhaps!?

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