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    • What is TOTJO? (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Exactly, Steam. But the real question is... how does one express that quality in a way that does not offend people? It's no problem if you don't care what other people think of you. But, if you like to manipulate people in order for you to get things from them (this is not a bad thing, either. It's how life works)... then you cannot piss them off constantly by purporting your intelligence at them like you're waving your dick in his/her face. :P
    • Honor... (Last post by Connor L.)
    • I agree with Streen. Honor is a construct, not a naturally occurring thing. All honorable things that can be found in nature can be explained through phenomena. Take, for example, a mother or father who protects his/her young. This is all hormonal and instinctual. When someone does something honorable, it is a complex thought. It goes beyond the simple needs of a human being. It is social and personal. Does this make its value any less? Of course not. We have decided that honorable action is something to be desired. It is idolized in medieval culture (knights and such). It is found in chivalry that exists even today in some contexts. I wonder, then, what value do I place in honor? I tend to not like to beat around the bush. I prefer my friends and companions to be "real" with me. No good manners or anything. But, I do appreciate the consideration of my feelings. That is honorable, in a way, is it not? If I have a friend who opens the door for me, or even a random person, I am happy. If I hold the door open, in consideration of somebody's feelings, then I find my actions honorable and good. Whether or not it strokes my ego, I don't mind too much. There's a balance, then. Don't have "fake" honor, used to bolster the self. But, be genuine in your want for others' comfort, and you'll be fine in my book.
    • The Lessons of Jedi Manners & Etiquette (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • A J.u.s.t Jedi Manual By: The Keeper The Lessons of Jedi Manners & Etiquette Presented by Gathered Force Community Ch. II Familiarize Yourself Through Research & Participation. Guests: Once you have made your introduction it is time to get to know the place better. It is quite likely you have already “Ghosted” the community and read some or a lot of their content. But let us do it one more time...Just to be safe. Make special care to note the communities Rules & Guidelines, FAQ's, and Staff Contact lists. These will be the most helpful to you when trying to communicate within the community. Also take a moment to note the main forms of communication here. See the Forums? The Forums are a great method of communication that has been used in our community for over 20 years. It allows for us to discuss topics with detailed commentary Chatroom – Chatrooms are great for more one on one back to forth communication, you can almost find one at any community which allows for multiple members to join and converse and a higher speed of communication than is found on forums. A new addition to some of our communities are what is called a “Wall” It is just like facebook. You can post statuses and things that happen within the community will post up on the wall as well, making it really easy to find where the action is! Another new addition are “Groups” These groups are also like facebook and allows you to create your very own little Niche Journals – These are very important in a lot of our communities. Some Journals are actual blog like applications. Others is just a specified location on the forum. You simply create a thread in the Journal Category. Name it [your name Journal] and each journal entry becomes a new post. Profiles can be quite elaborate, or very simple depending on which community you join. This is just a place for all of your general information such as contact, your Private Messaging box, avatar, signature...Take a look and fill your way around. The above are just some of the great perks of community life within the Jedi foundations and it ok to try them out now! Just say hi. Or if you find a topic that calls to you. Go with the flow and don't be shy....we don't bite....much ;) At the worst simply say you are “New” and you will find plenty of members to help guide you along the way. Initiates: Depending on which community you join being an Initate can either mean you have been here for awhile and finely made the decision to join a program. Or you are quite new and still feeling things out. Either way this is a great time to ask questions, in a lot of ways this is just as much research as it is looking through site structures. Ask about the Code, ask about The Force, ask about relationships, ask about purpose, about direction, ask ask ask... And log away the answers either to memory or in your Journal. Perhaps reflect upon the conversations you have had and how they make you feel. Participation is part of learning. Apprentice: While it is asked for Initiates to “Ask” questions. It is your chance to “Answer” these questions. Through answering you learn more about yourself and about your beliefs. You may find through the “Answering” of simple, common questions that your beliefs are a little different, advanced, or in need of improvement. Don't be afraid to answer and show off what you know. Your Master is most likely watching and grading your efforts. ;) While in the process of Answering questions however. It is important that you slow down and think your responses through. Stop. Read, edit and re-read again. Put yourself on the otherside of the conversation and ask yourself “Is there anyway this can be misunderstood?” and “How can I refine this to be the most clear in words?” While you may Intend to write in a none conflicting may not come out that way to someone else reading it. If you are is ok to leave your reply hanging on a separate document program, stand up, get a drink, do some yard work and come back to further refine your post. You do not have to answer questions right away, you do not have to be the first person to do so, you do not have make the world record of most posts in five minuets. Step back. Slow Down. And be your own worst Editor. Remember, words are very powerful...use them with the same care you would a sharpened blade. Knights: While you may have been here the longest, and have the most experience within this community. There are still plenty of new guests and members who do not know anything about you. Your participation within the communities conversations helps to bridge the gap. Even if you have had repeated yourself a hundred times over, be ready to do it a hundred time's more. It is your job to stand with your peers, support their efforts and to were once just like them....trying to learn and feel accepted in this grand community you represent. When it does come time to do your job and monitor the actions of others within a conversations. Don't disrupt a thread with your disciplinary actions by posting it in there. PM the person who has caused offense and handle it in private. This is the polite and respectful course of action not only to the person you are reprimanding, but to everyone else in the thread. Things like “Please, Calm down.” or “Relax” or “This is your warning.” When you take disciplinary action inside of a thread it not only derails the conversation, but it makes the person feel disrespected and perhaps even humiliated for being called out in public. They may attempt to defend themselves, or try to explain and refine their comment which further causes derailment of the conversation. If there are more than one “offender” then make more PM's to each of these individuals, or one massive PM to all involved in the offense so that they can all hash it out and refine their words in private. Thus, leaving the topic and thread on course. This also allows for the members to correct their own faults publicly. It allows them the appearance of doing the right thing thanks to your feedback in PM and others will respect him more for his own corrective actions vs sputtering excuses in a public offense.
    • No offense, but... (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: Are you trying to have a conversation? Or make a point? Intentional offense makes a point quite clearly. It's why the "C-word" is one of my favorite in the English language--because no matter where you are, or what you do, if you shout it in a room it gets people's attention.
    • American men, American media, and the villificatio... (Last post by tzb)
    • Quote: It's too long to copy into a post, but is a very informative read I reccommend for members in the US and following US affairs. I'm not sure why the word "American" is used three times in the thread title or US used twice here, when the book the synopsis summarises was written in Australia about US, Canadian, British and Australian culture. It is, in other words, about all western, English-speaking cultures, not specifically America. Nor is Feminism an American movement. Mary Wollstonecraft, British, is frequently cited as the first feminist, and the term was coined and developed in France, then first brought to fruition in New Zealand and Australia in the form of suffrage. Funny how ideas only ever emanate out of the US, isn't it? :dry: Feminism itself, which it's important to distinguish from some types of radical feminism, promotes gender equality, not about the superiority, repression or misrepresentation of any gender. Given the huge and obvious advantages being born male still represents in each of the western English-speaking cultures listed above, I find arguments like those this book is presenting pretty disingenuous. The conflation of that certain type of radical feminist like Solanas and Dworkin with feminism in general is particularly inflammatory (and stupid). I might as well suggest the beliefs of Silvio Berlusconi or Jeffrey Dahmer represent those of all men. Quote: Looking at the mass media, any reasonable person would conclude that men are monsters on the rampage. Uh, no. Any reasonable person would conclude TV requires drama and supplies fantasies, including the fantasies of people frequently treated as a kind of secondary underclass for overthrowing those who still hold the balance of power (see: angry dads). And that TV is just TV, not an adequate basis for all of our beliefs and opinions. No-one lives hooked to a TV 24/7 and if people choose to spend the majority of their time doing so, they have only themselves to blame when they turn out thick as... mud. I certainly agree there are a lot of these unreasonable people out there, but statements like the one above demonstrate that this book is pandering to them. My point really is this is not in any way an exclusively American debate, nor is it an exclusively male debate. It's a western cultural debate about the shifting position of gender roles which has been ongoing since the industrial revolution some 200 years ago.
    • Meditation and Dissociation (Last post by Streen)
    • You said it, Kitsu. I couldn't agree more. One major lesson I learned from Taoism is the idea of the "middle path". Basically, when you're faced with a choice, you stick with the option that doesn't lean too far one way or the other. It's worked wonders in my life.
    • Popularity of Kerala Ayurvedic center (Last post by beatriz)
    • Kerala Ayurveda has become famous in various parts of the globe. There are many Ayurvedic centers in Kerala. All these Ayurvedic centers promote Ayurveda through its various authentic medications. Kerala Ayurvedic center is popular. There are many people seeking Ayurvedic medicines as they are harmless and non-toxic. Kerala ayurvedic center has a place of its own. These Ayurvedic centers propagate authentic Ayurveda. There are adequate facilities in these Ayurvedic centers for treatments of various ailments. Kerala has become the ultimate destination for Ayurvedic treatments. People from all over the country seek Ayurvedic treatments in God’s own country. Kerala Ayurveda is among the most renowned treatments in the world. There is an increasing demand for Kerala Ayurveda. Those seeking these authentic Ayurvedic treatments are the patrons of it. These Ayurvedic treatments heal many ailments completely so that they do not recur again. Ayurvedic treatments are effective against many illnesses and Kerala Ayurvedic centers propagate these treatments to many suffering from ailments. Many tourists visiting India are benefitted from these Ayurvedic treatments. There is an influx of tourists visiting India seeking the Ayurvedic treatments. Qualified physicians diagnose the diseases in these centers and offer the adequate Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurvedic treatments are popular among tourists as they are effective. Ayurvedic centres are located amidst lush greenery. Tourists experiment the Ayurvedic treatments in these centers while exploring God’s own country. Authentic Ayurvedic treatments improve the health conditions and the tourists can return to their natives healthy.
    • What Are You Listening To Right Now? (Last post by Proteus)
    • Megadeth - I Thought I Knew It All Lyrics: Somewhere there's a reason Why things go like they do Somewhere there's a reason Why somethings just fall through We don't always see them For what they really are But I know there's a reason, Just can't see it from this far Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice I know that somewhere, someone hears my voice I thought I knew it all I thought I had it made How could it end this way? I thought I knew Somewhere there's a reason Why things don't go my way Somewhere there's a reason That I cannot explain Just like the change of season, Just may not be my turn But I know there's a reason, The lesson's mine to learn
    • Let's Negotiate the Jedi Code! (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • Quote: There's nothing divine about morals and values. Morals and values are formulated between subjective people - in sometimes written and mostly unwritten contracts. The Jedi code is a suggestion for cooperation - hardly a description of an empirical reality. It's not something to believe in - it's something to negotiate. -Shadow Knight Pelar (FA) By definition, you can look at negotiate from the following prospectives ( Quote: : to discuss something formally in order to make an agreement : to agree on (something) by formally discussing it : to get over, through, or around (something) successfully Given these, as Jedi (or even those of you that do not follow it), do you believe Pelar's assessment of the Jedi Code as it pertains to being a Jedi?
    • Definitions? (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: I don't remember too many people supporting the idea of TotJO being the one true anything. Though trolling around the forums (in the fishing context, not the internet one) is a pretty good contender for "one true" procrastination method. :)

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