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    • Astrology and Horroscopes (Last post by ghost dog)
    • the infinite heavens are not complex? even if the external heavens above were not complex what about the heavens within and below? as above so below.
    • I need help with a speech (Last post by OwenShea)
    • There are a couple ways around using a quote that might not be fully appropriate for the setting. One way you can use is “If I may summarize a quote by John Doe, ’Edited Spoken Words’” This would allow you to edit a longer quote to make it appropriate, but maybe keep the desired content of value, while still crediting the originator of the quote. Summarizing or paraphrasing a direct quote is allowed as long as you give credit and accurately represent the original idea/information. With some care, I would think that at least some of the quotes that have meaning to you could be made to fit this setting. You might also discuss this with one of the faculty you trust that knows of the situation. They may be able to help guide you in acceptable paraphrasing of quotes for your speech. The last thing you would want to happen would be to get caught improperly quoting in an academic speech as the top dog, telling a Catholic headmaster that a Jedi told you to do it. :lol:
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • Regulator In the Great Hall The Regulator tick-tocks its authority ; A pound of plomb pulling delicately on the tiny teeth Gnawing away the seconds ... the minutes ... the hours ... When things and events are tried by space-timed tests ; Second-winds can even be solar, Minute hands held only a moment Slipping the wedding rings of Saturn Onto just the right left-hand finger. The Regulator's bold, cold command Tick-tocks in the hangar Where passengers await departures and arrivals, Reunions and separations For negotiating all the Joy and Lamentation Of Family Business and Con-merce Offers taken and rejected according to the Calendar : What House is the Goddess in ? Tick-tock and take the next train ... The Regulator holds his own hands Without Sentiment nor Will And chimes his mechanical majesty To the herd of livestock below -- With unexpressed Sentiments and Will we obediently reset our watches, Holding hope and fear (and sometimes hands) off for later, 'Til it's 'Time' - Tea-times, Dinner times, Bed times ... ... and train times according to the Times Told too early and late for Tears. Surveying the Great Hall With Absolute Authority and Pardon The Regulator passes its hands indifferently over Accidents ; One train arrives too early and Another too late -- An important meeting is missed, Sighing Saturn ring-less away in the tock- -ticking second hand solar Wind ... The yellowed remnant of a rain-stained page of the Times Blows unnoticed on the rails disappearing into the salty fog. ~ Alexandre Orion 21 December 2014
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Exarchias)
    • Vacations in Germany 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 5 kg biceps 20 x 3 push ups 20 x 3 air squats 15 x 3 sit-ups 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 5 kg biceps
    • Advice needed: how to shut up. (Last post by OwenShea)
    • You mentioned that you rarely get upset in the classroom, but can in social situations. This is a classic example of when you are in control of the situation you don’t have issues. As an instructor both in the military and corporate world I know that in a classroom setting, even when I don’t actively think about it, my brain reasons out my response to give the students what they need to further their training. In social situations, that goal is not in mind and it is harder to be aware of what our response will or should be. A simple thing I sometimes do is turn away and cough into my elbow. It is innocuous, and insinuates neither aggression nor weakness. It also gives you a few socially acceptable seconds to “recover” from your cough and assess your response and calm your mind. Sometimes that may be all that is needed to temper your response. MTFBWY
    • "Not all Truth is true..." (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • I wonder if the idea of re-incarnating Christ through all the lives that there have ever been could be compared to someone having to taste every successful or botched recipe in all the cookery-books that have ever been printed (or just recipes scribbled on napkins) so that he would get an idea of what "food" is ? Both Krishnamurti and Lao-Tsu (and it is mentioned in the Bible in a few places too) have alluded to looking deeply into oneself to know the experience of another/others. We all have taste buds and digestive systems and perhaps a couple of kilos en trop ... Why are we still having such problems with the toleration (religious or otherwise) and the empathy "love thy neighbour" stuff ? I'm not going to preach at you : I'm simply going to suggest sort of brashly that illusory individualism, passionate and rebellious in the sense of "my case different !" is getting in the way of the experience of being alive. And that's a dinner bell that we really don't want to miss (by over interpreting it). :pinch: ;)
    • Grey Jedi Code Anyone? (Last post by Venator Mortis)
    • In the beginning there were Jedi and Siths. From Jedi, an off shoot happened and they are the Grey. The Jedi Code is one they can't fully be so they(Gray) have modified to create a new one while still maintaining Jedi status. They believe in balance and that the Darkness is acceptable as well as Light. They will say and do as required ignoring some teachings of Light Jedi. The means will justify the end in their ways. I feel Grey is similar to a game cheat sheet...responsibility to see and be the Light is diminished. The Gray Code absolves them of their actions and gives excuses and repercussions are out the window. Jedi (one word) strive and grow with the Light...all while respecting the Code. Not an easy task but true commitment is there to be the best human can be for self and others. Hope this helps
    • Jedi In Combat (Last post by ParCandroon)
    • Reflecting on this aspect and the stories told, I would like to share one of my own. To make a long story short, a friend of mine was "scheduled to fight" some dingus from our neighborhood. My friend had only myself and my girlfriend at his side while the dingus brought nigh on 20 people to watch this epic battle. Both of the "combatants" were your average high school student. Neither of them had any formal martial arts training, or as far as I know had ever even been in a fight. In the end, my friend decided to talk the problem out. He still got a girly slap-punch to the cheek, in my opinion so dingus would look good in front of his friends, but nobody was injured. My friend walked over to me and shrugged it off, saying the slap actually warmed his face a little, being in the early grip of winter, and gave a chuckle of relief that the whole ordeal was finally over. I looked at the crowd congratulating dingus on a job well done and simply shook my head and put a hand on my friend's shoulder, looking him warmly in the eye. "This is a battle you have truly won, my friend, by simply choosing not to fight." I told him. As I did, one of dingus's cronies alerted dingus to my words. He immediately went back into "fight mode" and made a scene asking me if I had something to say. As a side note, I have had verbal run-ins with dingus in the past. He wanted to fight me for supporting one of my friends he was verbally abusing one time, to which I calmly responded with at least 7 different ways he would end up in the hospital if he really wanted to fight me. He backed off immediately and offered to be friends. Anyway, dingus "calls me out", to which I simply reply " I've already dealt with you before. I have nothing more to say". This must've reminded him of who I was, because he quickly became very defensive, saying he didn't know me or who I was (saying my full name while claiming that, even pronouncing it correctly) and left with his group shortly after. This story shows how, even though I (with some formal karate training, plus self-training in over 15 different martial arts) had every opportunity to beat the everliving snot out of dingus, as did my friend, we proved on that day who the better men were. I tell this story to show that while Jedi are keepers of peace, it doesn't mean we can't be warriors as well, and to support my belief that a true Jedi is much like the philosophy of many gun owners. It's always better to have the means to defend yourself and others and never need to than it is to need to and not have the means. I believe all Jedi should have the means, not only in a martial aspect, but also in having the wisdom to know when not to fight. I believe that the best way to win any battle is to ensure it never happens in the first place. If it is unavoidable, the true victor is the one who fights for truth and justice.
    • "The Interview" gets pulled (Last post by Venator Mortis)
    • We tried to kill Fidel Castro at least 9 times and one found that tasteless. If a Dictator is torturing and starving people, they deserve to be thrown over in my opinion. The fact that they got Seth Rogen and James Franco to make a comedy out of this is freaking hilarious. Pulling the movie however was very disrespectful to our veterans who fought for our freedom to see what ever movie we want, when we want. This is the complete opposite of what our country stands for. That is my opinion on the matter. Maybe the Galactic Empire will threaten us when the New Star Wars movie comes out?(add sarcasm here)
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • I am so so tired of hearing people whining. :angry: Suck it up and get on with your life. If you want to live your life complaining that is up to you. OR you can take command of you life and live it. Just stop your whining. It makes you look bad. You want cheese with that?
    • Charity Coding (Last post by SeventhSL)
    • I have 12 years industry experience building line of business apps and websites. Mostly .Net based but experience with a multitude of other languages. I would love to participate in a group here if we had one. Brilliant idea Den.
    • The 'Real Me' (Last post by Hitira38)
    • To me the "the real me" is simply a question of identity. A statement of discovery. The Jedi code to me helps me equalize the origins or roots of the real world. To me a lot of people are lost and forced to I herit a world that isn't 100% for them. It's essential to understand.
    • Merry Yule!!! (Last post by Adder)
    • I'm going to do my usual Solstice meditation for the moment of the Solstice (about an hour away as of now). It's Summer Solstice down here in the Southern Hemisphere, so more generally its a pretty good excuse to have a long summer party into the hot night, but we do have a habit of eating too much and falling asleep as well!!

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