The Ordinary world is where we as HUMANS live. The name Jedi is chosen. We BELIEVE and UNITE under the Mantel of Jedi. It is 2023 and there are currently 8,010,858,099 people alive and in the process of reflection at any given time. Taxes are due and children need food and there are talks of war and war going on today. Food is becoming scarce, and it seems like hope is all but spent every time it is given. No matter the amount of money you have, there seems to be a void of human compassion or care for things in the NOW.

We wake sore and tired. We try to be as organized as we can, but we still forget things. The Ordinary world dwells around us. It is everything we touch. It is everything we live in. This is our world. We do not fly in space, float and we are not Force wielders or toy twirlers. There is NO Fictional Order that has the FATE OF THE WORLD in their hands. Every now and then, my children swear and that's on me. Most things in my path are up to me to deal with. We are not FICTIONAL Jedi. Our Myths can come from one another. Not just stories but true Myths. Of every culture I have found, they all bid me come. Did you read that right? Every culture I have ever studied had people WAITING to tell me about it and to help me study it. NO ONE EVER SAID NO, you cant learn about us. No one yet that is. I have not met a CULTURE that has denied me anything other than the full experience of what they have to offer. 

We as humans can develop our own being. We can make our own choices. Some choices are made for us but for the most part, most choices can be ours. The choice to be angry all the time has faded over time for me and honestly it was making me wrinkle more. We have a choice today. We have many choices but one of the key choices is to live in the ordinary world. For A Jedi in 2023, this choice can and may be difficult. We know what we want but we don't know how to attain it. We know we are missing something, but we don't know what. This is our life and paths we share. We know we can go and pick and choose but there are so many choices and things to pick to try, where does it all begin and end? When does it start and when does it end? These are questions in reflection you can ask. Mentors are always in your path from day one. Find them and have a chat. Find a few, or find them all. This is the world we live in. What are we developing in this place and in places like this? Are we developing our social skills and our warrior mentalities or are we developing our own self in the mix?

The most important thing I can encourage Jedi to examine is our relationships with others and things. Check 'em out for yourself. Validate them fist hand. Ask. Examine your relationships and strengthen them, make them heathier or get fresh ones.

Get together and order pizza or share but do it.

Call someone.

Text someone.

Grab an app and share with someone some hope.

Live in the real world not the Cinema world where things are EPISODIC not reflective. 


Reflect what's OFF SCREEN more often and see if things change. Adding the Force to things changes the outcome every time so figure it out. Live in the NOW and off-screen Jedi. There are many more interesting things to behold than amazing Lightsaber battles and flying saucers. There IS HOPE and the SANCTITY of the INHERENT worth of all. There is COMPASSION and spiritual growth and freedom of expression by simply what you choose to believe. (This is in the Jedi Believe section.)

As a Jedi I would like to ask, WHAT OF THE OTHERS? You know, your kids, life and path? What are you doing about those as well? The ordinary world.

Where do you dwell this year? Where do your reflections go? It is my hope they come from the cinema world and into your path and seek. It is my hope that looking at the Jedi helps focus on our own paths. 

Here is to HOPE. Live in the NOW. We as Jedi are not space cowboys or magicians. You are here in the world WE live in as HUMANS. The human potential is much more than a magic power but the potential that dwells in every one of us.  Open and use its potential. 

Pastor Carlos

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Choices of what we choose to believe. Thank you Pastor Carlos ?

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