Death is a part of life.

Some of my students thought that this was odd. They see a part of the code, make half joking references to episode 5 and 6, then brush it off. 

If we look at the Buddhists: their version of death is positive. We are all reborn as something else, in the case of His Holiness The Dalai Lama , the same thing. A spiritual leader. Not the negative version many of us know from our upbringing.

As Jediists, we see that there is something after our physical death. Whether it is heaven, hell, rebirth, apparitions, or returning to mingle with the everlasting force some call the universe. 

I mentioned in the introductory post that death is worshipped in some groups as the path of the good. They speak to death, drink from a skull, and toast to a good life. Not in hopes of killing themselves, but in hopes that at the end of their lives, that death will smile on them. To be more specific, it is that at death, they can look upon their lives, see more good than bad, more love than hatred, more enlightenment than ignorance, more bravery than cowardice, most of all they can see more of a legacy in their good works. 

It is not wise to fear death, as fear will paralyze you in the face of what you may have to do. It may sound dramatic, but there are times when you have to stand toe to toe with death and say, "not yet." This applies to everyone differently. One of my parishioners is a law enforcement officer and has to say that every time they pull their weapon. For myself, in the medical field, death is like a co-worker. Sometimes death works, sometimes we do enough to stop death. When someone returns to the Force though, prayers are uttered silently, they are treated with respect and death shows them to the next stage.  Some people are depressed, some people have families, at times it is easier to give up. Looking at death and envisioning your life, it can have a strengthening effect on someone.

Seeing death as a peer instead of this unseen force you can't defeat empowers a person. A jedi must be empowered against death. I am impressed by this quote from a friend who I would classify as a darker grey jedi, but he has his moments, "In darkness, the dark side... evil... Sadness... pain runs rampant, even in ourselves. However, in the presence of the smallest amount of light, all of that is pushed back, a foothold for love, happiness and strength is gained. Its not immediate, but it is a fact." 

I challenge those of you reading this to look at your own life the next time you meditate, bring forth those times when you had to fight upstream, hand over fist, in the cold, when you had that small light and brought yourself back. Even if you were given help by a friend.

How did you feel?

How did you make it through?

What inspired you?

Then look at your life like that. Take a giant step back and see how you do against all things/people that challenge you. The way we live, our life, our choices, our actions, those are what WE judge OURSELVES by. Connected to the Force and armed with common sense, we can feel the basics between right and wrong. Then apply those lessons to future situations.

That clarity, that all-encompassing vision is what it is like, in my opinion, of how death views us. 

In summary of this second section:

Death deserves respect, in ways we should try to be like the grim reaper. Keep our head in the here and now, whilst seeing the big picture. 

Fear blinds you, inhibits your actions and thoughts.

Death when looked at in a certain point of view can inspire great acts of nobility, kindness, wonder and love.


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I like this point of view. Grappling with the reality that I'm going to die someday has always been a tough one for me. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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