May the Force be with you. Happy time zone and geographical location Jedi all over the world! It is my hope that you find that which you seek today. 

As Pastor, I am asked, " How do I find direction for my path?" The answer is simple. Know who you are. Know what you are and know why. When we think we get stuck in our path, things can become very stagnant. We all know this. Too long not doing anything is well, not doing anything. There are times in our own reflections and paths that we lose track of why or what we seek. There can come a time when it may seem like we are lost. In our path we do know when we are growing and when we are learning and when we are not. That is one perk to reflection, YOU KNOW when it is working and when it is not. In this, we also know when we are stagnating or are in the process of it. There can come a time when we get so comfy or so at a certain level of comfort, we get LODGED. For some, this is ok. Finding a balance is a good thing. Knowing that, balance can change from season to season and even at any time. How do you do it on purpose? How do we as Jedi, get out of our ruts or our own paths and places of stagnation?

Leave the lodge

Look around where you are. Reflect.

Look behind you on your path. Go back in time a bit and reflect. 

Step out of the comfort zone and fail. Unclog the flow. 

Many on this path, like most humans, come to a point where we want to be left alone and cause no trouble and choose the least amount of resistance. That's ok. For those who ask, STEP out of the CAVE or your comfort Zone. Nothing new happens hidden and on guard all the time. Fail, loose, hate, do the things that life is known for and change the way you react to them. Choose better character. Choose a different path. It is no use to want change and NEVER change anything. Do not just hope but do. 

There's no trying, you either do it or ya don't.

If you do not, then there you will stay.

What does YOUR comfort zone look like? Is it in threat of becoming a state of not flowing or growth or development? Find where in your path it is and ... step out of the cave. 

You can learn much in reflection and during meditation. Books are keys to ideas we can learn and adapt and use to help us in this world but books go in shelves and life goes in books. It is my hope that as we watch and share the Star Wars Sagas, which ever we do, that we may encourage one another as well. We are all human and are all on the same path but at different levels and moments. May the Force be with y'all and may you reflect on what is best for your own path. Only you can and that's ok too. 

Pastor Carlos

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Nicely worded there padre

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Thank you! This spawned a great discussion with my two young Padawans

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