Pastor Carlos here; this sermon is for thought. It is in the hope that it will jog something in our minds again. We, as HUMANS, pay attention to everything. It's natural. We notice things. Better yet, patterns and repetition seem to grip the human mind at times. We can "catch" things that happen more than once. Some people make a living from MASTERING this very basic and natural human skill. I had the privilege to work on an assembly line for some time and have watched the human being notice fractions of differences in metal and wood. Amazing. We notice and observe patterns with our senses. Now, it is said that we are creatures of habit, but the idea is to remind the human race that we do this. It is natural and you can cultivate it in many ways. One form I want to share today is that of the Hero's Journey.  

Ever notice how some stories and Myths sound the same? Some even run almost parallel to each other. Ever notice how some situations or people remind you of "characters" in other stories or Myths? This is one of the ideas of the Hero's Journey- the recognition. The content of the stories, and things we share, matter just as much as how they are told. I, personally, seek the originals- where the Myths originates from, which culture, then I validate. This small but POWERFUL idea has brought the light into dark places, has opened doors, brought understanding, even found me meeting people I never thought I would have the chance to meet. Here, in this type of seek, is a life that can only be experienced and recommended. Some Myths are just myth and a great time to share and some, well, some can be for so much more. Finding those in our own path that make us or help us, can help cultivate new things hoped for. 

There is always a Palpatine as there will always be a Luke.

Someone, somewhere has choices to make regardless if they are ready for them or not. Do they notice others around them ? Do they get gifts? Do they go on an adventure onto the unknown? So much unknown and fear.. but that's what life is. It's a picture we can see. It is my hope the more we frequent the Star Wars, because we do, the more we as Jedi notice the Archetypes and I hope, it leads us to our own. I hope we can notice the heeds, possibilities and the encouragements it brings and gives. It is a picture, a simple yet Epic idea of what we all go through together. 

I hope being a Jedi has helped you in your own personal path of seeking Mind, Spirit and Soul. I am glad I get to share my own path with you still.

Notice things friends and Jedi, we do that too. It's natural. Cultivation is learned. Did you see that? Did that just happen? Write it down so you don't forget a journal... for later... see the progression of cultivation? 

May the FORCE be with y'all

Pastor Carlos 

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