In 1949, a work called "The Hero With A Thousand Faces" was written by Joseph Campbell that would change the way others see things. The idea is simple enough; that we all are the Hero in our own story.  As we grow and as we notice, there are patterns, and commonalities that begin to make more sense.

"The Hero's Journey begins in the ordinary world, when the person receives the call to adventure. At this time, they must depart from the ordinary world, and answer the call to adventure. With help from a mentor, the hero will cross a guarded threshold, leading them to the supernatural world, where familiar laws and order do not apply. There, the Hero will embark on a road of trials, where they are tested along the way. The archetype "hero" is sometimes assists by allies. As the hero faces the ordeal, they encounter the greatest challenge of the journey. Upon rising to the challenge, the hero will receive a reward or a boon."

This is the Wikipedia explanation. You can find it with a simple internet search or a easy thumb through any media or library.

Joseph Campbell breaks down much of the Monomyth and this can be noticed in all his writings. The idea is that anyone can be the Hero in their own paths, no matter the situation, time or season. We have the capability to understand the task at hand and somehow relate it to our own path. The world is amazing. We have the opportunities every day to understand more of our own paths. With reflection, we can understand our own paths we take and why.

The idea of the hero is there. 

The idea of how we go through things is there.

The idea of MENTORS is there.

The idea to challenge yourself is there. 

Self-reflection and the idea is over 3,000 years old. And that's all we really do here. We try.  We reflect and mentor. A mentor is only one who shares experiences with another. It is up to us to take those experiences and use or store or share them. True, we are Jedi and our Order is that of a Jedi theme but if you take some time to look into and reflect you may find there is so much more than hand waving and robes. You may find humanity in the seek of the Force. As this months theme is "Chaos, yet Harmony," think about this if you like. Our path is filled with seek and find and share. We are a part of a greater idea sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. I want to encourage each Jedi to understand you own RITE. Seek it out and make it your own. When you need it, it will be available. There can be so much to a path like this. Do not let it become chaos and not understanding. Take some time to understand you and where you are. Take some time to evaluate your situation and find out at what level are you really? What part do you play in the grand scheme of your own path. Are you the hero or the mentor and at what level... ahh they come in levels as well as times and seasons. So for now, be of good cheer knowing that as we are on this Journey and path together, others have been here. There are some who are there to help and some there for the long haul too.

It is my hope as Pastor you find that which you seek. 

Happy seeking and May the Force be with you

Pastor Carlos

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