Symbolism...the word is Symbolism.

Joseph Campbell states in "A Joseph Campbell Companion";

   "In the double triangle, the upward pointed triangle- you might use the word 'Aspiration' for that.- is symbolic of the movement principle.The downward pointed triangle is inertia, and it represents what the obstacle would be. The downward pointing triangle can be experienced either as an impediment, or as a door that is opened. When you recognize its psychological significance and effect a mental transformation, then you see the obstacle as an opening" (1)

As modern day Jeddist we don't pick fights. We aren't weak by any means. Jeddist are smart. With such teachings as Patience, Integrity, Service, Compassion, Mindfulness, Weary of Attachments- sometimes the action to harm seems- kind of....not present. 

There is a secret I am going to share with you, if you like...



As I learn and as I study, the more I find out this instance here's what happened....

I met a man- a great man. A great man, who happened to be a Rabbi, in our study together he said something to me that stuck forever.

He said, "One day, I asked God to help me love my wife more. Then I noticed something....God showed me how unlovable she was. I said 'not fair'--he said, [you asked me to help you , I was just pointing out the moments you requested]; it was then I realized these moments are more available that I thought."


Opportunities sometimes look different. At time chances come and we miss them for many reasons. It happens- then sometimes we see it, it becomes a bit more clear. What we once feared, or ignored has changed. Some day those obstacles may become opportunities. I can't tell you directly how or when it happens, but it can. You can see obstacles as opportunities, if we are truly looking always to grow and learn, we may not pick a fight but we can see opportunities to give love, peace, comfort, knowledge, service and so forth. In the thick of things- in the seek of things- is where life is. If we ask or focus on character- expect your character to get tested, maybe even taxed or tried. Remember it's up to us how we want to look things sometimes- as a heavy weight or as the resistance to build.

See you in the seek, Force be with yall still Jedi! 

Pastor Carlos





(1) The Joseph Campbell Companion (c) 1991

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Another great sermon, Master Carlos.

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