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17 Jun 2020 23:17 #352820 by Gisteron
It's just as laughable to think that the "you" is something meaningfully distinguishable from the body that "houses" it, let alone that it could be transferred between different bodies. Yet, here we are.

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27 Jul 2020 15:47 #353516 by forceuser
It does seem like all is self.
Or should I say all is the force inclusive
What I mean is for example you or a hand and I am and ear the hand says I don't understand what you mean by you hear ? and i feel things
Are very soft or pretty can't you understand what I'm saying
But we all look at it from different perspectives because we all are part of the force just experiencing life in different ways

I know this is going to sound crazy to most of you
But it seems like for me that is what is going on
It's like the force just wants to experience itself and know who it is from different perspectives.

I just made a quick video on the force and God if anybody wants to look at it today

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27 Jul 2020 19:09 #353518 by Rex
You can't ship-of-theseus consciousness without at least vaguely attempting to explain what the necessary and sufficient components are. The robots I use at work are reflexive enough to identify themselves (you can query a robot subsystem, and the robot will identify that component as belonging to itself), be aware of their surroundings, and execute commands based partially on those sensory inputs, but no one says they're alive. On the other hand, if they are, that makes me robot god, and I'm due new business cards pretty soon.

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07 Aug 2020 17:28 #353685 by forceuser
I was just thinking on what is actually fact?

For example from what I have seen and understand only The victors write the history books.
If not for example for sure the United States would have to be labeled as an extreme Terrorist group from its foundation and how it was started and moving forward.

From our history books to or science books we have someone Do a few repeated tests and it is labeled fact even on the chemical periodic table.
For example even let's say gold you look up what molecules make up gold.
And most of the time you put it under a microscope it's right but not always
Sometimes all the molecules don't show up like they should.

I've heard even when splitting and Adam or something similar they say it's actually not split it's actually the same ada. in 2 places at the exact same time.

But it's much easier just to say the fact is it was split.

The same goes with gravity Or even making laws even if the law was illegal to make to begin with.
people would only get stuck on the fact is it's the law you have to obey it .
even if it was a total erroneous illegal law to begin with

We could easily go on all day almost about everything in life that we hold true whether it's religion faith the force laws of nature or whatever it is.

I like the website who shows different people's perspective the North's the South's the right the left Poor middle class or rich

It's all just different sides of the same coin it depends how you look at it.

Just like after taking a psychology class debating whether
" The old is the glass half full or half empty"

Of course the old wise grandmother always has the answer to the most complicated debates on the planet.
She said if you're trying to drink it it's half empty if you trying to fill it up it's half full hahaha.

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