What is it really? Lets talk about the Force for real...

12 Sep 2020 14:47 #354517 by Carlos.Martinez3
Between what the Force CAN be and what it is to each of us, is a long road of in betweens. Trying to explain the Force, that thing that can be anything and what we have is like sometimes trying to explain what we cant see yet...
What the Force is to each of us will be different. We can explain it and give it what we know but it wont be the same because of where we were born or where we get our information from by whats available.

Brass tacks: location and availability.

These two variations make a spread no one can grab, good luck trying. Free will and all that.


What is the Living Force or the one YOU got? What is it really?

Is there a real difference between the Force and the Living Force IN REAL LIFE?????

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14 Sep 2020 06:42 #354557 by Eqin Ilis
The Universal or Cosmic Force is the space between it all. The connections between everything and the thing we try to tap into when we meditate, the thing we try to get information from when we do divinations, the hope that we have that it all fits into some bigger pattern. Looking at the Cosmic Force is like looking at the internet, where you can understand some of how it is all connected and how it all works, but you can't see the whole thing at the same time. We can understand how we all use it differently and visit different parts, but it's all clearly part of a larger whole that is constantly changing and growing. To study the Cosmic Force is to wonder at the nature of it all, and if there is a bigger picture that is just beyond reach. It is the quest for why we are here. (Philosophy, theology, cosmology, etc.)

The Living Force is the near undefinable quality of living itself. Every living thing has something in it that makes it alive, which others might call the breath of life. Looking at the Living Force is less like trying to look at the internet as a whole and more like really letting yourself appreciate all the little details in a single webpage (not even the whole site, just the page you are on at the moment). Sure each page has links and connections to the greater whole, each is made up of similar parts, but no two are exactly the same. Some are constantly changing, such as forum pages. In this way, no two life forms are ever quite the same, and many are constantly changing. There may be connections between them we can understand through the Cosmic Force, but to really appreciate the Living Force is to try to truly see all the details and layers of the lifeforms one connects with in that moment. Just as the Cosmic deals with the bigger picture, the Living Force zooms in and sees the intent, the goals, the personalities of the life driving it. To study the Living Force is not to wonder why we are here, but to wonder how one wishes to live, and how one wishes to experience those minute details. (Physchology, animal husbandry, horticulture, environmentalism, etc.)

Both the Cosmic Force and the Living Force are a part of the greater whole. Just as biologists are dedicated to studying life on our planet and astronomers are dedicated to studying the space beyond our planet, but both are studying the science of our world, a student of the Force who has chosen to focus on the Living or Cosmic Force is dedicated to understanding the intricacies of their particular focus in greater detail rather than continue to try to grasp the entirety of things all at once. Anyone can study both parts of the Force, just as anyone can take classes in multiple sciences. But to say that one is a focus means actually dedicating themselves to focusing on that aspect.

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14 Sep 2020 07:49 #354558 by Adder
I posted this on a Discord just now, about religion, and it can have import to this thread;

I tend to see religion as being a type of devotion to something bigger than oneself.... even if that thing is a bigger version of ones self The association of an 'external thing' initially seems contrary to my working theory/belief of the Force by defining that difference as across time rather than space, but of course at a pragmatic level we are limited in our capacity to perceive and process only so much data (probably by being limited to being within only one time LOL). As such focus changes its form depending on where the resources are applied across a range of time and space.... a bit like a tree, the closer one is to the ground the more solid and sure it is, but the further it is away the more options exist and they themselves are always moving and changing. Therefore 'religion' is a devotion to that structure, whom it serves is up to the religion... not all religions have to be dogmatic, and I reckon the more dogmatic they are the more likely they are to fall foul of changing seasons of the forest.

In that context, to me the Living Force is that tangibility of causality (temporal footprint) which can be attributed to a location (causative agent). While the Universal Force is the rest of the Force reaching out beyond the Living Force. In effect they are the same thing but different frames of reference for just it, as the Force itself being everything. A Jedi then uses the Force by virtue of their mindset being the toolset of interacting with its within those frames of reference to better enable processing of the available data........ sort of thing. Some people cut trees down, some people shape them into trinkets, and Jedi just like climbing them to get a better view :D

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14 Sep 2020 13:00 #354573 by rugadd
The Force is all that I know, all that I don't know, and all that I don't know I don't know.


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