The Force? Immanent or Transcendent?

21 Jul 2020 19:16 #353454 by LuckyBamboo
Hello. This is a short post, the title is a summary of all this.
If someone can help me with this one.
Is the Force Immanent or Transcendent?
Here: two links for more information.

Thank you.

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21 Jul 2020 19:52 #353455 by Edan
Well, the real question is 'what is the force' and you will not get a consistent answer between members. I would say that it is what you believe it to be. It doesn't answer your question, but there is no 'answer'.


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21 Jul 2020 21:24 #353458 by Gisteron

LuckyBamboo wrote: Is the Force Immanent or Transcendent?

What's the difference? Yes, you have linked two articles, and luckily both start with a definition of the respective term which I presume is all we need for the question, provided that your usage of the terms is consistent with those definitions. What I'm asking is more subtle than that:

Consider a world where there are two gods or "forces", if we so please. Let one be transcendent and the other immanent. Yet both are real and both act upon the world in such a way as to warrant her inhabitants belief in one or both of those deities. If you and I were inhabitants of that world, what sort of test could we perform to identify whether there is one deity that is both, or one deity that is either transcendent and not immanent or immanent and not transcendent, or two deities, one of each type?

Coming back to our world, we can face again the question you posed. Assuming there is a higher power of some sort we shall for now call "The Force" that is real in the sense that it interacts with the natural world in some detectable fashion, how would one try and go about finding out an answer to your question? What sort of practical difference could we see with the means available to us, between the Force being one, or the other, or both? Perhaps if we find the test that would yield the answer to your question, we can recover it. And if no such test can be conceived of, then... well, what does the question even mean at that point, practically speaking?

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22 Jul 2020 00:08 #353462 by Adder
Tricky, I'd say best not to define the Force in terms of material, since they already have their own terms. I think immanence and transcendental are attributes of information, rather than some absolute nature of anything. Sometimes I like to think the Force best represents the net heat of ones irons in the fire..... not that a Jedi owns any irons but rather as a metaphor for the mixing of inner awareness and outer awareness. In this way it translates to the domain of the outer as mapping causality and its associated risk management (the how of it, and how we relate to that). So... if you have effective avenues of awareness, then your information is more useful and your actions can be more novel to enable energetic, effective and efficient use of resources.

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24 Jul 2020 18:25 #353489 by Carlos.Martinez3
What things are and what they can be - can be as different as fingerprints them self’s. I’m a Pastor so I can share what things are to me and to others. Each discription of what the Force is to individuals can be as general as “everything in everything “ or as specific and as intimate as personal can get. It all depends on the Actual use. Hope is rarley un benifishal.
We have the gist and right to create our bliss as well as our faiths and practices. It’s our choice.

A testimony of which is “better” will never compare to the experience of being a part.

Im more a Hogwarts Gryffindor colors my self - maroon and gold

Why ask which house is best? What can they do - what can they free aaaaaaaaah!!! That my friend... I’m on it !

I’ve wholeheartedly practice my modern day Jediism in a very direct way. Call it transendental at times - knowing that I am a part of everything in a - I’m a part of the “hoop” not the “hoops” round me - at times screams at me and others around. It’s sometimes more than obvious in me and in others.
Personally : there are moments everything for me is at a “equal mark” :::: it’s the inherent worth idea but when it happens - I’m there.

For me those moments share definitions

But that’s me- most time I’m defining the actions - after trying to figure out what has happened but I’m a action type myself.
Remeber - Modern day Jediism is made of what’s already there. How would YOU discribe your experiences?

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27 Jul 2020 15:38 #353515 by forceuser
There is a lot of opinions on the force and it's true.
Really our perspective is skewed based on our experience believes and what we were taught growing up.

I don't have it figured out yet but it seems like God and the force are very similar.
It's almost like the force created God to be an example to this particular world and to certain people.
From my experience as a youth I have had many Americans happen and been led by were called the Holy Spirit for sure

And as I got older and learned different things.
I actually heard the force talk to me
To warn me about things that were going to happen .

Or at different times it was not a voice I heard but pictures and the emotions attached to them after I asked a question I would see in my mind are you can call it 3rd eye.

I am just one simple person but if anyone's interested I just started making videos this week the 1 I made to day was on the topic God and the force

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