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    Adjunct Professor of Native American Studies and Cultural Anthropology, SAR K9 Unit Volunteer. Farmer/Gardener, lover of life, Equestrian, Beekeeper, Chicken Fancier and quester of knowledge.
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    Youth Officer. Teaching Master: Phortis Nespin ---- Apprentice: Dechlain
    “The Spiritual Path is not easy, in fact its down right hard, it will bring you to your knees, it will bear your soul to the universe but in the end it is worth all the struggles and tribulations because you will have found your place" J.Roz
    "Mitakuye Oyasin". We are all related.
    Ducere Ministrare et Illuminare "To Guide, To Serve, To Light the way."
    "You're a pretty cool Kenobi" Daniel M
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    Phortis Nespin
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