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thomaswfaulkner Outstanding work Trisskar!! 1 hour 37 minutes ago
Trisskar Thank you! 1 hour 31 minutes ago

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Wanna rant, How am I doing as Librarian? I've also had a couple of people asking me to teach them hands on, whether it be here or off site doesn't... Show more

SamThift shared a photo. 11 hours 39 minutes ago

From the library,

The chapter on "Flow" is pretty good reading...

Although I call it something else, "Riding the Dragon" as I've come to understand...
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Start work tomorrow; chemically refining tungsten ores at a refinery

Kobos That's pretty cool, I would love to learn how that process works! 11 hours 11 minutes ago

Garsh Adam, you gonna make me blush n all....

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Thanks River!…

The International Space Station just pulled off the photobomb of a lifetime

Perfectly timed eclipse images by a NASA photographer.

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