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The Initiate Programme is the first step toward becoming a Jedi Knight in our Order.

It covers a wide range of subjects, from comparative religion and meditation to metaphysics and personal development tools. You can complete the lessons in any order though we suggest that you do them in the order they are presented.

Each student should post their work in the sub-forum called Journals in the New Members section. See here for how to make a forum post. Start a new thread and call it something like “John Smith's Journal”. All your work should be posted as a reply to this topic. Please make sure your username and the word ‘Journal’ are in your journal's title.

Please respect the privacy of other people's journals and do not post in them unless specifically requested to do so. Knights and above may post in your journal to offer guidance or to help with your training.

The IP and participation on the forums will allow Knights to develop an understanding of your beliefs, ideas, philosophy, needs and generally get to know you. The next step after completion of the Initiate Programme is Apprenticeship.

Someone who is studying the Initiate Programme (IP) and is also a member of the Order is considered a "Novice". Upon completion of the IP they will be an "Initiate" and considered ready for Apprenticeship to a Training Master.


Lesson 0: Temple Structure

Lesson 1: Myth

Lesson 2: The Self

Lesson 3: Meditation

Lesson 4: Connections

Lesson 5: Temple Doctrine

Lesson 6: World Religions

Lesson 7: Personal Tools

Lesson 8: Jediism Essays