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Sunday Sermon - Vocation

What would you say if someone was to ask you the following question: who are you? You could reel off a list of personality traits, of interests, even a psychological profile. But what about the question: what do you do for a living? So many people work to pay bills, satisfy commitments, conform to an ideal, but is that all? Are you following the call of the Force, whispering to you and guiding you to where you need to be – if not, then you may find that it ends up shouting or even pushing until the decision is almost forced out of you.

In days gone by, people would find their profession and make it their world. A blacksmith, for example, would always be a blacksmith. They would train, work and live for that very purpose. There was no separation between what they did and who they were. Nowadays it is less common to find such a dedication to a particular field and the pressures of modern life contribute to that feeling of isolation from one's true purpose. Working to live has replaced living to work.

There may be times in your life when you are faced with the possibility of doing things your own way and this need not be something so major as a career choice. Every interest we have plays a part in our enjoyment of life, every thing that lifts our hearts brings us closer to an acceptance of our true selves. You might not be able to quit your job and follow your dream but that doesn't mean that you can't chase it in your spare time. Hobbies, sports, activities: these are all ways of exploring our needs.

Let's look at the concept of “vocation”. From the Latin meaning “to call”, this term originated in Christianity. According to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: “the word refers to our many callings as God's baptized people - whatever our places and opportunities in life, we are called to serve others with love “. The same is true of ourselves – if we follow our heart and listen to the ways of the Force, we can open our entire being to a compassionate and rewarding experience of our own divine essence.

Today we have the opportunity to experience an example of this: one of our brothers in Jediism is committing himself to serving the Force and administering to our community. As an Ordained Minister, he will be expected to provide support and supplication where needed. The Force has led him to this place and he has answered that call with diligent study and dedication, embodying the Jedi Tenets of Focus, Knowledge and Wisdom. By taking the Oaths of Ordination and trusting in the will of the Force, he is following the flow wherever he is guided.

Take a moment to examine the signs in your own life – is there something that you always wanted to do but were afraid to attempt? Do you feel that you should be living a life that's different from your own? Realising this is the first step towards the eventual goal of satisfaction, of truly being at one with the Force. In Taoism, an Eastern form of philosophy and life-guidance, the Way (known as the Tao) is likened to a river or stream that knows exactly where it needs to be; like water, the Force will find a way of being exactly what it should at any given time. We have many ways of resisting this current – perhaps we fear the consequences, maybe our logic and reason conclude that it's not in our interest, maybe it just seems too hard to contemplate. As Jedi, we strive to be guided by our emotions but not controlled by them and throwing rocks of self-made restrictions into the river only serves to make a big splash, covering ourselves with the cold spray of confusion.

Through diligent application of techniques such as meditation, self-examination and communing with the Force, we can achieve all that we need to and become the person that we should be, embodying our highest potential at every moment. Whatever we do, whatever we are, there is a place for us in this astounding and amazing Universe. When the the call comes, how will you answer it?

May the Force Be With You


#1 Cynthia 2010-12-05 22:35
I very much agree with what you pointed out when you said that we have turned from working to live, to living to work. I believe it is an unfortunate thing that we have gone that way.

I've already got a degree and am about to go back to school again. I've had people ask my why or tell me to just work. My thoughts are why? I'm not going to work well if it is something I don't enjoy. If I am going to have to live to work, it is going to be something that is of interest to me. People have lost touch with that and many don't understand anymore.
#2 OsoLobo 2010-12-06 04:15
;-) i liked it especially how Mark Barwell used other religions as examples..
#3 Darren 2012-05-06 19:39
I enjoyed this sermon very much. Thank you.
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    • Quote: Well, my first advice would be to simply close your eyes and breathe deeply, accepting any "distractions" as they come as part of the process. But as I posted elsewhere in these forums, here are a couple techniques (the first, very old, and the second, relatively new): Spoiler: Calming Breath One of the first known Jedi websites, called Jedi Praxeum and run by Kharis Nightflyer, contained some of the simplest yet most crucial teachings for the Jedi community. One of the those teachings helped many begin their exploration of meditation, using a fundamental breathing technique, called the Calming Breath. Basic Close your eyes and begin focusing on your breathing. Inhale and count to 4. Exhale and count to 4. Advanced Inhale and count to 4. Hold your breath for a count of 4. Exhale and count to 4. Hold your breath for a count of 4. Repeat Spoiler: Feeling the Force Most people, upon hearing that there are people who believe in the Force, would ask for proof. That's actually very simple. Obi-wan Kenobi describes the Force as an energy field that permeates all things. Ask any scientist what we are made of at an atomic level, and he or she will say “Energy”. All physical objects, alive or otherwise, are made of energy. Luke Skywalker's teachers, Obi-wan and Yoda, both speak about “feeling” the Force. This chapter is designed to provide you with proof that the Force does exist, and that it is currently flowing through your body right now. The 7 steps I've designed to feel the Force have a basis in Taoist “chi” exercises, and have been tested by many Jedi, and most, if not all, have successfully felt the Force course through their body. Step 1: Comprehension The first step in learning to feel the Force is understanding what exactly you are about to do. The Force is something that is always in you, and you can, by force of will, move it in different directions through your body. The feeling itself can be described as a rush, or more to the point, like falling in love. You will feel light. You might say, you feel "enlightened". The method is about raising energy up through you, and therefore raising your senses to a higher level. Step 2: Breathing Breathing is important in many spiritual endeavors. Martial arts, meditation, etc. Here you will apply breathing to filling yourself with energy. First, sit comfortably, with your back straight and perpendicular to the floor. Rest your hands in your lap, one cupped inside the other. Now, taking deep breaths, inhale through your nose and imagine light and energy flowing into yo and filling you up. Exhale out your mouth and imagine darkness or empty space coming out of you. Repeat that step until you can see in your mind's eye that your body is filled with light energy. Step 3: Focus Imagine all the energy that has filled your body starting to gravitate toward the base of your spine. See it collect there and concentrate itself into a small point of focused energy. Take as much time as you need to do this step and the one before it. Step 4: Elevation Allow the point of energy to begin rising up through your body along your spine. This is where the feeling of flowing energy will manifest itself. As it travels up through you, you may begin to have a sense of elation. If not, take your time, repeating the first 3 steps. You may not feel anything yet, but with practice you will. Step 5: Release The energy will rise to the top of your head. Next you must allow it to break free from your body. Allow the energy to flow out of you, like a river fed by the point of energy at the base of your spine. Also allow that point of energy to be fed by the Force around you, so that an infinite continuous stream of energy is flowing up through you and out. Step 6: Relaxation By now, if you have been successful, you will understand why I described it as feeling like falling in love. Now that you have achieved this feeling, it's time to relax and let go of it. Allow the flow of the energy to slow, gradually. Take deep breaths. Allow the flow to stop. Move your body a little at a time. Because the experience can sometimes be so powerful, moving too quickly can be disorienting. Allow yourself to ease out of the experience, getting up only when you feel normal again. Step 7: Practice You may or may not have been successful in feeling the Force. Most are able to feel something on their first try, but for some, including myself, it took many practice sessions before being able to truly feel the rush. In time, you may even have the ability to experience this flow at will, even during daily activities. Thank you very much for this streen I appreiciate it
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    • Do you then yourself have a theory of cosmogeny? What you presented certainly doesn't seem to be one... Quote: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. But which beginning? Most Christians agree the universe had a beginning but God has always been. I wonder then what God did before the universe? Interestingly, these questions hardly come up without presupposing the god in the first place. I find an "explanation" rather lacking if it raises more questions than it actually answers, but that's just me. Anyway, as far as we know, time is one of the dimensions of the universe we inhabit and we recognize it by the change of things. In a static system we couldn't tell if time actually passed. For this reason there is no telling whether time exists outside or absent our universe and thus a question about conditions before its inception may not even be a coherent one to ask, since for all we know there might not have been any time before the universe. Quote: Matter and antimatter have an opposing relationship. As one expands the other contracts. I could go all math nerd on you now and say that "opposite" is an ill-defined relation, but I shan't. Instead I'll go all physics nerd on you and inform you that while the forces have the power to change the distance between any two collections of matter, matter itself isn't something that expands or contracts and nor is antimatter. More crucially, the relationship between matter and antimatter is not a complementary one. One does not grow from the other shrinking, rather the opposite is the case. As they cancel each other out, so can they be created only in pairs. As one increases in amount, so does the other, and as one decreases, so the other does, too. Quote: As our universe expands another contracts. When one end of the cycle is reached, the roles reverse. Constantly shifting in and out of space and time. Let's talk about these shifts. Yes, let's. This sounds like a demonstration of another universe, if it were so. Would you kindly cite a source for that? Cheers! Quote: Black holes have a gravitational field, so immense, that not even light escapes. These powers are impossible to measure and yet so incredibly dense. You do understand that these two statements are in direct contradiction, do you? If we could not measure the power of black holes, how could we possibly tell what they are capable of? In fact, how would we even know they exist? Quote: One day the black holes will swallow the universe and each other. What do we have then? All of the matter and energy of the universe packed in one dense location. Sound familiar? In order for the expansion of the universe to reverse, one of two things has to be the case. Either the geometry of space time has to be closed or the rate of expansion has to be slowing down such that eventually it would stop and gravity would take the universe back into one spot. From all we know neither appears to be the case and indeed the opposite is the case with the latter. Quote: So what happens then to all that matter and energy when there are no more opposing forces? When there is nothing outside of itself? No time, no space, nothing. I don't know what that itself is you are talking about, but I agree with the rest. Since a force is the time derivative of momentum, a system without forces might as well be a system without time, for everything would be static in it. A system without forces would also be one without any interactions we can measure and thus it would be indistinguishable from a system where nothing exists. Quote: Well I believe we already know. What we know of this reality is that it works in cycles. Everything cycles. No, you don't actually know that and neither does the rest of us. If we did, there would be no need to try and assert this by making things up but rather it could be shown by using what we actually have learned about the world we inhabit. Quote: Life then death then rebirth. Stars explode and leave behind the elements to start again. Planets form, die and crumble leaving behind the materials to start again. Do you know what entropy is? Do you not know that stars expell enormous amounts of heat and light between birth and death? In your analogy the universe would be more like a superposition of a multitude of spirals, if anything, and even then I'm not sure how helpful it is to view it as such. Nothing follows from that. Quote: We see it in the grand scale of the cosmos and we see it at the quantum level. Why wouldn't it be beyond that? I don't know. But then you neither demonstrated that it is on either the cosmic or the quantum level (and I'm willing to bet you couldn't tell the difference if you were shown the math of both), and neither did anybody else say that that cyclical pattern you propose doesn't apply outside of those. You being the one to present it, I think the burden is on you to show why it is so and you won't get there by asking why it wouldn't be. Quote: Why would God wait to create a temporary universe? Maybe we have always been and always will be in the cycle of life. I addressed the circle problem above, so I needn't go into it again. Why would God need to wait for anything if there is no time? And if there is time, why do you suggest that God's experience be bound at all by it? How do you know there is such a thing as waiting from God's perspective? Why would God create anything, eternal or temporary at all, and how would he go about doing either? And what does God need with a starship? Remember what I said about raising more questions than are answered?
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    • I have had my record player, that was passed down to me from my father when I was 9. I dont prefer records, but I certainly enjoy them, mostly for sentimental reasons then anything else. I dont have any problem with my IPOD though. If you enjoy the pops and crackles so much, just record them, but it doesnt make it any more or less disposable for me to have them or not. Which is funny, because when they were first out, people didnt get them for reasons like that, it was simply all they had. Such as doing other things while listening to music, well, when record players were first out...you did. Its fascinating for me, the reason people do things and enjoy things sometimes. Certainly, I could say mix tapes are awesome, and there was something to having to try and catch a song on the radio to record it, having to earn it, and making the proper mix that would be just the coolest collection of songs. As for those of us born in the 80s there was a whole culture around mixtapes and cassette tapes. However, I really enjoy just making a mix on my IPOD,because yes, I have a ton of other stuff to do in my day, because that is my mix tape now. It also has several of its own specific pops and crackles. Listen closely to your life, it gets more complex and you better learn to set that up and it is its own meditative process. The student learning.... The master at work.... By the way, if you havent seen INK, most here I think would enjoy it.
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    • I started this thread exactly two years ago (give or take a few hours) partly in the spirit of our American holiday Thanksgiving here, but even more so in the spirit of us reminding ourselves that for every negative thing we experience, there are many things good to acknowledge as well. With the hope that it has helped any of you to feel a little better about your day, or your life, this thread is very dear to me, because all of you are dear to me. You have pulled me out of some of the darkest days of my life just by being YOU - not even by having to message me and check on me or by doing anything in particular with me - but by doing what you do here At All as a Temple - by being the temple that welcomes all the newcomers so warmly; by being the temple that loves to post inspirational quotes on the wall to remind the world of what is important; by being the temple who discusses both the mundane, insignificant things as well as the intense, personal, political, religious, scientific and social ordeals, questions, and debates that Have Been In-Fact enriching my level of thinking about myself and the world; by being the temple with members who are always progressing and learning through the initiates program, your apprenticeships, seminaries, and onward through what you learn when being a knight, minister, and councilor; by being a temple with the amazing services and sermons you create with some of the most compelling and thought/heart provoking reminders and contemplation I have ever been so privileged to receive. I love this temple because of how accepting it is of itself as it is, and not trying to be something that it knows it is not or cannot be (and that is not always easy). But I feel it is out of that foundation of acceptance for all of its own flaws and all of its strengths that it shines the brightest for everyone to see. It is that example which has helped me to accept myself as I am in such the manner. Let's continue to expand thanksgiving to everyday of the year with everything we do as the temple we are - nothing more, nothing less. :)
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    • I was watching an old movie when I heard these words... when the samurai asked what was the meaning of life, the teacher responded softly... Open Your Eyes! So it is with the Force... What is the Force? Open our Eyes!
    • Importance in this Temple (Last post by Streen)
    • Quote: I have been thinking that maybe some of you prefer not to have a member who has a medical disability and can't think outside the box as well as others may do. On the other hand, the assignments I have completed here helped me overcome my mental retardation though. Feel free to share your thoughts. I have depression and anxiety disorders. You aren't alone. They say 1 in 4 people in the US have a mental disability.
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    • In TOR, I chose Consular-Shadow. I liked the idea of being a peace keeper, but also the idea of being invisible, or a type of spy-Jedi. In real life, I couldn't choose one, honestly.
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    • Quote: say, someone stumbles across such a library and opens a book that says the world will end in a while, giving an exact account and the names of those responsible Ah I see. So, a paradox :) Interesting point. That hadn't occurred to me when I saw the movie, but it was there under the surface. So basically what we're talking about is predestination vs. free will. You think? :ohmy:

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