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    • Why do people here feel unimportant? (Last post by Br. John)
    • I have learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I am ungrateful to those teachers. ~ Khalil Gibran
    • White Privilege (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • thanks to those who have responded - i wrote a paper for sociology (it is a RESPONSE paper to a paper that another student wrote) its over a thousand words and i dont really expect you guys to read it but I thought i would post it anyway This is not perfectly edited but its a little better i think than my usual ramblings here ----- My critique of the "White Privilege" movement ”White Privilege” is basically just complaining about the personal thoughts that individual people have in their individual heads: individual perception is something that we all have a right to, something that cuts both ways, and most importantly, is something that you are never going to be able to control in a nation as large and diverse as America. Complaining about white privilege is much like complaining that gummy bears are more popular than jolly ranchers, or that the Cowboys are more popular than the Buccaneers, its a complaint about personal perception - its not focused on specific laws or policies. Where it does focus on tangibles, it does so in the most immature and useless way possible. Let me explain why this entire movement is absolutely childish and ineffective: if you don't like where a product is located in a grocery store, you go and talk to the manager of the store. If you want to see darker colored band aids, write a letter to band aid company! DUH BRO! Talk to the people who make the band aids man you don't have to break the internet with whiny self righteous finger pointing against an entire race of people. you know what, I did a google search for "best selling dildos" you cant tell me that blacks arent represented in the commercial market. To all the misguided but (maybe) well meaning social justice warriors out there: if you see something that should be changed, get off of YOUR ass and do something to change it - either start your own band aid company, or get a conversation going with the people who make the band aids, dont run around demanding some anonymous "privileged person" do it for you, complaining that they havent done it already. Youre the one who cares, you take the initiative to Write some emails and make some phone calls. Get your friends to talk write emails and make phone calls. Matter of fact, come talk to me and I'LL even write some emails and make some phone calls. I actually think its a good idea and something id be willing to get behind. But I am not going to feel bad that i havent already already done it. Thats just crazy. Whining on the internet does not make you an activist, voicing a complaint is not at all the same thing as working for a solution. I am an activist, and have been for years - i have worked for the florida consumer action network and telefund fundraising corp, both organizations which promote racial, gender, and orientation equality, consumer rights and environmental protection. The only thing that comes close to representing a solution to racial inequality is the admonition to “use your white privilege to promote equality”. Which is a great idea, but youre missing two things. First, I already do that, and you talking down to me is not evidence that i am privileged but that you are -- not aware of everything that you should be aware of before coming at me with this kind of rhetoric. The second, is that you need to take out the words “white privilege” and replace them with something like “personal sphere of influence”. Lets compare two sentences: Heres the first one: "All you white people need to be using your unfair WHITE PRIVILEGE to promote equality" Heres the second one: "As responsible citizens, each of us should use our own personal spheres of influence to promote equality" The difference between the two is astounding: first of all, everyone has a personal sphere of influence, regardless of race or economic status. And to speak of it like this makes us all responsible to a part of a unified movement to make the world better. It makes us all responsible for promoting equality and it puts us all on the same side, with the criteria for inclusion being what we do with our influence, not what race we were born into. Understand: the white privilege campaign lumps all white people together in accordance to no criteria other than race – which is the very definition of racism – and it suggests that we are all equally guilty of inequalities of a racists society. Which is not the case. Equality requires unity - If you want to promote equality then you need to promote unity, and attacking me with white privilege does not unify, it divides. PERIOD. You can tell me that I should just accept that I am privileged and superior and therefore responsible but I am always going to tell you to shove it. You are responsible for working towards whatever changes you think should happen, and if you want my help then you will kindly keep you finger out of my butt crack. As soon as you start pointing your fingers to my butt crack, telling me that i am guilty of or responsible for fixing all of the injustices of the whole damn system, we are divided. Not to mention that white privilege suggests that the success of every single successful white person is attributable more to the fact that they are white, than the fact that they worked hard to achieve their goals over time, and made their decisions carefully and responsibly. Which is extremely insulting as well as untrue. I guarantee you that I have to work hard and make smart decisions if I want to be successful, and that when I have failed to do this, it has resulted in a lot of suffering. Last, the white privilege people are focused on the wrong part of the problem. Simply speaking: the issue is not that one group has too much privilege, but that some groups don’t have enough. Your ficusing on the wrong thing Going back to the band aids - are you complaining because the band aids in the store that "look white"? Or are you complaining that there arent enough that look black? Do you see the difference here? Lest talk about the police and the economy: police definitely do kill more blacks than whites, and there are employers who would rather hire whites than blacks - ok so are you suggesting that cops should kill more white people and employers should stop hiring white people? Or are you saying that police should not be allowed to use more violence than necessary to conduct an arrest and that they should only arrest people who are actually breaking the law, and that everyone who is willing to work should be able to find a job? Because I am totally with you on the second, but obviously I'm going to fight you to hell and back over the first. So think about what you want to accomplish here, learn how to isolate the actual problem, and work to bring people together in order to solve it. As a nation, we dont need to reduce the privileges of those who have it, we need to increase privileges for those who dont have enough, which is what REAL civil rights activists have been working to accomplish for generations, and leads me to my final point. Status and influence in America is determined more by money than any other single factor. If you really want to increase racial and social equality in America, the answer is in education and economic opportunity. It isnt band aids and it isnt white guilt. It is actually in the social, academic, political and economic success of minorities - one black man who owns and successfully runs his own company (and will be able to hire whoever he wants to) and one single black professor who affects literally thousands of students in her career, will do more for racial equality in america than all the finger pointing cyberbabies on tindr and reddit combined.
    • Adventure and excitement? (Last post by Manu)
    • I think the original movie quote lists adventute and excitement in the context of "escapade"... escaping reality. That is why Yoda also says of Luke "always with his eyes on the horizon, never on where he was". The danger then, is getting caught up in the escape and losing on participating in the moment. "Keep your attention in the here and now where they belong" - Qui Gon Jinn
    • Citizens with guns (Last post by Rahzai)
    • Just a small thing here before I start, I can't speak for law enforcement, but u.s. military personnel are trained to shoot in pairs, not three round bursts. I am very pro-2nd amendmen. Why? To start with, I am female, and thus am, on average, smaller and not as strong as a number of my male counterpart. Do I think only women should carry? No, every law-abiding citizens should have that right. Moving on to rounds, I don't see a huge benefit in limiting legal access to large magazines. I also support hollow-points for a couple reasons; less likely to exit and possibly hit someone I don't want to, and yes, I will admit that I would rather a dead attacker than a live one at the end of the confrontation. Why? For starters, we live in a lawsuit-happy country where robbers have successfully sued the homeowners they were trying to rob. Plus, while this may seem paranoid, I don't want to possibly be looking over my shoulder once they're released. On a different topic here, if we were ever to legalize the genocide of a group, through vote or executive order, I'd be joining the rebellion.
    • Aqua`s Art Gallery (Last post by Aqua)
    • One field horse: If there is room, display yourself and ask feel the idea, and its risk move around it to look at it is it unknown round and very large share the question, with your thoughts feel uncertain decide to ride it feel it coming, embrace the moment let it move, like a horse straight across the fields Aqua, 30-04-2016
    • The problem is the personal, and solitary aspects ... (Last post by Tellahane)
    • Quote: Quote: Jestor or Edan, or even Rosalyn, I charge one of you or someone more willing with the task of creating a thread to the following(because this is off-topic from this post): Create a thread that asks what is someone’s Ideal Jedi Temple, digital or physical or otherwise? Describe what it would be like to go from an initiate all the way up to potentially one day a master. How long it would take, what kind of lessons would you teach(like topics etc), how you would do those teachings, what you would expect of those learning vs those teaching etc. I appreciate what you have talked about in your post and you have some good thoughts, but I feel like we've had that particular discussion multiple times. My personal feeling is that TOTJO should refine what it has. Talking about the future often ends up with arguments about things that are usually irrelevant. Plus, everyone has a different idea about how to get to 'master' (what is one anyway? ;) )... It's always good to reevaluate what one is doing, but it could be possible to throw the baby out with the bathwater when some of what TOTJO's got works. That pretty much sums it up from a different point of view, it works for some, it doesn't work for others, the others feel unwelcome, the ones it works for doesn't understand why, nothing changes, nothing happens, the cycle continues. All I did was paint it in a picture. How everyone decides to look at the art is up to them.
    • TOTJO Clergy Structure (Last post by Edan)
    • As long as the person volunteering believes they can keep it up I don't mind who does it. Anyway, I'm not one who can demand anyone be of rank any more :P
    • Initiation programme (Last post by Rahzai)
    • The mythology I find myself following is Norse, though like others have stated, I don't necessarily believe there is a giant snake encircling our world, or giant wolves chasing the sun and Moon. I will, however, offer prayers to gods and goddesses in hopes of influencing an action (best example I have is my friends and I offering prayers to Loki, who is the Norse god of fire, when we were having trouble lighting the grill)
    • Harriet Tubman to be on new US $20 bill (Last post by Goken)
    • Quote: Or, we could just leave things alone and stop being overly sensative to things that were created years ago. We have enough BS to deal with. The images on paper is not worth all this attention. I am inclined to agree that there are more pressing matters. But I think it is still important. What is on our money is literally a depiction of what we value as a country. Now I'm a white male so my entire life when I've seen money I've seen myself represented as part of the demographic that this country values, even if I only thought that subconsciously. I can't say for sure, but I'm willing to bet that there are people of minorities out there who, when looking at the currency of the nation that they live in, feel under valued. These are the people that we respect enough to put on the very thing that has the most value in society and they are all old, rich, white guys. And the guy we're discussing replacing is not exactly known for all of his great deeds. Granted, this could all also be a bigger deal to me because I work at a bank so stuff involving our money is kind of on the forefront of things I worry about. :laugh:
    • Meditation Tracks - 94 Minutes on Dagobah (Last post by Cayce)
    • So I just saw this pop up on my newsfeed while I was sipping tea on a break at work. I've been listening to it for a bit now, and it's utterly wonderful. Super chill, high quality, varied sounds... really want to try meditating with this on later. Thought those of us in the temple who meditate, may get a kick out of this! I love background loops.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Trisskar)
    • "Be really really careful mom." Keryn says as we carefully walk across a rocky parking island outside of the mall to our truck. "Be Really REeeeeeeally Careful!" "Thats right dear...We must be reeeeally careful when we - F*****!!!!" I Curse and hiss as one of the rocks roll and twist under my foot - thus causing my already injured foot to roll and twist - To which I hear a nice little "Pop!!" Yea....Not broken or damaged. No swelling....No bruising..... Again....I don't know how the heck I end up so lucky with my feet. But gorram.....It hurts. It really hurts :( "Be really careful mom." *Cries* But I WAS Being Careful!!! *CriesSomeMore*
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Goken)
    • I am grateful for the almost three day gap between rants in the rant thread. From anyone, not just from me. We can be happy folks, we proved it! :woohoo:
    • Application for Assistant Pastor for the Seminary (Last post by Rosalyn J)
    • The Synod is currently is looking for the right candidate for the position of Assistant Pastor for the Seminary and welcomes applications from interested Clergy members. Job Description: The Assistant Pastor for the Seminary is responsible for engagement and intake of new Seminarians (clerical trainees), assistance with their ongoing studies, and tracking the completion of Seminarian’s training journals. Additionally the Assistant Pastor for the Seminary assists in the procedural functioning and services of the Clergy including producing Sermons and providing pastoral care. Prerequisites for Application: Must be a Knight and at least a Licensed Minster in the Clergy Must be in good standing with the Temple How to Apply: To apply please send a message to Rosalyn J You may, if you wish, explain why you would like to fill this position. Closing Date for Applications: Thursday, May 14, 23:59 UTC Inquiries regarding the position or the application process should be sent in a PM to Rosalyn J

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