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    • Corruption in the Democratic Party (Last post by Kyrin Wyldstar)
    • If Hilary Clinton is elected I will not be leaving this country like some that whine about Trump say they will do. Ill be heading down to the nearest gun store and buying a few of the most high powered assault rifles I can manage so that I may defend my family and this great nation from the hell fire shit storm that her presidency will surely bring! B)
    • Jedi Knights Meaning (Last post by Edan)
    • I've been pondering this myself recently... although I don't hold the knight rank here now, I did for a while. Knighthood is so many things that it's difficult to sum up, but here are a few thoughts of mine.. Knighthood is: - Being a role model for others - Always striving to be the best you that you can be - Helping and supporting others in your community - Being committed to one's continual learning - Practising self-control and self-discipline - Being available and willing to teach others who desire to learn from you There are a hundred other things that could go on that list, but as you should notice, none of what I've posted above requires someone to have that little orange rank bar beneath their name. TOTJO has it's rules on study to achieve our rank of Knight, but someone doesn't need our approval to be a knight in practice.
    • Pokemon Go! A generation lost in 1 day.... (Last post by MartaLina)
    • Quote: installed it to see what it is, got bored after catching the very first pokemon. With all the people dying as a result of it, I do find it rather funny that our ability to use technology effectively is now becoming a part of the natural selection process. Yeah that is very effective indeed , so , how many people did you Get killed before catching your first Pokemon , you do know they reappear its not that you have to kill everyone off that tries to catch them aswell ....i am rather relieved you got bored with it then :P
    • Knights of Awakening: Jedi Safe Spaces (Charles Mc... (Last post by TheDude)
    • Quote: By McBride's own standard, Audre Lorde is the most qualified to speak on black women's anger. You're welcome to disagree with me, but at least be consistent. I think that's the difference between me and people who care about unimportant garbage like identity politics. I don't think anyone is more or less qualified to talk about any issue due to circumstances beyond their control. You and I are just as qualified to talk about any issue facing any person or group of people. I just wanted to point out that it's not exactly a solid resource. Nothing I've said has been inconsistent. Quote: I too have studied psychology and know of its troubled past, however I cannot dismiss it wholesale and neither can you. If you want to do your own research and furnish evidence that suggests Tatum's work is bunk, be my guest. Never heard of her before. You could've linked to a study or something with at least some statistics behind it. I'm not going to read a huge publication like a book or novel just to see if someone's a trustworthy resource or not, lol. I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who would. That's a lot of work for very little purpose, and if it's scientifically based the information should be readily available in an easily read graph or chart, like with most psychology publications I've seen. Scientists tend to streamline information in an easily accessible manner, at least in all of the modern publications I've read. Quote: EDIT: Also, it seems a bit funny that someone has to get a PhD to be taken seriously and yet somehow someone has the nerve to try to discredit them with a 5-second Google search. 5 second Google search is enough to figure out that Melissa Click is an idiot regardless of her Ph.D. It's enough to find any resource on Plato or Nietzsche or Kant I might want. I've met plenty of Ph.D. holders who didn't seem like they had a brain between their ears. I legitimately know homeless people with no formal education who are far more intelligent than half of the Ph.D.'s I've met. In my experience, most people with Ph.D.'s who are working at research universities have a very, very poor understanding of the common people. Ivory tower and all that. Including in clinical psychology programs. Degrees mean pretty much nothing. Smartest person I know is a drop-out, and I know plenty of Ph.D.'s. Quote: I work with APA academically and professionally. Just because something coincides with public opinion doesn't mean it's abandoned the peer-reviewed methodology (in fact, it's usually because of public opinion that research on certain issues ever sees the light of day). Oh come now, the primary source of dissatisfaction that I and most other people in the field I know have towards the APA is their tendency to move towards the politically correct. I know quite a few L.P.'s with their Ph.D.'s who consider the newest DSM to be an absolute joke and a disgrace to the field. It's not as if I'm the only one saying this.
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Connor L.)
    • I'm grateful Zenchi made a double post and got us closer to defeating the rant thread. :whistle: :evil:
    • This Gave Me Hope (Last post by Leah Starspectre)
    • This is just so beautiful....I admit got a little choked up pretty quickly. But as soon as the pipes started, I started bawling. :P
    • Jediism and Karma (Last post by Senan)
    • For me, the idea of karma is better applied on an interpersonal level rather than a cosmic balancing act. If I treat people with respect, I am more likely to be treated with respect. If I walk around being a giant a-hole all the time, people are going to be a-holes right back. I earn my "karma" by trying to treat people the way I want to be treated. This generally results in others treating me well in return. Not always, but more often than not. On a cosmic level, I agree with tzb. Do good things and the world will be a better place. Do bad things, and you make it worse. Either way, you have to live in that world, so you might as well try to make it better. That seems very much in line with Jedi thinking.
    • Jediism... Religion, Chioce or Philosophy.... (Last post by Death, yet the Force)
    • As I have a different religion, I would not count it as that. However it is definitely a choice and a philosophy in my eyes. I believe wholeheartedly in the beliefs of the Jedi and it's teachings have done me well. I can see why it would be considered a religion though, and who knows maybe I will see it like that one day. But for now, in the present, I see it as a life choice and a code in which to live by. Like everyone has different upbringings, everyone can take Jediism the way they want to. I hope, whatever way you see it, the path of the Jedi does you well :)
    • About Police Shootings (in America, Duh) (Last post by Adder)
    • Surveillance technology has come a long way up, and prices down so that is one way to tackle it. The benefits are increased chances of catching any offender through supply of evidence to try to prevent crime, and early detection of crime... not going to stop gun crime though. Might just need to harden up our facilities and vehicles to make them less vulnerable to small arms fire or forced entry. Release the drones with pepper spray, call Police, and go into lockdown!!!!!!!! (not in that order) :lol:
    • Reiki Energy ~ Empathic Abilities & Jedi (Last post by Nike)
    • I appreciate the replies to my query. My learning style is to read lightly, but more learn by doing. When I studied Taoism, I learned a great deal through a continuous practice of qi gong and daily reading by a modern Spiritual Teacher. He's out in California and I would some day hope to study with him. I am concerned about taking on this practice on my own. It is very difficult to find other Taoists. It is considered a solitary practice and highly contemplative. Mostly, learning to observe what is happening around you, especially in nature, including the stars and find yourself a part of it all. Not to separate the human from the natural world around us. And, ultimately, there is so much seen and unseen that words often cannot describe insight. This would appear to be a virtual community. It's hard to sustain interest on my own. My pattern of internet activity tends to be low use. It's hard to find time to read on line. And, that's not doing, that's reading. I cannot learn unless I can actively do something or talk with others. It's not a virtual interest, I want to apply these principles in daily life.

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