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    • International Jedi Day - May 25th! (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • I just want to remind people that the holiday existed so they could celebrate in their own way, not take over the forum. I suggest we keep it to one thread (and I was intending to keep it in this one, honestly).
    • Very new to the Order and am wondering (Last post by Dagon)
    • Thank you all for your responses. I truly appreciate you all taking the time to pass on your knowledge. I know I still have a lot to learn but thankfully you all clearly have no problem giving help and thankfully I've learned enough humility already to ask for it. Dagon
    • Is belief in democracy required of a Jedi? (RELEVE... (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: Democracy and Well in economic terms 'truth' might actually be market share!! But I agree it's not a measure to find a 'right' way, but sometimes it might be the best way for various reasons.
    • The thread of self-forgiveness (Last post by Kit)
    • Oh! I forgot about this thread! Thank you I needed this today I forgive myself for sacrificing one need for a more important need. And for lacking the strength to handle them both.
    • Is offending a group of people always bad? (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Quote: The circular fallacy... There is no such thing as a circular fallacy. Circles are circular. Circular arguments are fallacious. Circular fallacies are not a thing. Quote: ... demonstrated by "presuming why offending people cannot be answered"... What is the presumption, who made it, and why should anyone care? Quote: ... is clearly begging a complex question. And that question is...? Quote: The reason... Reason behind/for...? Quote: ... is because false presumption is attempted... What's the presumption? Quote: ... as its own conclusion as means to capitalise unwarrantedly the status quo [sic],... Who is capitalizing on what again? And how do unspecified false presumptions help with that? Do you even English? Quote: "because that's just how it is" [sic] when the reasons are unfounded and unsupported. Therefore, there's good reason for you to concede the fallacy. Well, since that citation is a summary of your argument and I was pointing it out, it seems to me that I did concede that there is some sort of fallacy going on. Now, would you kindly address it, please? Quote: Whether you said or implied any right about offending people, asking what right there is in offending people demonstrates to yourself that there's unfounded reason,... If there is reason, it is by definition not unfounded. And no, only because I did not share your presumption that there is anything wrong in offense does not mean that I hold my own saying that there is anything right about it. As a matter of fact I don't, and you keep quoting myself saying that. Quote: ... and to fallaciously assume there's any right in offending people is unsupported. And I didn't. No amount of bad grammar can change that either. Quote: So the burden for you to attempt to reason how offending people could somehow be right is an exercise of justice and fairness. [sic] No. Your insisting I claimed something does not place a burden on me. Me actually claiming the thing would. Quote: Also to presume, that the offender is placed in the wrong of the injustice;... Yes, something I assume (and I can only assume since there seems a severe language barrier here, so this may all just come down to misunderstandings) you actually did, yet failed to establish... Quote: ... fails to reason why we should avoid it,... Subject? Quote: ... is actually wishful thinking fallacy to appeal to consequences by status quo bias. Wishful thinking is intellectually poor thinking but it is not either a formal or informal fallacy. Just like the previous clause, this one has no subject so I don't know what you are referring to, but the thing about fractal wrongness is that it is apparent on every resolution, so I can carry on tearing apart the parts that do make some remote kind of sense, and I shall. Speaking of that, I don't know what status quo bias is nor what it has to do with anything either of us said at any time. None of us appealed to consequences either, as far as I know. Quote: The fallacy is undermined by the psychological desire for something to be true without actually have [sic] reason. I don't know what to undermine a fallacy means, but I'm pretty sure being one doesn't quite do that. What you describe sounds a bit like wishful thinking, but since nobody actually engaged in it, while I thank you for the eloquent elaboration and recognize its value, I do still feel to see its current relevance. Quote: Again, the circular fallacy, of having reasons to better understand the moral wrong of offending people;... I actually challenged you to show that there is any wrong in that, because you asserted it; maybe I was being somewhat unclear with that. Quote: ... but presuming there's no need to pursue, or no need to concede a corrupted understanding; [sic] begs the complex question. And what question would that be? Also, unlike you, my clauses are complete. So I see your presumption of intellectual prowess and raise you an out-of-context. Quote: A corrupted understanding of moral wrongness is good reason to concede and fix the problem of your understanding... Well, you are the one asserting it (and I'm not), so I share not your folly but turn it back onto you. However, no, having bad reasons is not on its own sufficient to try and change them. You are of course elaborating on further premises, but they are false as I shall soon say. Also, since I'm not the one having trouble saying what I mean and you are not the one having an easy time understanding either the matter at hand or understanding matters of reasoned argument or understanding much of what you are reading, maybe, just maybe thou dost protest too much. Quote: ... because only injustice is spread by bringing corrupted morals wherever you go... Having bad reason does not mean having bad conclusions. Having bad conclusions does not mean spreading them everywhere over any duration. Moreover, that there is any such thing as "corrupted morals" is yet to be demonstrated and so far you did nothing to try. Quote: ... and allowing everyone else to suffer the prejudice for it. I don't know what suffering prejudices means nor why bad morals would make anyone do it. Why are you introducing ever more premises that are either meaningless, not evidently true, evidently false or all of the above? Quote: Opinions are unjustified,... No. Opinions are never their own justification (hence my challenge), but that doesn't make them all unjustified or poorly justified to the same extent, irrespective of whether the justification attempt had been prestented. That's why the open-minded among us consider contrary opinions in the hopes of finding some that are more reasonable than their own. Quote: ... which is why freedom is given to the opportunity to reason rather than allow everyone to suffer the prejudice of an unsupported opinion. An unsupported opinion does not mean prejudice. Maturity and validity are generally distinct qualities. I could go into political philosophy and explain why we allow open discourse (not something we necessarily have to, by the way) but I feel like instead pointing out that you are defending it by appealing to consequences and that's just too deliciously ironic for me to overlook at this point. Quote: Just like the analogy,... What analogy? Quote: ... keep your two cents because your opinion is worth little. Are you telling me to basically shut my face, good sir? And that's right after your rant about the freedom and opportunity to reason? Do you even self-awareness? Quote: Or more so, false knowledge corrupts. And finishing off with another bold claim I predict we won't see much of an argument for. Good job. Well, this was fun. Looking forward to see more. :evil:
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Snowy Aftermath)
    • Threatened to steal my boss' sweatshirt after he loaned it to me. It smelled like his cologne, which made me giddy. Someone somewhere is watching the TV show of my life and saying "well look at that, it took her 39 1/2 years, but Snowy finally learned to flirt without it having to mean something else too".
    • Virginia request (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • I am being taken willingly to the beach for my birthday. I will be in Virginia area any one there? out of curiosity
    • Why silence is often the best response to a verbal... (Last post by Miss_Leah)
    • I think that the author of the article makes said it best when she said "Silence is always in your toolbox" It's not the ONLY tool, but one of many. If used for the appropriate task, it gives the best result. The challenge is not only in using silence, but using it in the correct context. I've had a very similar situation with a family member. She went on a rant, attacking me for a perceived slight to her daughter. In a single breath, she told me I was malicious, a bitch, socially inept, mean, cruel, pretentious, etc....) I responded with silence. When she finally blurted "I know you read my message, do you honestly have nothing to say for yourself?" I said "No, particularly not to someone who attacks my character" She sent one final message, but couldn't continue because I didn't engage her. I'm still trying to figure out how to resolve her anger with me. But until I do, silence is the way to not make it worse, or to cause her anger to spread to other family members (because they're prone to taking sides). On the other hand, I have another family member who perceives silence as resent/anger. So if there's bad feelings, the best way to deal with it is to talk it out with her. Silence is powerful. And with great power comes great responsibility ;)
    • Islamic State, America, Russia and China. Let the ... (Last post by Adder)
    • Superficially, I think the problem in Russia and China is that too much 'stage-owned enterprise' has been shown historically to be unprofitable, stagnation of innovation, and leads to huge unproductive debt over time. While lots of things create debt, something has to be the engine of the economy. Ideally I think innovation and development represent the most useful direction of growth, so activity which promotes those things seems to fit into capitalism best at the moment.

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