Transgender - An Identity Issue

24 Aug 2019 21:13 #342131 by Phoenix Vidensia

Deimos wrote: That's exactly what i mean. The media only cares about hits, not news. Views, not loyalty. They don't show the ones who do condemn it.

Outrage sells more ratings. Truth? Only if it causes outrage. Actual knowledge? No, infotainment. Stupidity sells. Who cares about authentic journalism when shock value and Trump hate sells more views? Disgusting!

I agree with Trump regarding the media being out to get him. It’s actually nothing personal, it just makes them ratings. Look at the most popular “news casters”? All it is is Trump bashing. It’s sickening!

... Meh ...
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24 Aug 2019 21:41 #342132 by Deimos
Hence why I only watch local news and a political commentator known as Tim Pool. He's more of a centrist with a slight left lean but he still calls bs on the left and right. He actually present facts and not just his opinion.

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26 Aug 2019 12:53 #342261 by Kobos
I appreciate that this turned into a decent discussion. So, there have been trans people who have come out against this person. Blair White being an example of one such individual. Ironically, she was then called a trans-phobe for doing so, it boggles me that a trans woman who has gone through the entire transition can be trans-phobic but that is beyond the point. She has received little coverage for trying to expose this person. It is interesting to me because this is what causes the dividing line IMHO. What do we do in these scenarios. These situations and the resolution there of will effect the image of the trans community of whom there are many fine people.

So, then it raises the question to me, as a straight male I condemn the actions of the 2 individuals in question and will point to rational trans people as who should be representing the community to the rest of us. But, what do we do when the media of all angles (ironically many times the far left) point to this individual as a highlight of what we should be accepting and tolerating as the cross section of the trans community?

I honestly was a little (not all that surprised but still) shocked to see the Wikipedia of Yaniv pulled down, does this protect the narrative to just destroy the information? Or should we highlight this as a danger and ask that responsible members of the community to denounce, and call out this when it does happen as I would to discrimination? Another question, does it help us as humanity as a whole to simply continue to divide ourselves into these small communities instead of considering each other as equals based on the fact that we are human?

Just some thoughts

Much Love, Respect and Peace,

PS. I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Pool while I was in Ferguson, Mo during the troubles there. I am a fan of his editorial style and I tend to fact check him and have yet to find many errors.

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27 Aug 2019 19:14 #342482 by Phoenix Vidensia

VixensVengeance wrote: The very description your posted shows it to be a disorder. It would not discuss it if it were not and it distinguishes it from gender nonconformity and homosexuality.


As I said, it's an identity issue.

... Meh ...

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29 Aug 2019 05:38 - 29 Aug 2019 05:51 #342723 by Adder

VixensVengeance wrote:

Adder wrote:

VixensVengeance wrote:

Adder wrote: Role playing Sith maybe... but it goes to the issues of how people use definitions fairly or not. Mental

Wow, and the irony just keeps coming!!! Nice job on this one... "jedi". [Wink]

Your just helping make my point, yes that is why I said it. You two dont seem to meet my definitions of Sith and I probably dont meet yours of Jedi (especially if playing in the sandbox of mixed messages is being Sith) ... no big deal of course, short of that you might give it, and I doubt you took offense since you seem keen to do worse frequently here.
So then labels have meaning to orientate our own understanding, but also have meaning to others. Mismatching those is inefficient use of resources by most useful measure IMO. So for vulnerable out there, a good trick is to spot it early and avoid the trolling, for that is all it is. Which was an important part of my point :)

I think you have me confused with someone else. I dont know you nor do I believe we have ever interacted here or any other board. So forgive me if I find it strange that, out of the blue, you would come after me and personally attack me by slandering a label and thus a kind I associate with. In the first place, you find yourself on that same thin ice you are hacking away at, jedi, and I think you know that quite well which makes it even stranger.

So you are actually wrong as I was offended by such a comment. Exactly what point is it I'm helping you make and how have I made a mockery of past discussions here? Seriously I would like to know. You have made the claim I am a role player, I want to know why? What is this definition you have of a sith and why do you feel privileged enough to force that mantle onto me?? Especially in a thread talking about identity acceptance??? The comment, from a jedi, in a tolerance thread seems intended to cut deeper. So what gives you the right to come after me but become incensed at a retaliation?

It was a demonstration of my point, as explained as the point, and that you both reacted with your feelings in the way you did shows your not excluded from it. You felt offended by a label (eg I didn't even quote or mention you), and my point was applicability and fair use of labels, and how some labels are more widespread and deeply connected then others (probably much more then the ones we choose ourselves like Jedi or Sith). So given that, not 'caring' about the impact of others but expecting others to care about you is most definitely not how I define Sith, for while it might appear selfish on a superficial level to me its instead playing selfish, ie role playing... for IMO a Sith sees a much deeper level of value in their existence and that of others. Especially then being (or indeed pretending to be in this forum) so easily offended.
I didn't want either of you to take offense, since it was being said Sith don't care about that sort of thing. So how I see a Sith they simply wouldn't have taken offence to begin with, but I made it clear in a subsequent post that how people define these things is going to be different anyway.... your probably not being a Sith by my standard does not need to be taken as a put down, unless you believe it to be true at some level - an inherently un-Sith thing to do IMO. Perhaps that is why you say you feel that I'm forcing a mantle onto you! A better response would be more like that my definition of Sith must be wrong :D
Plus, I'm not sure how you think I was 'incensed', I do like the smell of sandal wood but that is about as far as that goes....

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29 Aug 2019 18:17 #342768 by rugadd
If I had a point, it would be that we first tackle the idea of our identity when we are young and that who we are becomes more refined over time. certainly possible to throw away the mold and start over, but the social issues of the day(even traditional, or familial ones) are all we really have to work with. what other terms should we use? What change should we fight for? I am far more interested in seeing how many different types of people, and by extension cultures, blossom from this process, than cutting down dandelions for weeds.

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